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Chapter 792: She Was Actually Tied Up in A Gunny Sack!

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“Damn it! Stupid woman, change your makeup back for me! Also, take off this d*mned mans clothes!” Gong Jue ordered frantically.

Gu Qiqi blinked.

“Even if I take it off, you dont have a womans clothes to change into here.”

Gong Jue: “…Go and buy it!”

Buy a set on the spot! It was fine as long as it was a womans clothes!

He looked at Gu Qigqis male outfit and was worried that he would turn gay by accident.

He didnt want to be gay!

‘While Gu Qiqi removed her makeup first, Gong Jue turned on his phone and prepared to instruct Special Assistant Lu to get a random set of clothes from the nearest female clothing store.

Before he could give instructions.

The notifications on his phone immediately drowned him.

There were dozens of missed calls!

Just that short while ago What happened for him to get all these calls

Gong Jue looked over one by one.

They were all from the Gong Residence.

He couldnt help but frown and call back.

It was a good call.

The servant begged with a sobbing tone, “Master Jue, come back quickly.

Old Master is going to explode…”

Gong Qings irritable reprimands could be heard over the phone.

‘At the Gong Residence.

‘As soon as Gong Jue pushed open the door, he met Gong Qings angry look.

“Look at what kind of lousy woman youre looking for, vixen! She actually poisoned our home! This time, she used Baby Gong.

Its simply unbearable! Look at how much pain Baby is in! He didnt sleep for the entire afternoon, but you didnt even answer a call Youre a useless father!”

Gong Qing reprimanded him repeatedly.

Gong Jue couldnt be bothered to talk to him and went straight to the point.

“What poison How is it now”

“Hmph! What poison You have to ask your vixen!” Gong Qing snorted coldly.

“Your son is upstairs.

Go and see for yourself!”

Gong Jue strode into the bedroom upstairs.

On the kings bed, the boy was curled up into a small lump under the blanket.

He looked pitiful.

“Very uncomfortable” Gong Jue sat on the edge of the bed.

“Have you eaten the medicine”

The boy raised his small face and blinked his big black grape-like eyes.

He didnt answer Gong Jues question but asked, “Dad, will the family law hurt someone a lot”

Gong Jue replied.


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“Will their legs be broken Will they… die”

“If it was your grandfather, they might.”

The boy was silent for a while.

Then, he suddenly asked mindlessly, “Daddy, if I did something wrong, will you forgive me”

Gong Jue said, “That depends on what it is.”

The boy bit his lips, “What if its… a very bad thing For example, accidentally causing the death of someone else”


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