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Gong Qing was furious.

He was only short of slapping Gu Qiqi.

But these words hurt more than a slap.

Gu Qiqi had been blaming herself all this while.

Even at this moment, she didnt stop regretting.

She shouldnt have done that emergency operation.

She shouldnt have let the boy take the risk of losing his life for a strange girl.

If she could keep holding the boys hand tightly, it would have been good to instruct the male doctor to perform the operation when he arrived.

Even if that girl might lose her life because of her blood loss, humans were selfish.

Between a strange girl and the boy, Gu Qiqi really hoped that she would have a chance to choose again and be selfish for once!

Her guilty heart made her unable to refute Gong Qings accusation.

However, what Gong Qing said about her pretending not to know that the boy had left her sight was weird.

He also said something about how she couldnt withstand the test.

She felt strange when she heard this, “Uncle Gong, how did you know that the boy had left my sight What test are you talking about”

She had not had the chance to tell Gong Qing and his wife about what had happened back then, much less say if the boy had been lost or snatched away from her by a bad person.

How could Gong Qing be so certain that the boy was lost She didnt even search for the boy too

Why did this sound so strange

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Gu Qiqi was just asking casually.

Unexpectedly, Gong Qings old face stiffened and his tone suddenly became agitated.

“What do you mean You mean that you suspect that I harmed my grandson”

Gu Qiqi said, “I didnt say that, Uncle…” Uncle, I cant communicate with you.

Your thoughts are really strange!

How would Gu Qiqi know that Gong Qing was already feeling so guilty on the way here

If not for the fact that he wanted the boy to test Gu Qiqi, why would the boy leave on his own

He was too careless!

He should have sent someone to stay by the boys side.

There was no need to test that vixen Gu Qiqi anymore.

She was directly eliminated!

What test He had even used his precious grandson for the test.

He didnt even want his old life anymore.

The more he blamed himself, the more angry he became with Gu Qiqi.

He was angry that he gave Gu Qiqi one last chance and insisted on testing her.

He shouldnt have given her a chance!

She wasnt suitable for Gong Jue and Gong Ting!

“The biggest mistake I made in this lifetime was that I was soft-hearted and agreed to let you guys date temporarily.

As long as you, this vixen, are with them, something will happen to them and it wont be peaceful!” Gong Qing took a deep breath and stared at Gu Qiqi with sorrowful and angry eyes.

It wasnt that this girl wasnt good, but she was too good.

She was too outstanding and had her own ideas.

Their Gong family couldnt afford to have her!

Gu Qiqis heart ached from Gong Qings gaze.

She took a step back and staggered.


Was it really that she was a person who would bring misfortune to Gong Jue and the little boy

If that was really the case, she would stay away from them even if she had to endure her heartache.

“Youre just a girl.

Dont you have any shame If I were you, I would have left long ago! Why are you still hanging around here Cant you tell that our Gong family doesnt welcome you at all The little boy definitely doesnt need such an irresponsible stepmother! A stepmother who only brings bad luck to him!” Gong Qings blood surged.

For a moment, he didnt know what to say and said whatever he said.

Upon hearing this, Gu Qiqis face turned pale.

She was worried about the boy and didnt have the heart to refute him.

She also couldnt bear to add fuel to the fire for the agitated old man.

Lowering her eyes slightly, she whispered, “Ill wait for the boy to finish his emergency operation.

If hes fine, Ill leave…”


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