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Chapter 844 Cowardly!

The thunderous applause didnt stop for a long time.

The judge and the jury looked at Gu Qiqi, the witness, in admiration.

Using the bacteria left behind by the original creator on the jade jewelry to confirm the original creator of the jade work… This evidence was really superb!

It would probably create a miracle in the history of the Empires law.

Only Gu Meifeng, Yang Xiaoqing, and Wang Yongxin had ashen expressions.

They looked extremely ugly!

She was just a medical student, but she actually had such cutting-edge and professional testimony skills.

Why didnt they believe it!


Wang Yongxin said in a low voice indignantly, “Hmph! Perhaps this cunning woman did something to the evidence! She can certainly add bacteria later on!”

Oh, this possibility existed in theory…

However, Gu Qiqi casually took out another certification.

“The entire process of my deposition was accompanied by the Empires certification team which bore witness to the process.

There was no chance to add anything that shouldnt be there.”

Heh heh, did he think that she wasnt prepared

This evidence is slapping your face and making you speechless!

Indeed, Wang Yongxin was defeated.

Gu Qiqi curved her lips lightly.

“If there are still doubts, I dont mind being the witness.

I can use the jade jewelry in Yang Xiaoqings warehouse and casually change one to see if theres the bacteria on Yang Xiaoqings hand or the bacteria on Yang Iron Fists hand!”

Gu Meifeng and Gu Xuexue still shouted recklessly, “Let her be the witness!”

Yang Xiaoqing was already terrified.

No one knew better than him how those jade jewelry came to be!

He had directly moved it out from Iron Fist Yangs warehouse!

Among the jewelry that he sold, 100% were Yang Iron Fists works.

Later on, the jewelry that he produced according to Yang Iron Fists blueprint was far from being as good as Yang Iron Fists original work.

As long as any one was tested, he would definitely be exposed!

“No, theres no need to go through so much trouble.

Im willing to reconcile…” Yang Xiaoqing lacked confidence.

“I… Im not in good health either.

I dont want to fight this lawsuit anymore.

Ahem, ahem, ahem.

It hurts whenever I cough.

I… Ill apply for a recess…”

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Gu Qiqi looked at Xiaolan.

Yang Xiaolan clenched her fists.

“We dont agree to a reconciliation!”

Gu Qiqi nodded in agreement.

“The plagiarist has to pay the price.

Yang Xiaoqing, why didnt you ask if your conscience hurt when you stole your masters work Also, when you gave Iron Fist Yang poisonous flowers, why didnt you think about whether it would hurt if he had cancer”

Yang Xiaoqings pupils shrank! What

Gu Qiqi actually knew that he was the one who caused Iron Fist Yang to have cancer

How did Gu Qiqi know about such a secret

Thinking that this womans medical expertise was outstanding and she could actually use her medical expertise to testify in court, then it shouldnt be a problem to solve a case with her medical expertise.

He panicked even more.

He stood up from the plaintiffs seat and actually wanted to escape from the court.

If Gu Qiqi, this cunning woman, caught hold of his other weaknesses, not only would he lose the lawsuit, but he might also be sent to jail!

If Iron Fist Yang died from illness, wouldnt he commit murder

Yang Xiaoqings abnormal situation made the judge on the stage very unhappy.

“Plaintiff, youre not allowed to leave your seat by yourself! Go back to your seat and be quiet!”

However, Yang Xiaoqing seemed to have gone crazy and escaped outside without a care.

Even when the staff came to stop him, he still refused to stop.

In fact, he even bit them.

In the end, the staff controlled him and pressed him onto the plaintiffs seat.

Gu Qiqi turned around and looked at him.

The faint coldness in her eyes seemed to be silently saying,


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