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Chapter 701: Personally Exposing The Bitchs Lies (1)

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Gu Xuexue saw that everyone was defending her and no one believed Gu Qiqis words.

She could not help but feel proud.

She was proud of herself, but she was afraid that she would expose herself if this matter continued.

She quickly stopped and said obediently, “Sister Xinli, I believe that Qiqi doesnt mean to slander me.

Shes just too nervous about this school tournament.

She might not want to give up that spot, so…”

She hesitated as if Gu Qiqi was bullying her on purpose and she looked very aggrieved.


Gu Qiqi sneered.

“Arent you talking about evidence The evidence is right in front of you.”

Gu Xuexue shivered again.

Xu Xinli helped her up kindly.

“Dont be afraid, Little Junior Sister.

With me around, she wont dare to do anything to you.”

As she spoke, she looked up at Gu Qiqi and said, “What evidence If you cant produce any strong evidence today, not only will I definitely snatch the spot in this school tournament, you still have to apologize to my little junior sister and my boyfriend!”

Gu Qiqi laughed sarcastically.

“You better not be too confident in your best friend and boyfriend.

Otherwise, youll be slapped in the face.”

Xu Xinlis expression froze.

Gu Xuexue forced herself to calm down and comfort herself that it would not happen.

Gu Qiqi was just bluffing.

She would not have any evidence.

When she and Qin Zhiming did that, they went to a very well-hidden hotel to get a room.

Two days ago, she and Mu Liuchuan were exposed.

Qin Zhiming even pulled her home for a crazy night and gave her a gift to comfort her…

It was impossible for Gu Qiqi to know all this!

In the very next second.

Gu Qiqi suddenly took a step forward and grabbed her wrist, pulling her sleeve up!

Before Gu Xuexue could react, Gu Qiqi had already grabbed the golden watch on her wrist and waved it in front of everyone.

“This is evidence.

Irrefutable evidence of adultery!”

Gu Xuexues face turned pale!

This was a gift from Qin Zhiming! She had deliberately kept a low profile and hid it in her sleeve because she did not want to be discovered.

Xu Xinlis eyes froze for a moment as she muttered, “No, this isnt true…”

However, the solid evidence in front of her could not lie.

Other people might not know about this Patek Philippe watch, but she knew very well that it was the one Qin Zhimin was wearing!

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It was the same design!

How did it… end up on Gu Xuexues wrist

Gu Xuexue saw Xu Xinlis hesitant gaze and thought that it was bad.

She did not care how Gu Qiqi knew her secret and quickly defended herself.

“Sister Xinli, I… I bought this myself…”

“You bought it yourself A few hundred thousand yuan Patek Philippe” Xu Xinli frowned.

Of course not!

This watch was specially given to her by Qin Zhimi to comfort her that night.

Back then, when Gu Qiqi was doing a live broadcast of the retest in Qingcheng, she wore a Patek Philippe watch in front of the camera and was very stunning.

Until now, it was still unforgettable for Gu Xuexue.

Hence, when she saw that Qin Zhiming was wearing a watch similar to hers, she wanted to take it for herself and crush Gu Qiqi.

However, if she knew that Gu Qiqis Patek Philippe was given to her by Gong Jue and was worth more than ten million yuan, she might vomit blood and die.

The same brand also had tiers to differentiate between dust and stars!

At this moment, Gu Xuexue naturally could not admit the truth..

She gritted her teeth and continued to fabricate a story.

“Yes, it was my mother who rewarded me for getting into the Empire Medical University…”


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