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Chapter 94: Who Was The Scumbag Who Slept with You That Night (6)

Once the lid of Hennesseys diamond bottle was opened.

An intense and alluring fragrance immediately filled the entire room.

“Wow, it smells so good! Its so rich!”

The female students horizons were broadened.

Gu Xuexues heart was itching too.

D*mn it.

If she had known that there was such fragrant alcohol in this world, she would have used it to make a toast the day she met Gong Jue.

If it was Hennessey, would Gong Jue accept her

If there was a next chance…

She was going to spend all her money to prepare a bottle to seduce her male idol!

Yao Dazhuang couldnt wait anymore.

He started gulping down the alcohol.

“Tsk! Good wine!”

He gulped down half a litre in one go!

But Gu Qiqi still used her long and clean fingertips to lightly circle the surface of the crystal bottle.

“The smell of daffodils, jasmine, and peaches; the fruity smell of parsley and lychees; oh… and the elegant fragrance of violets and British roses; and the smell of cigars and oak resin.”

She carefully and precisely pointed out the smell of this bottle of Hennessy.

Thats right.

She didnt know how to drink.

But she knew alcohol!

In her previous life, there were countless nights when she was so tired from performing surgeries that she went limp or even in the wee hours of the morning.

She was all alone in a Hennessy wine cellar.

She didnt drink alcohol but only sniffed that elegant fragrance to temporarily numb her exhausted nerves.

When she sobered up a little, she would continue to work hard for the Gu family.

Those extremely stupid days… Hahaha!

“Gu Qiqi, what are you waiting for If you dont dare to drink, then dont waste such an expensive wine!”

The female students curled their lips.

On the price list, this collectors edition of Hennessy was sold for a total of 120,000 dollars a bottle!

Two bottles meant 240,000 dollars.

Whoever lost would have to foot the bill.


Xiao Ning became nervous and whispered, “Qiqi, dont be stubborn.

If you cant, then lets just admit defeat.

Ill give you my pocket money…”

Admit defeat

No, these two words didnt exist in her dictionary.

She smiled lightly and held Xiao Nings hand.

“Dont worry.”

These three simple words calmed Xiao Ning inexplicably.

Qiqi was different.

How was she different She couldnt put a finger on it!

Anyway, she used to be the one taking care of Gu Qiqi.

Why did she feel like she was being taken care of by Master Qi now

Gu Qiqi loosened her hand.

In a split second, she agilely picked up the wine bottle and elegantly poured the alcohol into the crystal glass.

Her fair and slender swan neck was slightly bent.

She finished the glass of wine in a flash!

This posture was indescribably beautiful!

One glass after another.

The students were already dazzled by Gu Qiqis drinking posture.

Gu Qiqi was actually drinking alcohol as if she was drinking water.

No, no, no! It even looked ten thousand times better than the posture when he was drinking water!

Gu Xuexue was even more dumbfounded.

H-how was this possible

Did a bookworm really drink alcohol And it was an entire bottle

No, wait! The nerd ordered another bottle!

She called out many bottles again!

Everyones lips trembled as they spoke incoherently.

“Did Gu Qiqi really not drink water Hurry up and check!”

“Hey, hey, hey.

Waitress, you arent helping her cheat, right”

“Oh my god! Yao Dazhuang has already thrown up from drinking! Shes still drinking!”

Gu Qiqi opened six bottles of Hennessy.

As for Yao Dazhuang, he had vomited all over his body before he even finished his first bottle.

A bottle of alcohol weighed half a kilogram!

Did Gu Qiqi drink it tonight

The students immediately felt uncomfortable.

They had just taken the college entrance examinations, but suddenly, they didnt know how to calculate elementary math questions anymore.

Gosh, how much did Gu Qiqi drink

“So, are you still going to continue drinking with me”

However, Gu Qiqi still asked with a faint smile on her face.

“You… Youre ruthless…” Yao Dazhuang held his stomach.


A pound and a half of brandy would kill him.

Why was that d*mned woman fine

“Very good.

Then, you admit defeat”

Gu Qiqi smiled lightly.

No one could read her mind.


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