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Chapter 875 The Little Fairy Revealed Her True Form!

There had been such a precedent before.

Gong Jue was tricked into that kind of blind date occasion.

The atmosphere was extremely awkward.

A group of hateful women wanted to go forward but didnt dare to.

Just looking at them made him want to vomit.

Every time he went, he would leave with a cold expression on his face.

It had been a long time since the old man had organized such an awkward blind date banquet.

Could it be that he had been stirring up trouble recently

It seemed that the island wedding had to be held faster and the proposal had to be accelerated.

He had to get the certificate so that he could shut the old mans mouth completely!

Gong Jues tone turned cold.

“When is the kindergarten gathering”

Gong Qing replied, “This afternoon!”

“Ill fetch him now.

You dont have to worry anymore!” After speaking, Gong Jue prepared to hang up the call.

However, Gong Qing stopped him unexpectedly.

“Tsk, youre so rude! Im not done talking to you yet! Remember to bring that little demoness along when you go to the kindergarten!”

Gong Jue, who was about to hang up the call, felt his hand tremble.


Did he hear wrongly

If Gong Qing was going to prepare the blind date banquet, why would he take the initiative to ask him to bring Gu Qiqi along

For the first time in his life, Gong Jue felt that he couldnt understand this straightforward old father of his.

Gong Jues gaze was deep as he agreed.

Gong Qing seemed to be a little uncomfortable and had to explain.

“Its just that the kindergarten notified that his parents had to be present and we couldnt find anyone at the last minute.

That little vixen benefits from it.


At the Gong Residence,

Songsong was also suspicious.

“Hubby, havent you been stopping them from dating Are you trying to matchmake them today…”

Gong Qing pursed his lips arrogantly.

“Who is playing matchmaker This is my test!”

“Test How”

“Hmph! No matter how good a woman she is at pretending, she will definitely expose herself when she takes care of a child! Our little boy is such a naughty child and knows how to cause trouble.

In a place like the kindergarten… he will definitely be able to let that little demon reveal her true colors! When the time comes, let that brat Gong Jue see what kind of little demon he has chosen!”

Songsong was speechless.

The little boy, on the other hand, gathered his attention and raised his hand in praise, “Okay, grandfather! I definitely wont fail


He was best at causing trouble in kindergarten.

When the time came, the female vixen probably wouldnt be able to maintain that gentle and pleasant look in front of his father, right

Then, his father would see clearly that she couldnt be his stepmother!

Gu Qiqi still didnt know that a special “date” was waiting for her.

She came to the directors office early in the morning to find Feng Yangchu.

She initially thought that Feng Yangchu would take out an ancient key and lead her into some secret library to study that Medicine Manual.

Who would have thought

Fengyang Chu brought her out with empty hands.

“Master, where are we going” “To see the Medicine Manual.”

“Oh… But Master, why are you walking towards the dense forest”

“Cut the crap.

Just follow me.”


The two of them passed through the primitive and dense forest at the edge of the school.

They passed by the lake where Gu Qiqi and the S Nation killer competed in wits and courage back then and walked deeper into the dense forest.

Gu Qiqi realized that Feng Yangchu was quite familiar with this dense forest!

After walking around, they actually walked on a path that she and Qiu Qiu didnt come across previously.

The verdant grass looked as if no one had stepped foot on it before.

It was quiet and beautiful.

The dew on the treetops dripped onto her forehead in a sparkling manner.

The aura was extremely fresh.

After walking for a long time, Fengyang Chu finally stopped in his tracks.

“Master, is the Medicine Manual buried here” Gu Qiqi was a little uncertain.

Fengyang Chu squinted his old eyes and pointed ahead.

“Thats the Medicine Manual.”

Gu Qiqis gaze followed his old finger and she was stunned.

The ancient book, Medicine Manual, that she wanted to study was actually…


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