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Chapter 699: Do You Like to Share Men with Others

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Xu Xinli was stunned.

She couldnt help but take a few more looks at Gu Qiqi.

This new student was quite brave to speak.


What reason did they need to snatch the spots from this group of idiots from the pharmaceutical school

It wasnt like their Forensic Medical School was the only one who came to snatch it.

In the past years, it was always the various schools who came to snatch it.

It was fine as long as one or two spots were given to Bei Mingtian and the rest.

No one from the Clinical School had ever dared to resist.

Anyway, even if they did not snatch it, the pharmaceutical school could not send any decent contestants to participate!

Xu Xinli snorted.

“Reason Your Pharmaceutical Academy has a bunch of useless people.

Anyway, its a loss.

If you give us the spot, we might even be able to defeat the clinical medicine school.

What benefits will there be At most, Ill give you some!”

Gu Qiqi smiled faintly.

“Oh I wonder if your boyfriend is willing to be shared with others”

Once Gu Qiqi said these words, the freshmen from the pharmaceutical school—who were originally submissive—couldnt help but laugh at this moment.

Some bold people also teased Xu Xinli.

“Thats right.

Sister Xinli, are you willing to share Senior Brother Qin Zhiming with us”

“If youre willing, we can use a spot to exchange for Senior Brother Qin Zhiming!”

Xu Xinlis face stiffened.

“Nonsense! How can men be shared! I, Xu Xinli, look down on women who snatch other peoples men the most in this lifetime! What I look down on even more is men who fool around outside!”

Upon hearing Xu Xinlis resolute answer, Gu Qiqis eyes became complicated.

At this moment, Gu Xuexue stepped forward and whispered into Xu Xinlis ear.

Xu Xinli immediately looked at Gu Qiqi with disdain.

“Youre that Gu Qiqi”

Although she didnt know what Gu Xuexue said, she could guess that it definitely wouldnt be anything good.

It was even possible for her to say that black was white.

Gu Qiqi raised her eyebrows.

“Im Gu Qiqi.

What can I do for you”

Xu Xinli snorted coldly.

“Hmph! Your thoughts arent on studying at all.

Youre always dealing with all kinds of men.

Its a waste to give you a chance to participate! Hurry up and give up the chance! Let our Xuexue participate!”

Gu Qiqi looked at Gu Xuexue lightly.

Oh, indeed, one would not wake up early without benefits.

So it turned out that finding someone to snatch my spot was to keep it for you to use.

Gu Xuexue hurriedly explained softly, “Sister Xinli, dont blame Qiqi.

Perhaps, those men took the initiative to provoke her…”

“Hmph! Dont defend her! Xuexue, youre too innocent!” Xu Xinli said in a mature tone.


Heh heh!

Gu Qiqi curved her lips.

If Xu Xinli knew the outcome of her previous life, would she feel that the comment about Gu Xuexue being innocent just now was simply too much

In her previous life, Xu Xinli had been beaten out of the house by Gu Xuexue and her mother.

When she got home, she was scolded by her husband.

He scolded her for not being as smart and sensible as Gu Xuexue and wanted to divorce her.

Her best friend had betrayed her, and her husband—who was her family member—had abandoned her.

In her grief and despair, Xu Xinli took the opportunity while her husband was asleep in the middle of the night to kill him.

She picked up the anesthesia needle and the forensic scalpel to personally castrate and kill her husband!

A life for a life.

Naturally, she was also sentenced to death.

She heard that the child couldnt be saved either and died in jail with her mother…

In her previous life, Gu Qiqi had been brainwashed by Gu Xuexue.

She only felt that Xu Xinli was an extremely vulgar woman.

She was scheming and vicious.

She could even lay a hand on her husband and child.

Now that the situation had changed and she experienced the same betrayal, she felt that perhaps there was something pitiful about this hateful person…

Therefore, at this moment, Gu Qiqi was not angry at Xu Xinli who was provoking her.

Instead, she smiled and said, “Xu Xinli, the innocent little girl Gu Xuexue youre talking about did something that wasnt very innocent..

Dont you know”


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