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Chapter 858 Gu Qiushans Ending

With Zhou Qings support, no matter how Gu Qiushan wailed, no ones heart softened.

They were determined not to give him more anesthesia.

Qiu Qiu rebuked him in annoyance.

“Hey, hey.

Dont you know that our most respected Empire warrior was injured in a war at the front lines He didnt undergo anesthesia during surgery to remove bullets and amputation.

Why are you shouting about such a small illness! Are you still a man How embarrassing!”

Bei Mingtian didnt say a word and silently pressed the anesthetic needle…

Gu Qiushan wailed again.

Zhou Qing was very skilled in the surgery, and Gu Qiqi and the rest cooperated well.

In fact, Gu Qiushan should be grateful to them.

Even though it hurt a little, they had removed a few intestines affected by the cancer.

The fistula disappeared.

It could be said that they had helped him treat this illness.

If it were anyone else who was the chief surgeon, they might not be able to cut the intestines so cleanly.

If they could not cut them cleanly and had to perform the surgery repeatedly, it would be even worse…

Xiaolan could not help but sigh.

“Its so contradictory.

I dont want to cure him of this illness.

Hes so cold-blooded to Qiqi.

If hes cured, hell be a scourge.

However, if we dont treat him well and leave behind an incomplete hand, we wont be able to win todays competition.

Its really contradictory and difficult to choose!”

Upon hearing this, Professor Zhou Qing looked at Gu Qiqi.

“Qiqi, what do you think”

Gu Qiqi muttered to herself for a second.

“We have to cure him because we have to win this championship!”

Just as the team members sighed, Gu Qiqi changed the topic.

“However, we have other ways to let him experience a life more painful than dying from illness!”

Xiaolans eyes lit up!

“Yes, yes, just like Yang Xiaoqing.

He will suffer for the rest of her life after getting black lung disease.

Hes in so much pain that he has to kneel every day! Even if he dies, he has to kneel!”

Gu Qiushan was in so much pain that he was covered in cold sweat.

In his daze, he vaguely heard something about someone kneeling and dying.

He was instantly frightened and screamed, “I dont want to die, I dont want to die.

I rather go to jail than die.

Gu Qiqi, why are you wasting time here I asked you to find your financier and find money for me.

Are you deaf…”

“It seems like your prison life is too comfortable.

Your intestines havent been completely messed up by your cellmate, right” Qiu Qiu sneered and turned to Gu Qiqi.

“Master, whats the method you mentioned just now I cant wait!”

Gu Qiqis face was cold.

She glanced at the tools in her hand lightly.

“When you suture it, do an incision and connect it to an artificial intestine.”

Zhou Qing immediately understood and nodded.


Qiu Qiu and the rest were still lacking in clinical experience and were confused.

“What do you mean by an incision Why do you want to connect it to an artificial intestine”

Zhou Qing decided to teach them on the spot.

In Gu Qiushans case, he had terminal cancer and the intestines that were removed were longer than normal.

He also had a few intestinal fistulas.

The situation was very complicated.

After the operation, it would be very difficult to urinate.

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There were two ways to solve this problem.

One was the intestines that were working hard to return to normal.

After it healed, it could defecate like a normal person.

However, this required very careful care and rest.

The patient had to have a professional serve him patiently for 24 hours.

Furthermore, he had to eat especially carefully to gradually heal the damaged intestines and dug out intestines.

The second method was to use an artificial intestine and make an incision.

Then, he would have to wear a ostomy pouch around his waist.

In other words, he wouldnt be able to control his excrement in the future.

It would directly flow into the ostomy pouch around his waist.

Furthermore, this ostomy pouch had to be hung on his body for 24 hours.

Otherwise, he would be covered in…

Which of the two subsequent ways to treat him would they choose

Everyone thought for a while and tacitly stretched out two fingers.


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