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Chapter 869 Men Are Really Unreasonable

When Special Assistant Lu brought Bei Mingtian and the other two boys to a quiet private room and left everyone…

The three of them looked at the food on the table and were disheartened.

Chief, where was the reward

Was this big pot of extremely spicy chopped chili, red chili, and green chili boiled beef to spice them to death so that he could inherit their banner

Just as Gong Jue was unhappy that the banner had Bei Mingtians name and deliberately detained Beiming Tian and the two boys who had raised the banner to eat all kinds of spicy food alone…

In the main hall of Phoenix Tower,

everyone looked at the delicious food on the table and were already itching to eat.

Everyone had finally escaped the infamy of a trash school.

For a moment, they raised their glasses to celebrate.

Soon, they were a little drunk.

Gong Jue had already left silently with Gu Qiqi.

It was already dark.

The two of them walked hand in hand along the quiet school path.

The tall trees on both sides of the school road were like huge umbrellas supporting them.

The trees supported a quiet and uninvited world of their own.

They didnt say anything, but they seemed to be able to hear each others heartbeat.

One beat! One beat!

They passed by a dense purple fir tree.

Gong Jues arm tightened.

Caught off guard, he grabbed Gu Qiqi by the waist and pressed her against a purple fir tree.

The man lowered his head and stared at her.

The charming aura between an innocent girl and a delicate woman made his breathing stop.

His gaze became even more intense as if he wanted to see through her heart.

He was like a big animal in the forest enjoying the moment of admiring his food before eating.

Gu Qiqi stopped breathing.

Her fingers gripped his lapel tightly!

“Gong Jue… You!” Could it be that he was going to mess around “Shut up!” Gong Jue squinted.

In the very next second!

“Stupid woman, dont clench your teeth!”

He ordered unhappily.

Gu Qiqis breathing became chaotic and she was a little speechless.

He was the one who wanted her to shut up, and he was the one who wanted her to open her mouth.

What exactly was he trying to do

How would she know that Gong Jues longing for her these few days had been unbearable the moment he saw her!

At this moment.


Her phone rang abruptly and shattered the silence of the night sky.

The two of them suddenly woke up.

Gu Qiqi even gathered her clothes shyly.

Her big black grape-like eyes looked around uneasily.

Fortunately, no one was passing by.

She turned her head away uneasily and used the phone to hide the shyness on her face.

“Hey, Brother Chu… Whats the matter Oh…”

Gu Qiqi had just said the words “Brother Chu” when she was frozen by Gong Jues cold and terrifying gaze.

“Qiqi, congratulations.

I saw the live-stream.

Your surgery was stunning!… Is the signal there bad Hello”

Gu Qiqi struggled to break free from Gong Jues terrifyingly cold gaze.

“Oh, Brother Chu, Im still busy here.

Lets talk when we have time…”

Chu Junmo said, “Okay.

Actually, its nothing urgent.

I just heard that you have a slot to participate in the World Medical Competition just now.

I wanted to tell you that Im one of the sponsors.

See you at the competition venue in the future.

If you need any help, look for me when the time comes…”

Before Gu Qiqi could thank him, her phone was snatched away by Gong Jue and the call was cut



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