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Chapter 873 Getting More Cute When Waking Up

Afraid that moving would wake him up, Gu Qiqi simply helped Gong Jue lie on the sofa lightly and covered him with a blanket.

She gestured for Xiaobei to return to his room to sleep while she lay on the sofa opposite him.

Gong Jue knew that she liked to nestle on the sofa and read books, so he personally selected the sofa for her.

It was moderate in hardness and softness.

It was very comfortable to lie down and sink slightly

Lying on the sofa that the man had personally selected and looking at the man sleeping soundly like a big child opposite her, Gu Qiqi suddenly felt that time had slowed down.

It was like a little wife resting on the sofa with a drunk husband.

There was a different kind of warmth.

Everything seemed to be developing in an abnormally smooth and beautiful direction.

She stretched out her fair fingers and pursed them lightly on her lips.

She stretched them out and traced the shape of Gong Jues lips…

It was as if they were kissing through the air.

The more she played, the more addicted she became.

Unexpectedly, Gong Jue suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her over!

Gu Qiqis heart skipped a beat!

Damn it.

Had she been discovered

However, Gong Jue only hugged her before he started to snore lightly.

Gu Qiqi laughed.

It turned out that this stupid man was also so possessive in his dreams!

She found a comfortable position and nestled in his arms peacefully.

Her cheek pressed against the stubble on his chin.

As he breathed heavily, she closed her eyelashes…


Gong Jue, who had been up late for a few days, finally slept for a long time.

In fact, he even had a beautiful dream for the first time.

In his dream, the island wedding that he had prepared invited countless esteemed guests.

Under the envious eyes of everyone, he and Gu Qiqi walked onto the red carpet hand in hand.

When the priest said, “Are you willing” He said, “Im willing!” He couldnt wait to remove her veil!

His woman could finally appear in front of the world with him righteously and announce that they were one!

The surrounding fireworks rang out.

Countless fresh flowers fell like rain and the cheers were thunderous…

He lifted her veil.

Gu Qiqi was like a crystal statue that turned to ashes in an instant!

“Jue, you know too little about me… You still dont know…” The soft murmur disappeared in the next second.

Gong Jues heart shrank.

The immense pain engulfed him like a tide.

He ran wildly and desperately tried to catch that bit of crystal powder that had yet to turn into smoke, with his hands in the air.

“Qiqi! Stupid woman! Dont go! I wont allow you to go! Come back!”

He shouted.

“Im here.

I havent left yet.

Gong Jue, wake up” A clear and gentle voice shook Gong Jue awake.

Gong Jue opened his eyes and stared at Gu Qiqi.

After a long time, he recovered from his dream.

Her fair face, big black grape-like eyes, bright eyes, white teeth, light smile with dimples… Gong Jue suddenly pulled her into his arms!

“Youre not allowed to leave!”

“I… I havent left yet.

The agreed time with Director Feng hasnt arrived yet.

Ill leave after eating breakfast.” Gu Qiqi comforted him good-naturedly.

This mans cuteness when he woke up was getting stronger.

She was actually so clingy!

However, this feeling of being needed was actually quite good.

Gong Jue sobered up for a moment.

“You… Crystal…”

In his dream, Gu Qiqi turned into crystal and disappeared like smoke.

Just thinking about it made his heart ache to death.

Gu Qiqi smiled.

“You still know what you did”

Her slender and fair hand pointed to the coffee table.


Gong Jue followed her finger and looked over.

He saw a crystal ashtray broken and crystal powder scattered on the ground…


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