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Chapter 824: Hiding Her Surpris


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Gong Jue was in a good mood after cheating Gu Qiqi into giving him release.

When he zipped up his pants, the corners of his lips curved up.

After hanging up the call, he was in high spirits.

He immediately packed up and went out.

“Special Assistant Lu, prepare the car!”

Outside the door, the natural light of the independent island in Northern Europe was vast and charming!

“Master Jue, Ive already instructed the construction company on the island to work overtime according to your request and redesign the layout of the buildings on the island.

You just have to wait for a while before coming to verify the results.” Special Assistant Lu thought that Gong Jue was very tired

from taking a long plane.

It was better to rest for a while.


Gong Jue raised his eyebrows coldly.

“Hmph! What if that group of pigs doesnt understand my design intentions If I dont supervise them personally, will they mess around”

special Assistant Lu had a bitter expression on his face.

“Master Jue, theyre the representatives of the top construction companies in the world.

The people in charge of supervising the construction are all top-notch designers.

Furthermore, your motive for rebuilding the island is very clear.

You just hope

that this island will be more romantic and have a better atmosphere of a wedding, right Theyre very experienced in this, right I heard that they just helped the British royal family design a wedding last year…”

He initially thought that with the example of the royal family, Gong Jue could finally be at ease and hand the professional matters to professionals.

Who knew.

Gong Jue rolled his eyes and said coldly, “The royal familys taste Can it compare to my finger”

Special Assistant Lu wiped his sweat and said against his conscience, “No, no!”

Gong Jue said, “Tl only get married once in my life.

Of course, I have to do it myself! Furthermore, this island already belongs to her.

Of course, I have to clean it up for her!”

Ashe spoke, he sized Special Assistant Lu up.

“This kind of thing indeed doesnt have any use for you.

Anyway, you dont even have a marriage partner.

Ill give you half a day off!”

Then, for the first time, he patted Special Assistant Lus shoulder to comfort him.

Special Assistant Lu covered his face.

This hurt Chief!

You cant torture single people like this! Youre too cruel!

However, when he saw that Gong Jue doted on Young Lady Qiqi so much that he even had to personally instruct the professionals building the venue for the wedding in the future, and that he was even secretly making excuses to go on a business trip when hewas actually torturing single people… The

more he thought about it, the more tears flowed down his face.

The next day.

Gu Qigi took advantage of her lunch break to visit Iron Fist Yang in the hospital.

Seeing that his body was gradually recovering and that he had already moved out of the intensive care unit, Gu Qigi was very pleased to see him chat happily with his ward mates in the ordinary ward.

Iron Fist Yang was naturally endlessly grateful when he saw her.

“Qiqi, that friend of yours, Young Master Ye, is really a genius doctor! His prescription is awesome.”

Gu Qigi smiled modestly.

“Although the medicine is good, it still depends on the patients degree of cooperation.

Youre optimistic and tenacious by nature.

You have an especially good character to begin with.

If you cooperate with the medicine, naturally, it will be twice the results with half the effort.


you sigh all day long and sit down to eat and wait for death, even if I give you the most expensive medicine and the best prescription, it will still be impossible to recover.”

80% of her words were true.

The other two points were too humble.

Their original intention was to hope that Iron Fist Yang and the rest didnt treat Young Master Ye as a saint.

Fame can be a double-edged sword.

If he was too impressive, it would be difficult for her to act in the future using Young Master Yes identity.

Bai Lang had already bumped into her once last time.

She kept appearing in front of familiar people.

She was really worried that she would expose herself one day.

As she spoke to Iron Fist Yang, she suddenly realized that Xiaolan, who usually spoke a lot to her, was standing silently to the side.

No one knew what she was thinking.


She waved her hand in front of Xiaolan.

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Xiaolan came to her senses.


She was a little stunned.

Gu Qigi laughed..

“Are you thinking about handsome men Youre so serious!”


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