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That night, he was very angry at first.

However, the surveillance cameras that night seemed to have been cut off.

No matter what, they could not find out what happened in the operating theater during that time.

That woman was like a ghost that appeared out of nowhere and disappeared.

Even the best video expert of the Gong Corporation could not find any recordings of that woman.

So he angrily investigated for a while and could only helplessly put this matter aside.

He even suspected that it was an illusion.

Just like how the little boy was obsessed with pursuing abeautiful lady who did not exist.

Could the woman on the operating table be an imaginary shadow as well

After Gu Qiqi appeared, his interest in this illusion became weaker and weaker.

As time passed, he stopped thinking about it.

After Gu Qiqi appeared, his interest in this illusion became weaker and weaker.

As time passed, he stopped thinking about it.

Hence, Number One was telling the truth.

He did not tell Gu Qiqi the truth as it slipped his mind.

D*mn it!

He finally mustered up the courage to confess.

He actually missed out on a fact.

Would it be too late to explain later

The main point was that he had yet to figure out if the woman on the operating table really existed.

How was he going to explain it to Gu Qiqi

Just say that he was secretly drugged by Bai Lang and raped a nonexistent woman

Would Gu Qiqi think that he was a beast who was in love

Gong Jue punched the steering wheel.

“Why didnt you remind me just now!”

Number One felt wronged.

“Im afraid of scaring Miss Qiqi.”

Gong Jue was speechless.

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This reason was so perfect that he could not refute it.


In the classroom.

After the first lesson, it was break time.

Gu Qiqi received a call from Mu Tianyu.

“Lawyer, why do you have time to call me” Gu Qiqi teased.

Mu Tianyus current law firms operations were getting better and better.

He had just won a Newcomer Award from the National Lawyer Association, and the profits from the first month were also very impressive.

He had already started to give Gu Qiqi, ths major shareholder, dividends.

However, he did not call today to talk about the dividends.

“Qiqi, you asked me to help the Yang father and daughter fight the Qing Yuxuan infringement lawsuit.

Theres an update.

The court has notified us that the trial will be held in the next few days.

Although the industry is not optimistic about winning the intellectual property lawsuit, I am confident that I will win this time.”

“Thats great, Big Brother Tianyu.

I told you that you would be the Empires most powerful lawyer.

A case that others cant handle will definitely be a surprise to others when you take it on.”

“Qiqi, youre praising me too much.

Youre making me blush.” Mu Tianyu was different from Mu Liuchuan.

Even though he had become a businessman and a big lawyer, he still maintained a hint of innocence and shyness.

“However, I suddenly couldnt contact them these few days.

There was no one at home, and my phone was switched off, so I could only come to find you.

Will it delay your class”

Gu Qiqi frowned.

Xiaolan had also not come to school for a few days.

Did something happen to Xiaolans family Yesterday, she had asked Qiu Qiu and Xiao Ning to check on her situation, but she had yet to ask how they were doing.

“No, Im resting during class.

Big Brother Tianyu, its the same if you tell me anything.”

“Alright, then Ill keep it short.

Before the trial, the other partys lawyer found me and said that Gu Enlong did not want to go to court and planned to reconcile with the Yang family.

He also offered a large sum of money to compensate the Yang family and hoped that the Yang family would be willing to accept it.

I want to ask the Yang father and daughter if they are willing to accept this money or continue to fight the lawsuit to the end.”

Gu Qiqis eyes turned cold.

She knew that Gu Enlong, that cunning fellow, would definitely not do it obediently.

Now, he wanted to take another path.

She said in a low voice, “In your legal opinion, whats the difference between the two methods”


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