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Chapter 829 Beautiful!


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He watched as Gu Qiqi and Chu Junmo walked into the elevator with a smile.

Gong Qing strode into the elevator.

Unexpectedly, unintentionally or otherwise, Chu Junmo quickly pressed the button to close the elevator and Gong Qing was blocked outside with a clang!

Damn it!

Gong Qing waved his fists at the elevator that was slowly rising and leaving.

“That brat surnamed Chu actually disrespected m

He didnt want to think about how he looked like an old man with his strong build.

In the elevator.

Chu Junmo looked at Gu Qiqis exquisite and agile face.

A trace of joy couldnt help but appear on his calm face.

After not seeing her for a while, she became even more beautiful.

Just looking at her quietly like this gave him a feeling of tranquility.

He really felt sorry for that man who took the elevator just now.

Sorry, he only wanted to enjoy the time alone with her—even if it was only for dozens of second:


‘The escalator soon reached the top floor.

Chu Junmo invited her to leave first like a gentleman while he protected her behind her.

When the two of them walked into the banquet hall together, everyone couldnt help but look at them!

How beautiful!

How beautiful!

‘The two of them were like a leisurely painting of a peaceful scene.

The man was dressed in a sky-blue suit and was calm and refined.

The woman was wearing a sky-blue long trench coat that was exquisite and agile.

Her every move was filled with valiance and charm.

The two of them walked over from the golden door frame in such a breathtaking manner.

It was as if they were frozen in a scene.

Everyone couldnt help but freeze in their actions.

‘Then, someone whispered,

“Whos CEO Chus female companion Shes stunning!”

“Ive never heard that Brother Chu married someone.

Whats the background of this girl”

“Who wants to gossip If that girl is from the Chu family, let Jun Mo introduce her to us.

I seriously lack a wife!”

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“only recognize that the windbreaker was designed by Beigong Xiaojiu.

Its value… is probably tens of millions.”

Amidst the commotion, Gu Qiqi walked straight to Old Master Gu and smiled.

“Grandpa, | wish you a happy birthday once more! Be happy every day and always have a good laugh!”

‘The simple blessing made Old Master Gu smile.

“Okay! Okay! Qiqi, sit next to me.

Later, Ill give you a proper introduction so that you can get to know these big brothers

Old Master Gus voice was affectionate and his gaze as he looked at her was filled with affection.

Gu Qiqi was slightly surprised.

“Grandpa, you want to… introduce me to everyone”

In her previous life, her grandfather had also wanted to officially introduce her identity in public and publicly announce that she was the Gu familys flesh and blood and was the legitimate eldest daughter of the Gu family.

But before she could wait for this opportunity, she was tricked by Gu Meifeng and the rest.

She smashed her grandfathers precious antique vase and was ruthlessly reprimanded and punished.

She suffered a vulgar and embarrassing reputation and even knelt in the ancestral hall to reflect on herself.

However, it was different in this lifetime!

She had long resolved the crisis of that antique vase.

‘The pitiful worms kneeling in the ancestral hall were replaced by Gu Yuanyuan and Gu Xuexue.

She had already changed the trajectory of her fate.

Thus, she regained her grandfathers trust and love.


She had returned to her original path!

Her grandfathers love was the same.

But she had failed in her previous life!

Old Master Gu smiled affectionately.

“Of course! Youve been in the Imperial Capital for a while now.

How can you not show your face publicly in high society Our family doesnt have a popular coming-of-age ceremony.

Then, Ill vouch for you at the birthday banquet! | want everyone with status in the Imperial Capital to

know that youre my most beloved granddaughter!”


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