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Chapter 876 A Strange Sky Book

Gu Qiqi stared at an azure boulder in front of her.

It was as tall as two of her and was as big as a small living room.

The four sides were smooth.

Not a trace of moss grew on them.

It looked out of place in the surrounding environment.

“This is… the Medicine Manual” Gu Qiqi couldnt believe what she was seeing.

Fengyang Chu nodded.

Gu Qiqi still couldnt return to her senses.

“Didnt you say that… its an ancient book Even if its not paper, it should be bamboo slips.”

“Hmph! Thats their wild guess! Those ignorant fellows have no chance to see it at all.

What can they know” Feng Yangchu said, “This Medicine Manual was handed down by Hua Tuos masters master.

Its a treasure that even Hua Tuo didnt understand.

Its ancient and precious!”

“But… Didnt you say that anyone who got first place in the school tournament would be fated to see it”

“Hmph! Thats because no one from the pharmaceutical school will ever get first


Gu Qiqi was speechless.

She held her forehead speechlessly.

She finally understood something.

Feng Yangchu hadnt planned on giving students a chance to come into contact with this huge rock for more than ten years previously.

However, when she thought of the awesome background of this stone, Gu Qiqi had to admit that she had taken advantage of it.

A small school tournament champion was lucky enough to see the mysterious pharmaceutical book that had been handed down for millions of years…

She had benefited greatly!

“Master, what do you think of this medicine book” Gu Qiqi asked modestly.

Who would have thought

Feng Yangchu squinted distantly.

“I dont know either.

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

She felt as if she had been following a lousy master!

He said that he would show her the precious ancient book, but in the end, he showed her a big stone.

She asked him how to learn it, but her master didnt know either!

Feng Yangchu scratched his head in frustration.

“If I knew how to read it, I would have copied the content long ago.

Why would I go through so much trouble to bring you here Ordinary people definitely cant enter this place and I definitely cant let outsiders know and steal the treasure!”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Master, this broken stone is so big.

Even if others want to steal it, they wont be able to.

Dont worry… Alright, her master was unreliable.

She could only rely on herself.

She walked around the big stone and carefully looked at the patterns on the stone.

Unfortunately, the surface was very smooth.

The patterns were all natural dark patterns.

There were no traces of artificial carvings at all.

She gently closed her eyelashes and activated her appraisal skill to feel the inside of the stone with her heart.

In the end, even with her valiant superpower, she could only sense the texture and age of this stone.

It was indeed an ancient stone that was more than ten thousand years old and was also a Qing Dai stone.

Qing Dai was the ancient royal familys favorite stone type.

As its color was like the sky, the past emperors liked to use it to decorate the most important buildings.

For example, the sky altar in the Imperial Capital was decorated with Qing Dai, while the earth altar could only be decorated with yellow jade, the sun altar used corals, and the moon altar used white jade.

It wasnt even as precious as the Qing Dai from the Temple of Heaven.


It was already somewhat unusual for such a precious big piece of Qing Dai to appear in a dense forest where no one was.

Then, how exactly did the ancients use this Qing Dai to record that Heavenly Book Medicine Manual

Gu Qiqi even let the little dirty turtle climb to the top of this piece of greenery to check.

The little dirty turtle returned to report but still found nothing.

There were no words carved on it.

There wasnt even a trace of a scratch!

Feng Yangchu had definitely dug a big pit for her.

Gu Qiqi belatedly turned around and looked at this arrogant old man.

“So, you hope that I can help you study it well and figure out how to crack this stone heavenly book open before using it as a reward for the school tournament, right”

Feng Yangchus eyes flickered and he pouted.

“Hmph, thats not true! Its fine if youre unwilling to study it.

There are plenty of people who will fight over it!”

Gu Qiqi was about to answer him when Gong Jues call came.


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