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Chapter 891 The Arrogant Mommy of Gong Ting!

If the boy was pushed onto that sharp stone by Mu Xiaohai, his buttocks would probably be pierced through!

He exclaimed and the little robot in his hand was accidentally snatched away by Mu Xiaohai.

His entire body leaned back and was about to be pierced through by the stone.


A fragrant breeze suddenly arrived!

Her gentle and powerful arm supported his small arm.

In the very next second, he fell into a warm and fragrant embrace!

“Gu Qiqi!” Although the boy called her name, his tone was filled with pleasant surprise.

At this moment, the vixen that he usually hated was actually like a handsome big sister descending from the sky to save his little butt.

Gu Qiqi put him down and examined his entire body carefully.

Seeing that his wrist was a little bruised, she immediately frowned.

“Did he pinch you Does it hurt Where else did he hit you”

That undisguised concern and unconcealable worry made even the usually picky boys nose sting

He pursed his lips and shook his head.

“Im fine…”

Fighting with others, especially losing to others, was always not a glorious thing for a little man.

Thus, the boy refused to say anything.

Gu Qiqi refused to let go of the guy who bullied him.

She turned to Mu Xiaohai and her eyes became colder.

“Youre fine If youre fine, why is your little robot with him Mu Xiaohai, return my sons things to him!”

Her tone was especially stern!

Even the boy couldnt help but take a few more looks at Gu Qiqi.

He had really never seen the vixen so fierce.

That “my son” was even more shocking!

Mu Xiaohai was shocked.

But then, he hugged that little robot that he had snatched over tightly and refused to let go even if he died.

“Hmph! Its in my hands now! I took it because I think highly of you.

You poor people, what do you dare to do”

He had usually seen his mothers arrogance and those words “poor people” sounded especially smooth.

Gu Qiqi squinted and her voice turned cold.

“What would I dare to do… Of course… Ill snatch it back!”

As she spoke, her slender and fair hand was as fast as lightning.

In an instant, she snatched the little robot that Mu Xiaohai had hidden tightly in his arms!

Honestly speaking, although Mu Xiaohai was only five years old, he was especially fat and strong.

Those who didnt know might think that he was already in primary school.

Usually, girls would have to use some effort to fight with him.

In addition, his parents were unreasonable people.

Usually, in kindergarten, even the class teacher would give in to him and not dare to have a conflict with him.

But now, not only was Gu Qiqi facing him head-on, but she was also able to snatch the robot that he had just snatched away.

Mu Xiaohai was stunned for a moment and looked at Gu Qiqi in disbelief.

Then, he rushed towards Gu Qiqi like a small cannonball.

“Ill beat you to death!”

Gu Qiqi initially did not want to bicker with a brat, but when she saw Mu Xiaohai attacking her like a lunatic, she knew that he would definitely hurt the boy.

She frowned and stretched out her hand to block him!

Although her slender arms looked weak, they contained strong martial strength.

Mu Xiaohai bumped into her like this and immediately bounced back.

His entire small body was like a fat kite with a broken string.

He fell backward abruptly and squatted down!

Of course, Gu Qiqi wasnt as evil as him.

The direction she hit him towards didnt have any broken stones behind it.

Furthermore, Gu Qiqi had also controlled her strength a little.

Otherwise, his bones would have long shattered and broken.

Thus, he only fell to the ground at this moment.

Actually, he wasnt seriously injured.

But he cried harder than anyone.

“The adult is bullying a child! Roar! The arrogant Gong Tings mother hit a child!”


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