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Chapter 720: The Little Boys Name Is Quite Handsome

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The little boy did not reply to Gong Jue.

Instead, he looked at Gu Qiqi, who was studying the menu.

He rolled his eyes and said proudly, “You dont understand French, so let my father order the food.

Otherwise, youll be very embarrassed.

It wont be good to treat the main dish as soup.”

Gong Jue frowned.

“Gong Ting, thats enough! Dont be so childish!”

This brat actually mocked the stupid woman for not knowing French.

What happened to his cold and mature image as a little gentleman

It collapsed so quickly

At this moment, Gu Qiqi was scanning the menu.

She was looking for food suitable for children.

However, she looked like a newcomer who could not understand the menu.

The corners of her lips twitched when she heard this.

She raised her eyes calmly.

“Oh, I really dont come to this restaurant often.

It seems like you know a lot.

I wonder if youre familiar with all the dishes here Dont tell me youve eaten all of them before”

The little boy puffed up its chest and said, “Thats right!”

Yes, he must not show fear in front of the female fox.

Uncle Bai Lang said that he had to make the female fox feel inferior before she would retreat.

Gu Qiqi nodded thoughtfully.

“In that case, Ill really order whatever I want.

It would be so embarrassing if I accidentally ordered something you dont know…”

The little boy chuckled coldly, “Theres nothing I dont know!”

Gu Qiqi narrowed her eyes and smiled evilly.

“Or if I order something you dont know how to eat…”

The little boy retorted.

“Theres nothing I dont understand!”

What a joke.

This was a high-class French western restaurant.

His French was about the same level as those overseas students.

The Gong family even had French chefs.

What French food had he not eaten before

The fox girl still wanted to laugh at him

He would definitely mock her!!!

Gu Qiqi remained calm and said to the waiter calmly, “Then lets have the dish we had previously first.”

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The waiter was smart.

How could he forget distinguished guests like Gong Jue and Gu Qiqi

Including the shocking dish they ordered last time… It was unforgettable.

He immediately nodded.


As they waited for the dishes to be served, the little boy stubbornly turned its head away, refusing to look at Gu Qiqi.

Gong Jue could not be bothered to lecture him anymore.

Instead, he talked to Gu Qiqi in a low voice and asked her how the school tournament was going.

Did Lan Ting need his help…

The little boys heart ached when he heard the detailed and concerned questions.

His father had never cared about his studies!!! His father did not even take his withdrawal from school seriously!

Okay, he withdrew from kindergarten because it was really too childish.

It taught childrens songs, games, and went around in circles.

It even taught them to wear clothes and go to the toilet.

As a man, he could not stand such childishness.

The neglected little boy poked its fork pitifully.

It was not until the waiter came to serve the dishes that he became energetic again.

His dining etiquette was perfect.

Later, he would let Gu Qiqi experience what it meant to be crushed by French etiquette…

However, when the dishes were served…

The little boy was dumbfounded.

“What food is this Are you sure its human food”

How could there be such a thing in a French western restaurant

In a large blue and white porcelain basin, there was bright red chili soup.

There were skewers of unknown meat on bamboo skewers arranged neatly together, emitting a spicy and fresh fragrance.

The problem was… he never ate spicy food!

When he saw the chili, his stomach cramped.

The little boy turned to look at Gong Jue.

“Daddy, you would never accept such inhumane food, right”


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