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Chapter 92: Who Was The Scumbag Who Slept with You That Night (4)

That contemptuous and mocking gaze made Gu Xuexue so angry that her blood surged and she nearly spat out the cold beer she had just drunk.

“You… You regret it”

“You arent thinking of comparing yourself to that weakling class monitor, right”

“Gosh, youre so insidious and cunning.

The weak chicken has already drunk two glasses of wine to beg for mercy, and youre still competing with him Youre too shameless!”

“Youre clearly trying to cheat!”

The female students nearby quickly criticized Gu Qiqi and supported Gu Xuexue.

Gu Qiqi usually kept a low profile and would only bury her head in her studies in class.

But Gu Xuexue benefited from both sides and won over the hearts of people.

She often sent little lipsticks and flatbread to female classmates.

These female students were used to flattering Gu Xuexue.


Gu Qiqi didnt answer them.

It was even to the extent that she couldnt be bothered to pay any attention to them.

Instead, she strode forward and pointed to the male students watching the commotion.

“You, come out and compete.”

That faint voice sounded inexplicably refreshing and pleasant to the ears, but it was also indescribably shocking!


Gu Qiqi actually singled out the strongest, burlyest, and most capable boy in the class to compete with her in drinking

The female students who had mocked Gu Qiqi previously were all stunned.

Gu Xuexue was even more in disbelief!

The boy named Yao Dazhuang smirked and sneered lazily.

“You dare to compete with me”

“Why You dont dare to”

Gu Qiqi looked back provocatively.

For some reason, this caused Yao Dazhuangs heart to skip a beat.


Why didnt he realize that Gu Qiqi was such a beautiful girl in the past Her pair of black eyes simply stole peoples souls.

Yao Dazhuang licked his lips and grinned.

“Sure! Lets compete!”

After speaking, the male student in charge carried two boxes of dozens of cold beers and placed them on the table.

It was a spectacular sight to see!

Gu Qiqi frowned.

Seeing this, Gu Xuexue thought that Gu Qiqi was afraid.

She couldnt help but take the opportunity to mock her.

“Qiqi, since youre the one who initiated the challenge, dont act like you cant afford to lose.”

“Cant afford to lose”

“Thats right.

The loser has to foot the bill.

They have to be responsible for the alcohol and the room costs.

Do you dare to take the gamble”


Gu Qiqi didnt comment.

Seeing Gu Qiqis cold reply, Gu Xuexue thought that Gu Qiqi was really backing down.

She couldnt help but feel even more pleased in her heart.

Hmph! This banquet bar was a high-end entertainment place.

The alcohol here was ten times more expensive than the outside world, and the room costs were also in the tens of thousands.

That day at the pharmacy, Gu Qiqi tricked her into buying so much gelatin and wasted so much money.

How could she not let Gu Qiqi vomit blood today

Anyway, Gu Qiqi would definitely cough up blood if she went in today.

If she retreated, she would be mocked by everyone as a coward!

Be it advancing or retreating, she had lost all her face!

Gu Xuexue couldnt help but admire her own intelligence—it was the standard of smacking faces.

But in the next second.

She heard an incredible voice.

It made her think that she was deaf and that she was hallucinating.

Gu Qiqi say coolly, “Since the rules are as such, whats the point of drinking such low-grade beer If you want to drink, drink the strongest alcohol.

If you want to bet, bet on the most expensive alcohol!”


A useless bookworm even knew about hard liquor and expensive alcohol

No, no.

More importantly, was the nerd going to compete with her for money again

She… she… she no longer had money.

Gu Xuexue covered the depleted bank card as her face flushed red.

In an instant, she felt as if she had traveled back to the big pharmacy in the National Healer Hall.

In front of a group of noblewomen, she was smacked on the face by the black diamond card that Gu Qiqi had thrown out.

It hurt.

Fortunately, Yao Dazhuang came to her rescue in time.

“Okay! That was satisfying! Lets switch the alcohol!”

Gu Xuexue relaxed.

Thats right.

The person who was drinking with Gu Qiqi was Yao Dazhuang.

What was she worried about


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