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Chapter 878 Modifying the Boy and the Father!

Just as the boy was feeling aggrieved and was rendered speechless by Gong Jue…


A taxi flew towards Gong Jue and his son and braked urgently.

Once the car door opened, Gu Qiqi carried big and small bags and stuffed one for each of Gong Jue and the boy.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry.

Wheres the washroom!”

Gong Jue looked at Gu Qiqi deeply and raised his eyebrows.

Without a word, he led the way.

“Follow me.”

The boy picked up Gu Qiqis small white backpack aggrievedly.

He felt that it was very feminine, but he was also embarrassed to not carry it.

After all, Uncle Bai Lang had once said that boys were born to carry bags for girls!

If he didnt help the girls carry their bags, he would be even more of a sissy!

In the kindergarten washroom, the boy and Gong Jue were dumbfounded as they held the clothes that Gu Qiqi had prepared for them.

Gong Jues Adams apple bobbed.

“Can I choose not to wear it”

Gu Qiqi shouted exaggeratedly, “What Youre not wearing it Then, are you going to appear naked If youre so confident in yourself, thats fine too.”

Gong Jues face darkened and the veins on his forehead throbbed.

“Watch your actions in front of children!”

He was confident in his gun.

The problem was that he could only show it to his woman!

Hmph! Ill let her see enough tonight!

The boy also picked up his own clothes and said with disdain, “I dont want to wear such childish clothes!”

The so-called childish clothes was a cherry blossom pink hoodie.

There was also a line of light blue words printed on it— “My Daddy is adorable.”

Gong Jue looked at the big cherry pink hoodie in his hand and looked at the words “My wife is so handsome!” His face darkened!

He had never worn something as casual as a hoodie in his life!

Let alone wear these silly declarations.

Seeing that the two of them were rejecting the clothes that she had prepared, Gu Qiqi squinted.

Hmph! Do you think that I cant do anything to you arrogant men

Gu Qiqi said leisurely, “Yes.

The parents who attend the class gathering wear casual clothes.

If you wear a suit to attend it, you will enjoy the attention the entire time and be treated like a monster.

It doesnt matter if thats what you like.”

The boy was fine.

Anyway, he did not care what the other children thought of him.

Gong Jue hesitated.

He could ignore others treating him as a monster, but he didnt want others to treat his son as a monster.

This child had no mother since he was young.

Actually, he was very sensitive.

Sometimes, he pretended not to care on the surface, but if he was really looked at by everyone as a monster, perhaps his heart would still be injured.

After thinking for a while, Gong Jue said, “Okay.

Lets change then.”

The boys grape-like eyes widened.


Daddy was so lacking in principles

In just a few seconds, he had surrendered to the vixen.

No! He wasnt going to give in so easily.

He walked the path of a cold and handsome boy.

He didnt want to be a weak second male lead who was fooling around in a hoodie!

Gu Qiqi squinted again.

Oh, the little guy was quite stubborn.

He was exactly the same as his grandfather.

This little sapling had gone crooked again after not being by her side for a day.

She had to straighten him out!


Its fine if you dont want to wear a hoodie.

Then, wear a sports outfit.

I heard that a set of uniforms was issued when you were in kindergarten.

Many parents came here wearing this too.” She looked like she was giving in.


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