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Chapter 749: Lost to Gu Qiqi, How Embarrassing!

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Gong Qing waved his hand and found an excuse for himself.

“Since theres nothing else, everyone can leave! Its late at night, quickly go to sleep!”

Of course it was to muddle through.

Who wanted to apologize to that vixen Did he want his face anymore

However, someone would never let him off.

“Wait!” Gong Jue said meaningfully.

“Theres no need for you to apologize to Qiqi.

However, shouldnt you fulfill your promise”

What promise

If Gong Jue had not mentioned it, everyone would have forgotten about it.

Old Master Gong was still unconscious at that time and was even more confused.

“Gong Qing, you made a bet with the child again Have you forgotten that you havent won a bet with Jueer all these years”

Gong Qing was speechless.

Was the old man deliberately trying to undermine him Could he not talk about such family matters

Gong Jue looked smug.

Gu Qiqi was curious.

“Ive never won once.

How bad are my gambling skills…”

Gong Qing was furious.

However, Old Master Gong still wanted to get to the bottom of the matter.

“Whats the bet this time”

Gong Qings face darkened.

It was all because of his cheap mouth and his deep prejudice against Gu Qiqi that he said things like “If she could save him, his surname would not be Gong”!

How could he fulfill this bet

He saw that the entire room was filled with people who wanted to laugh but were holding it in.

He also saw Gong Jues smug expression and Gu Qiqis cold expression as she mocked him…

Gong Qing was about to explode!

Taking a deep breath, he suddenly hugged Songsong and announced, “Whats the big deal Ill take my wifes surname from now on! My wifes surname is Gong too!”

Everyone was speechless.

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

She finally knew where Gong Jues shameless genes came from.


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On the hotel balcony late at night.

Yun Qiao was wearing a flowing white dress as she leaned against the banister in a daze.

What happened just now was like a fairytale dream.

In an instant, she became the most beautiful princess and had a marriage contract with the king that attracted worldwide attention.

However, as the camera moved away, the staff in the room evacuated in an orderly manner.

Not even a shred of paper was left behind.

She started to feel very surreal.

Could this man be a movie director

And she was just a temporary actress that he had dug up from the streets

Hmm… She knew a little about the movie industry.

Her dream was to become the best screenwriter and author.

She had seen the autobiographies of many big directors.

It was said that some genius crazy directors would pull temporary actors to play important roles…

But it didnt seem right either.

The role just now hadnt even been a minute, had it She hadnt even shown her face, hadnt said a single line, and didnt look like it was important.

As she was thinking, the television in the room started playing again.

The familiar mans deep and pleasant voice sounded.

“…My fiancée and I hope to live a peaceful life, so we chose not to make it public for now.

On the day of our marriage, Ill send a wedding invitation to you guys and officially introduce her to everyone.

Before that, can you and your media friends give us some space After all, we also want to try the feeling of being in a relationship without anyone disturbing us…”

Yun Qiao blushed.

Gong Shengs words really made ones heart race.

But in the very next second…

She heard the reporters comment after the live broadcast ended.

“The President of the Empire, Gong Sheng, personally appeared on screen to admit his relationship and received enthusiastic support from the public.

The rumors from before collapsed on their own…”

Yun Qiaos mind exploded.

Gong Sheng

That man was Gong Sheng!

That stupid pig president!!


The next day.

At the Gong Residence.

When the little packrat woke up and went downstairs, he immediately felt that something was wrong.

It seemed like something big had happened while he was sleeping


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