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Chapter 71: Pity Her You Have To Provide For Her!

Gu Qiqis wish was granted.

She refunded the exorbitant amount of gelatin and left the pharmacy with the 30,000 dollars worth of gelatin.

“The man with erectile dysfunction burned my money.

Using 30,000 dollars of his wont be considered a loss.”

“As for the 2.5 million dollars that I just spent, Ive already paid it back.

We dont owe each other anything anymore.”

“Whats most important now is to quickly turn these six kilograms of donkey-hide gelatin into 50-year-old donkey-hide gelatin and sell it in exchange for money to treat my younger brothers illness…”

Gu Qiqi was in the middle of planning something.

Suddenly, she heard the little dirty turtles angry chatter.

“Master, theres a bad person!”


“When we left that pharmacys VIP room just now, I heard a man in a white suit inside.

He seemed to be the owner of this place.

He said that he had been tricked by you, this little vixen.

He lied for Gu Xuexue previously and even recorded you for half a day in vain…”

“Lies Secret tape”

Gu Qiqi frowned and turned back abruptly.

She saw Bai Langs side profile!

She recognized this man!

Dressed in a dazzling and pretentious white suit, wasnt he that friend visiting a patient in Gong Jues ward this morning

In a flash, she understood.

No wonder she kept having the feeling that there was something wrong when Gu Xuexue competed with her for the gelatin.

Why was it that the robbery went so smoothly in the beginning But halfway through, a manager jumped out and said that he had made a reservation and forcefully stopped her from buying it.

It turned out that this white-suited man was behind this!

This person was even the friend of this man with erectile dysfunction!

Gu Qiqis eyes narrowed dangerously.


It seems like I let him off too easily with the refund just now.”

“Master, why dont I use a small medicine stove to crush him to death!”

Gu Qiqi curved her lips lightly.

“Theres no need.

Ill let him know the price of scheming against me very soon… You should spend your energy on refining these six kilograms of five-year-old gelatin into gelatin of higher quality as soon as possible.”


She left the Medical Hall.

Gu Qiqi walked to another large medicine room that was separated by a street.

She looked up and saw three strong and powerful words on the antique board:

The Chu clan!

In the medical room.

The rashes on Gong Jues body had gradually subsided.

He was half-leaning against the bedhead as he reviewed the newly published research and development document.

His expression was stern and arrogant.



A text message came in.

He glanced at it and couldnt help but raise his eyebrows.

There was a notification about some spending on credit cards


This stupid woman was going to a pharmacy to buy birds nest soup to eat Thats not right.

Didnt she despise it previously and say that birds spit with blood was disgusting

As he thought about it…


Another text message came in.

This time, it was 2.5 million dollars!

Damn it.

Did that stupid woman buy half of the pharmacy

Special Assistant Lu stole a glance from the side and his heart skipped a beat.

This was the first time that a woman was using his card.

Our Young Lady Qiqi didnt show any mercy when she made a move.

He couldnt help but explain it for Gu Qiqi.

“I heard that womens tonics are more expensive.

Young Lady Qiqis body is so skinny.

It can be seen that the Gu family treats her too badly and is too mean.

Its normal to nourish her body…”

“You pity her You can take care of her then!” Gong Jue raised his eyebrows coldly and said in an unfriendly tone.

Special Assistant Lu choked and immediately shut up.

Oh, he nearly forgot.

A few days ago, he was mistaken by his colleagues as Gu Qiqis little sister-in-law.

In the end, he was punished by Master Jue to run thirty laps.

Gong Jue threw his phone to the side and pretended not to care as he continued to read the document.

However, when the third “Ding!” rang.

He couldnt hold back the restlessness in his heart anymore.

He wondered how much that stupid woman spent this time

How much could she spend

What was 2.5 million

If she had the ability to spend a few more zeros, she would owe a huge debt that she wouldnt be able to repay in her lifetime.

In this lifetime, she could only follow his lead pitifully like a pitiful little wife.

Let her open her mouth!

If he wanted her to shut up, so be it!


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