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Chapter 851 Become a Poor Man

Thus, Gong Jue remained calm and only chatted with her about the other rules of the finals for a while.

Seeing that she was really a little tired, he let her go to sleep and didnt make her stand in the corner like the previous time.

After putting down the phone, he put on his clothes and left the house at a combat speed.

“Special Assistant Lu, the project is progressing.

Get them to speed up the process for me! No… Tell them not to rush the work.

To ensure that the blueprint will be effective, it must have that romantic atmosphere… Wait, let them be faster.

It wont be a surprise if they delay it for too long!”

Special Assistant Lu felt as if ten thousand alpacas were racing across his heart.

General, do you want it to be fast or slow Its so torturous.

All the romantic cells in your body were focused on this big surprise for Miss Qiqi, right

This morning, the Empire Medical University was on vacation.

This was because the finals of the Empires most professional and top-notch medical student competition was held on this day.

Not only were the students from the Empire Medical University here, but there were also many students and professors from other medical colleges.

All of them came because they wanted to see the grand finals.

Even the media reporters flocked to report about the rise of the new generation of medical celebrities.

The finals were also held in the auditorium.

However, this time, the seats were all taken.

A total of a few thousand seats on the third floor were snatched away.

There were even people who came very early to occupy their seats in the morning.

On the other hand, the students who came to watch the competition on time could only sadly sit on newspapers in the aisle.

Gu Xuexue was one of them who came early in the morning to occupy a seat.

Unfortunately, she didnt do it willingly.

Todays finals were already in Gu Qiqis favor.

Whether Gu Qiqi could win or not, she was already one of the top eight.

She would definitely be recorded by the media and reported in the news.

Then, she would be famous.

She refused to see Gu Qiqis glorious side.

Furthermore, Gu Meifeng had just lost the lawsuit and lost all her assets.

She had been weeping these two days and the house was dark.

It was all because of Gu Qiqi!

She didnt want to see Gu Qiqis smug face either.

But she had no choice!

Today, Bai Yingzhus confinement period was over.

She was released from the family ancestral hall and was determined to snag a seat.

Furthermore, she had to be in the front row.

How would she dare not to come

Not only did she occupy a seat, but she also bought fruit juice and snacks.

She also prepared the most expensive tissue to wipe Bai Yingzhus hands.

With Qing Yuxuan gone, her “career” was completely ruined.

In the future, only by clinging onto a rich daughter like Bai Yingzhu would she have the chance to continue living in the socialite circles.

Only then would Brother Liuchuan think highly of her and not feel ashamed of her.

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When it was about to start, Bai Yingzhu finally arrived late.

She sat down impolitely and casually picked up the fruit juice to take a sip.

She frowned.

“What kind of lousy thing is this How dare you take out such a shabby and poor beverage for me to drink”

Gu Xuexue endured the humiliation and apologized.

It was so ironic.

A day ago, she and her mother had mocked Gu Qiqi for being poor.

She did not expect that a day later, she would become a poor person who was despised.

She bit her lip and quickly shifted her gaze and tried to arouse her anger.

“Yingzhu, Gu Qiqis name was very loudly mentioned this time.

Just now, everyone behind was discussing that she might win the championship.

They even placed a bet because of this, but they were all betting that she would win…” “Hmph! A bunch of bumpkins who have never seen the world.

I just want to bet on her losing! She wont even have a strand of hair left!” Bai Yingzhu raised her neck, still looking like the number one little princess in the world.

“But Yingzhu, she killed Liu Guanghui and Qin Zhiming in the preliminary round…”

“That was the preliminary round! I wasnt there.

With me here this time, she can forget about winning!”


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