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Chapter 682: Master Qis Gift Was More Awesome!

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Old Master Gong laughed and said, “I believe in Qiqi too.

Jueer is right.

Anyway, Im already a cripple.

Whats there to be afraid of”

“But the surgical risk…” Gong Qing frowned.

If he could bear the surgical risk, he would have long gotten the top international experts to do it.

Why would she, a small medical student, have this chance

Gu Qiqi said lightly, “The cause of Grandpa Gongs legs paralysis is slightly different.

Your left leg has a small bone that pierced your nerves, causing joint damage and not complete necrosis.

The right joint is the one that is completely necrotic and requires surgery to replace the joint.

If Grandpa trusts me, I can use pharmaceutical methods to treat the knee bone spike in your left leg.

If its effective, I can perform an operation on your right leg again.”

In a few words, the cause of the illness, the analysis of the lesion, and the treatment plan were presented in front of the Gong family in a super clear manner.

Even Gong Qing, the most picky and difficult person, had to admit that Gu Qiqis words really had the grace of a famous doctor.

How was this the standard of an ordinary freshmen from a medical school

He couldnt help but examine Gu Qiqi a few more times.

He wanted to find something from this girl.

However, the girl was neither arrogant nor rash.

She was as calm as water.

He really couldnt see through her!

Old Master Gong trusted Gu Qiqi a lot and decided directly.

“Lets do as Qiqi says.

Lets use the medicine on my left leg first.

If its effective, Ill give you a big gift!”

Gu Qiqi pursed her lips and smiled.

She waved the blood diamond in her hand.

“Grandpa Gong, youve already given me the gift.

Treating your leg is my gift to you.

How can I accept your gift”

Old Master Gong was so happy that he couldnt close his mouth.

If Gu Qiqi could really cure him, that would be a priceless return gift.

It was much more awesome and valuable than the greeting blood diamond that he had given her.

After all, health was priceless.

He looked at Gu Qiqis benevolent look and simply couldnt wait to bestow all the valuable treasures on the Gong familys antique rack to Gu Qiqi.

Gong Qing felt stifled.

Hmph! He would wait!

He was waiting for the moment that this fake pugilistic doctors tricks would be exposed!

He definitely wouldnt believe that Gu Qiqi could really cure Old Master Gongs legs.

Not a single one!

At most, he would use some harmless ointment.

It wouldnt hurt or itch at all.

Her last words would be that he was terminally ill and the ointment was ineffective.

He had seen this kind of childish trick many times.

Only an old fool like Old Master Gong and Gong Jue—who was blinded by lust—would be tricked.

Gong Qing had been wise all his life.

He definitely wouldnt be stupid for a while.

He definitely wouldnt believe this little vixens sweet words.

Gu Qiqi left behind two herbs for Old Master Gong to consume and agreed to make an external ointment for the treatment overnight tonight.

She would get Gong Jue to send the medicine over tomorrow.

After discussing it properly, she bade farewell and left with Gong Jue.

Leaving aside how the Gong family had fallen into an endless dispute after Gu Qiqi left, Gong Qing dealt with Old Master Gong and Songsong alone.

He strongly objected to Old Master Gong using Gu Qiqis “dog skin cream”.

He spoke until his mouth was dry and no one could convince the other.

In the end, Old Master Gong said, “Im in charge of my old legs.” He drained the herbal juice in a huff.

She only spoke again once she stepped out of the Gong familys mansion.

Gu Qiqis small face immediately stiffened.

“Gong Jue, you didnt keep your word.

What kind of man are you”

She didnt flare up at the Gong family just now and left him some face.

Now, she was going to settle scores with him after everything!


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