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Chapter 890 You Shorty! Ill Beat You to Death!

Gu Qiqis small face flushed red.

But the mother thought that she was shy.

She still said enviously, “Mrs.

Gong, youre so lucky.

A man dotes on you so much, and your son is extremely smart.

He looks exactly like you and has completely inherited your and your husbands superior genes…”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Gosh, were all parents in this kindergarten so eloquent

The boy wasnt her biological son.

How could she tell that they were identical

Was she indirectly praising her for being good-looking and young

“By the way, Mrs.

Gong, can you teach us a few tricks We saw how obedient your husband was after being disciplined by you.

How exactly did you do it”

“Thats right, thats right.

He looks like a very noble big boss too.

Why is it that when you say one, he doesnt dare to say two If you say east, he definitely wont go west! Youre too awesome!”

“What exactly is your secret Share it with


Gu Qiqi felt an indescribable feeling in her heart.

You guys havent seen the moment when he becomes domineering and makes me unable to move.

This stupid mans big move of showing off their affection today caught her off guard.

How did she know what was wrong with him

The awkward smile on Gu Qiqis face was still there.

More and more mothers surrounded her.

The topic became more and more bold.


Gong, is your husband very strong at night Do you have some secret tricks to satisfy him”

“Thats right, thats right.


Gongs nose is so big and sharp.

Its said that men with this kind of nose are super strong! Also, when Mr.

Gong was giving out the gifts just now, I secretly took a look.

His middle finger is also super long… Mrs.

Gong, you must be so happy!”


Gong, is it because only you can satisfy him that he cant leave you He listens to everything you say and is willing to follow


Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Gosh, what exactly was going on

They could actually tell if a man was capable from his nose and middle finger

As a professional doctor, she could responsibly tell them that this was unreliable!

Whether a man could do it or not, there was only one test criterion.

That was to roll up his sleeves and do it.

Gu Qiqi was about to collapse from being pestered by the mothers.

She finally found an excuse that she left her phone in the washroom and had to find it.

Only then did she escape from the strong encirclement and catch her breath.

She didnt dare to return to the classroom again and accept the questioning from the “masterminds”.

She simply slipped out of the small field at the entrance of the kindergarten and waited for Gong Jue to buy hot cocoa.

The small field was filled with slides and flower beds.

Gu Qiqi was about to sit by the flower beds and wait for Gong Jue.

Suddenly, a commotion behind the flower bed caught her attention.

“Gong Ting, give me the robot! ill give you the Transformer!”

“I dont want to! Youre so ugly!”

“I dont care.

I must have your robot today!”

“What if I dont”

“Hmph! Then, Ill snatch it! You short, skinny person! Ill beat you to death!”


The more Gu Qiqi listened, the more she felt that something was wrong.

Why did it seem like the boy had a conflict with someone

Especially that last scream.

It made her heart tremble.

She stood up abruptly and ran behind the flower bed!

Behind the flower bed,

The little boy and Mu Xiaohai faced each other nervously.

Just now, his father went to buy a hot drink for the vixen.

He didnt bring him along, and he didnt know where the vixen went too.

Not only was he surrounded by a group of little girls passionately in the classroom, but all of them even wanted to hold his hand as if they were close friends.

He really felt so annoyed.

He had no choice but to come out for a walk.

However, he bumped into Mu Xiaohai, who was here to cause trouble!

At this moment, in order to get his little robot, Mu Xiaohai actually made a savage move and pushed him back fiercely!

Behind them were hard stones from the flower beds!


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