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Chapter 866 What The Hell Was Mistress

Someone was thinking of his stupid woman

Gong Jues deep eyes immediately squinted dangerously.

“Who wants you Who would dare to have designs on my woman!”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

She only sneezed for no reason and guessed casually

Why was this man like a particularly territorial male animal that would bare its teeth and explode in anger when it smelled the scent of its own kind!


Gu Qiqi would soon know that it was still gentle for him to bare his teeth and flare up…

After Gong Jue awarded Gu Qiqi the first prize and announced that Gu Qiqis team was qualified to participate in the World Medical Competition, he prepared to pull Gu Qiqi away.

He nearly forgot that this was an award ceremony venue.

The second, third, and eighth place were completely ignored, but the thousands of eyes below the stage were still staring at them.

Gu Qiqi saw that something was wrong and was about to go astray.

She quickly reminded him.

“Chief, are you going to bring us to shake hands and congratulate the pharmaceutical school fans below the stage”

Gong Jue was stunned.

Just as he was about to say “what has it got to do with me”, he met Gu Qiqis pleading gaze.

Only then did Gong Jue realize that he couldnt take Gu Qiqi away alone in front of everyone.

“How troublesome!”

He muttered.

He was the dignified chief of the corporation, but he actually couldnt hold hands with his woman publicly.

He was really unhappy.

Seeing that his expression had wavered, Gu Qiqi hurriedly turned around and called for Beiming Tian, Qiu Qiu, and Xiaolan.

Xiaolan followed behind them obediently.

Qiu Qiu rubbed his forehead and muttered softly, “Why do I feel that Master Jue is a little abnormal”

Bei Mingtian asked warily, “Whats abnormal”

Qiu Qiu shook his head.

“Perhaps its my imagination.

Why do I keep feeling that Master Jue is flirting with Master That gaze of his has never left Master before.

Its as if hes speaking using his lips I dont know what hes saying…”

Bei Mingtian was silent.

His heart inexplicably skipped a beat and he felt a little upset.

It was like when someone suddenly forced their way into the art museum and said that he had taken a fancy to a painting and wanted to buy it to admire it alone so he would not be able to see it!

Qiu Qiu continued to mutter to himself, “Anyway, Mistress is a very good and warm person.

I must protect Master for Mistress and not let Masters mind be disturbed by these romantic situations outside!”

Bei Mingtian was speechless.

What the hell was Mistress!

As he spoke, Gong Jue brought Gu Qiqis team to the area where the pharmaceutical school students were.

The fervent cheers nearly overturned the roof of the auditorium.

The female students from the pharmaceutical school were like little she-wolves.

Their eyes shone with bright light as they wanted to hold hands with this noble and domineering big goat in front of them.

Gong Jue looked at the female students who were like a wolf pack and frowned coldly.

Shake hands

When he examined the robot team, the engineers didnt ask for a handshake like this.

All of them were disciplined and lined up neatly.

The angles of their hands were uniform.

He didnt even need to really shake hands.

He only made a gesture and rushed past the team.

Why were the students in this school so chaotic

Women were so troublesome!

Female students were especially troublesome!

Gu Qiqi looked at Gong Jues cold expression and the disdain in his eyes that he couldnt hide.

Her lips twitched.

Stupid man, can you at least give me some face in front of my classmates Whats with that disdainful gaze of yours

She reminded him softly, “Just shake some hands for a while…”

In the end!

Gong Jues gaze was like a knife as he snorted coldly.


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