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Chapter 700: Personally Exposing The Bitchs Lies (1)

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Gu Qiqis words didnt attract Xu Xinlis attention.

Even Gu Xuexue didnt think so.

Instead, she pretended to be soft and weak.

“Qiqi, I dont know what youre talking about.

Actually, its fine if you give up the slot.

Sister Xinli is very reasonable and wont make things difficult for you…”

Gu Qiqi laughed coldly.

“Really I think shes very reasonable too.

Otherwise, why would she even do something like sharing a boyfriend”

When Gu Qiqi mentioned sharing men again, Xu Xinli finally became a little vigilant.

“What did you say Who touched my man!”

“Who else could it be Only the person closest to you who is around you all day long has the chance to make a move.” Gu Qiqi said lightly.

Although she didnt say her name, Gu Xuexue shivered for some reason.

She felt extremely guilty.

She had seduced Senior Brother Qin Zhiming because she realized that he could give her something that Xu Xinli couldnt.

For example, he could take her to the banquet where the big shots in the forensic world gathered and help suppress some of the scandal with Mu Liuchuan.

But all of this was done secretly.

Qin Zhimin loved this feeling of having an affair.

After all, he had been childhood sweethearts with Xu Xinli for twenty years and had long gotten tired of seeing her, okay If not for his family, he would have found someone else.

A man like him would not think that there were too many women! Whats more, a very small and attentive junior sister who took the initiative to send herself to him.

He wanted this matter to continue secretly forever more than Gu Xuexue.

Thus, Gu Xuexue wasnt worried that this matter would be exposed at all.

Gu Qiqi definitely wasnt talking about her, right

Hence, she was nervous and quickly regained her composure.

She even took the initiative to hold Xu Xinlis arm and asked innocently, “Qiqi, who are you talking about This person is so shameless.

Tell us and well help Sister Xinli vent her anger!”

Xu Xinli looked at her gratefully.

At the critical moment, this innocent little junior sister was still the best to her.

Upon hearing this, that group of people from the MForensic Medical School hurriedly curried favor with her.

“Senior Sister Xinli, were all on your side.

If any vixen dares to seduce Senior Brother, well destroy her!”

Seeing that the group of people was indignant under Gu Xuexues lead, the smile on Gu Qiqis face became even more mysterious.

“Im afraid you wont be able to do anything if you know who it is.”

“Why cant we do it Lets slap her to death!”

“Gu Qiqi, dont play tricks on me.

Is it real or fake”

Everyone kept arguing.

Gu Qiqi took her time to sweep her gaze across everyone and finally stopped on Gu Xuexue.

“Everyones already calling you a vixen.

Youre still hiding your tail and pretending to be innocent.

How long are you going to pretend for”

Gu Xuexues pupils shrank!

What Gu Qiqi was talking about her

No, that was impossible.

How could Gu Qiqi know about her having an affair with Qin Zhiming

Not only did Gu Xuexue not believe it, but even Xu Xinli didnt believe it.

She even defended Gu Xuexue.

“Xuexue is very innocent.

Dont slander her! My Qin Zhiming wont betray me either.

Dont think about diverting my attention!”

The people from the Forensic Medical School shouted, “Evidence is everything! Gu Qiqi, you didnt see it with your own eyes.

What are you talking about”

Gu Qiqi retorted impolitely, “Youve never seen me fooling around with any man either.

Why are you talking nonsense all day long Who was it who said that I was mixing with a group of men just now Wheres the evidence”

Everyone choked.

Xu Xinlis expression turned ugly.

Of course, there was no evidence.

Gu Xuexue seemed to be the one who said everything about Gu Qiqi fooling around with men… It was all hearsay, legends, and rumors…


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