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Chapter 877 Can A Man Talk About Justice With A Woman

Gu Qiqi picked up the call.

She thought that Gong Jue was impatient and was going to urge her to return.

She didnt expect Gong Jue to inform her to participate in the activity.

“Accompany me to the kindergarten in the afternoon to attend Gong Tings class gathering.”

Gu Qiqi was stunned for a moment before she realized that Gong Ting was the little boy.


What a brat.

There was actually a class gathering!

Alright, it had been a few days since she last saw the boy.

She actually missed him a little.

So be it.

“Do you need me to prepare anything” Gu Qiqi asked.

“Theres no need.

Its fine as long as youre here.”

“Okay, Ill be done soon.”

Gu Qiqi hung up the call and said to Feng Yangchu, who was eavesdropping on the gossip, “Master, I have a date.

Ill make a move first!”

The corners of Fengyang Chus lips twitched a few times.

“Hey, shouldnt you be studying the Medicine Manual properly here today Why are young people so impatient!”

Gu Qiqi held back her smile.

“Yes, yes.

Anyway, Master, you said just now that there are many people fighting to come and study it.

Its not a lot if Im not here.

Then, Master, bye bye ~”

Fengyang Chu was so angry that his beard curled up.

Stupid girl, couldnt you tell that he was angry just now Was she deliberately provoking him

If other people had talent and trust, he wouldnt have waited bitterly for more than ten years before finally locking onto her and letting them study this Heavenly Book together.

There were many people who wanted to come, but he couldnt trust them!

That b*tch actually let him down so easilyjust because she received a call from that b*stard.

If he knew which smelly man was disturbing his disciples studies, he would definitely curse that man to death!

Gong Jue, who was sitting at home, inexplicably sneezed loudly!

Gu Qiqi smiled and returned the way she came.

What Fengyang Chu didnt know was that Gu Qiqi had long taken a photo of that huge stone

-Qing Dai—from 360 degrees without any blind spots.

She was prepared to return home and slowly study it.

Of course, she had to study it.

This concerned Xiaobeis eyes and whether he could see the light again!

However, this Qing Dais background was too mysterious.

She had to check the ancient books carefully.

After exiting the dense forest, Gu Qiqi wasnt in a hurry to meet Gong Jue at the Gong Residence.

Instead, she returned to the Mo Garden first.

After fiddling around in the Mo Garden for a few hours and hurriedly eating a few mouthfuls of lunch, she carried her big and small bags and rushed straight to the kindergarten that Gong Jue mentioned.

At the entrance of the kindergarten, the boy was wearing an exquisite blue suit that accentuated Gong Jues dark blue suit.

It was obvious that they were wearing a father-son outfit.


The two of them stood at the door.

Even their expressions were identical and cold.

They were also wearing identical sunglasses.

One was big and the other was small.

They simply looked like replicas of cold and arrogant male idols.

They attracted the attention of passers-by.

The boy curled his lips and said, “Daddy, look.

I wasnt wrong, right Shes not interested in my gathering at all.

She doesnt want to come at all.

She doesnt keep her word.

Its almost time.

Were going to be late!”

Gong Jue glanced at his wristwatch and said expressionlessly, “There are still three minutes.”

“But Daddy, didnt you tell me previously that no matter what meeting, the participant has to arrive five minutes early to respect the other party”

“Shes an exception.

I can wait for her.”

The boy was so aggrieved that he nearly cried, “Then why didnt you wait for me last time You didnt let me get into the car when I was late.

This isnt fair…”

“Because youre a man.

Do you have the cheek to talk about fairness with a woman”

The boy pouted and fell silent.

Daddys words made sense.

He actually couldnt refute them!


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