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Chapter 860 As if Her Soul Had Been Drained

Gong Jue stood at the entrance of the auditorium.

He stood tall and stared at the scene on the big screen.

The situation in the operating theater was clearly broadcasted on the screen.

Gu Qiqi pushed away the helpless Bai Mori and methodically instructed Liu Guanghuis team to cooperate with the operation.

Amniotic fluid embolism was a very dangerous emergency complication in the Gynecology Department.

People could die anytime.

Honestly speaking, if she sat idle and didnt do anything, there wouldnt be any problems.

She could still sit idle and enjoy the fruits of her labor.

She could directly watch as Bai Mori and Liu Guanghuis operation failed and they suffered a crushing defeat in the finals.

Perhaps it was a smarter and more correct choice!

But at this moment, she instinctively ran in the opposite direction and chose to save someone!

Even if it was to help his opponent save someone.

In order to know herself and her enemy well, she had paid attention to the patients information on Liu Guanghui when she was preparing for the operation.

This female patient was a prisoner on death row and was also an undergraduate high school student.

The reason for her imprisonment was that her family was poor.

On the way out of school to work, she was gang-raped by ten hooligans.

When those people who took advantage of her fell asleep, she dragged her badly violated body and escaped from the Devils Den.

She turned on the gas in the room and closed the door and windows to poison them all to death.

The Empires laws couldnt protect her because she didnt kill someone when she was violated or during the resistance process.

She killed someone after the incident and that didnt constitute self-defense.

Killing ten people at once was already considered a crime of intentional murder.

What was worse was that this female high school student had just turned 18 years old.

She couldnt apply for the protection law for minors, so she was directly sentenced to death!

In jail, she was found to be pregnant and the death penalty was postponed.

If she died from childbirth now, the probation that she had painstakingly earned would be useless.

Furthermore, she wouldnt even be able to accompany her child for a minute.

It was because she knew this female prisoners tragic background that Gu Qiqi couldnt sit idle!

Her gaze was prudent, careful, and firm.

She gave orders to the team one after another and tried her best to save this female prisoner.

A minute later!

The womans heart beat returned to normal.

Two minutes later!

The womans respiratory system slowly returned to normal.

Three minutes later!

They controlled the bleeding.

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On the detector, the vital signs-blood pressure, pulse, oxygen volume, and so onwere gradually approaching normal levels!

On the hospital bed, a tear escaped from the corner of the unconscious womans eye.

The little baby lying next to her actually cried very tacitly.

It opened its mouth and let out a loud cry, as if it was announcing that the baby was very healthy.

Mommy, you have to wake up quickly to see the baby! Gu Qiqi sighed lightly and instructed calmly, “Next, you guys extract the blood from the abdominal cavity yourself and stitch it back together.

Continue to use the medicine as I say, understand”

The people from Liu Guanghuis team nodded foolishly.

They looked at the goddess like losers and replied in admiration, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Gu Qiqi put down the scalpel and left the operating room without looking sideways.

Behind her, Bai Mori seemed to have emptied her soul.

Her face was pale and stiff.

Gosh, what did she just see

In the three minutes of resuscitation, Gu Qiqi actually presided over a womans amniotic fluid embolism operation alone!

Furthermore, it was a great success.

This was simply unimaginable! Impossible! She, Bai Mori, had been a doctor for so many years.

She had been a top student, a genius doctor, and now the youngest female medical professor in the Empire.

She didnt know how many operations she had performed, but she had never done a successful amniotic fluid embolism operation.


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