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Chapter 87: Rejected Verbally but his Body was Honest

Bai Lang was driven mad.

Who had he offended that would dare to cause him such trouble To deliberately cheat him!

Suddenly, a calm and arrogant figure surfaced in her mind.

Could it be her again!

Bai Lang went berserk!

“Gu Qiqi, dont forget to attend the class reunion.

Tonight, well meet in the VIP room at the Jasper Flower Feast Bar!”

The class monitor solicitously called her again to remind her.

At that moment, Gu Qiqi was paying in front of a mens clothing counter.

“Yes, I understand.” She gave her a perfunctory reply and raised her fair wrist to reveal the black diamond card.

“Help me wrap this white shirt and these two handkerchiefs.”

A high-quality shirt cost over ten thousand dollars.

The handkerchief wasnt cheap either.

It cost five thousand dollars per piece and was designed by a famous designer.

In her previous life, Gu Qiqi would never have bought such an expensive thing.

But after being reborn, she wanted to treat herself and her brother better within her capabilities!

Otherwise, was she going to earn money for those scumbags and let them trample over her after spending it

Thousands of miles away, in the Imperial Capital.

Gong Jue picked up his phone.

“Whats that stupid woman doing”

Wang Daxiong reported honestly, “Young Lady Qiqi seems to be buying… a mans shirt.”

Gong Jue raised his eyebrows.

“A mans shirt”

“There are also two handkerchiefs.

I think Young Lady Qiqi got the shop assistant to wrap them up.

They seem to be a gift…” Wang Daxiong added.

Gong Jue hung up the call.

He leaned back against the red wooden chair with his back ramrod straight.


To whom

This disobedient and self-hating stupid woman seduced people everywhere!

Opposite him, Special Assistant Lu saw that Gong Jue was in deep thought.

He thought to himself, Chief has never interacted with women before.

There are some things that I have to remind him of as an experienced person.

“Master Jue, could it be that Young Lady Qiqi felt that she was a b*stard for accidentally scattering itching powder on you that night Thus… she painfully reflected for a few days and decided to turn over a new leaf.

Was she secretly buying a gift to curry favor with you while you were away Maybe she wanted to give you a big surprise!”

Gong Jue stared coldly at the document contract on the table and didnt say a word.

Special Assistant Lu then carefully suggested, “Why dont you prepare a gift as well, Master Jue Heh heh, this is a pleasant surprise.

It would be most romantic if you coincidentally gave each other a present.

She definitely wouldnt have expected that you would return from your business trip and even bring her a gift.

Say, if she handed you a shirt and a handkerchief shyly, and you coolly took out a gift as well… How excited would Young Lady Qiqi be How unexpected would it be I guarantee that she will jump up and walk around in circles happily…”

Gong Jue remained cold and noncommittal.

However, the image of Gu Qiqi in a very short school uniform skirt and running incircles appeared in her mind.

As she spun around, her skirt flew in the wind.

Her fair and slender legs were within reach.

His Adams apple tightened unexpectedly and he felt his mouth go dry.

“Master Jue, regarding this gift…”

“Do I look very free”

“No, no.

Its just that I understand a little about womens psychology…”

“Is that because youre so bored Why dont I let you take an early retirement to send her off”

Gong Jue reprimanded coldly in annoyance.

Special Assistant Lu shut up.

Gong Jue continued to review the document contract.

Three minutes later.

Gong Jue closed the document folder in frustration and stood up abruptly.

“Prepare the car.

Lets go to the long golden corridor!”

“Gold Diamond Corridor Thats right.

Thats the most luxurious shopping place in the Imperial Capital…” Special Assistant Lu was overjoyed.

Indeed, although Master Jue refused verbally, his body and actions could not lie.

However, Gong Jue glared at him coldly.

“Go and inspect the newly installed system facilities there.

Dont let there be another technical malfunction!”

Special Assistant Lu staggered.

Master Jue, youre ruthless!


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