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Gu Qiqi couldnt help but look at the small body on the operating table.

He was so weak and skinny that he didnt look like that energetic little boy anymore.

A strong heartache filled her chest.

She closed her eyes.

When she opened them again, they were filled with determination!

Who said that doctors couldnt operate on their own children

With the conviction of her having to succeed for her child to wake up, she had to do her best to save the boy.

Apart from her, no one else in this era had the skill of allowing blood to flow from his acupuncture points.

Thus, she had to do well.

She took a deep breath and her hands stopped trembling.

The silver needle was lifted and then it landed!

Gu Qiqis hand gestures were neat and beautiful.

She pierced through the little boys vital acupoints and pulled the needles out one by one.

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Beads of blood appeared.

She carefully used cotton to absorb the blood.

After estimating that the blood was about enough, she quickly stopped the bleeding and instructed, “Is the O-type blood in the blood bank ready”

“Its ready, Doctor Gu.”

“Start the blood transfusion for the patient.

Remember to control the speed and observe his heart rate.”

“Okay, Doctor Gu!”

Beside her, a few famous pediatricians from the Empire had become her assistants at this moment.

They listened to her orders completely and respectfully addressed her as Doctor Gu.

All of them didnt complain.

They had personally witnessed how sharp and talented Gu Qiqi was when it came to dealing with the unconscious little boy.

They also knew that they werent qualified to participate in the World Medical Competition.

This little girl brought an entire team to PK with an international expert.

Although there were hierarchies in the workplace, talent could easily overcome all hierarchies!

Under Gu Qiqis supervision, the boy successfully bled and received a blood transfusion.

His pale face gradually regained a faint blush.

“Doctor Gu, do you want to use anasogastric tube” A doctor asked softly.

Gu Qiqi muttered to herself for a while.

“Ill try natural feeding first.”

It was a nasogastric tube.

As the poisoned unconscious patient didnt have any reflexes to swallow, the only way to feed him medicine was to rely on the tube.

As the name suggested, it was by using a tube to extend from his nose into his stomach.

Then, the medicine or liquid food would be poured in through this tube.

This method was simple, but the side effects were obvious.

For example, the simplest — choking.

After all, that was a tube.

It was visibly thick.

How could the boy not feel uncomfortable when it entered his nose

A more serious injury would be to the nasal mucous membrane and the gastric mucous membrane if the tube was stabbed all the way in.

It was difficult for the membranes to not be damaged.

An even more serious injury would be inflammation and even suffocation…

Considering the number of side effects, Gu Qiqi did not want to feed the boy the medicine through the tube unless she had no choice.

She raised her arm.

“Bring me a mask, a medicine bowl, and a soft silicone spoon.”

Everyone knew that the medicine bowl and soft spoon were for the convenience of feeding the boy.

What was the mask for

But soon, everyone understood.

It turned out that Gu Qiqi had considered the little boys safety meticulously.

She had to have close contact with the boy when she fed him medicine.

Gu Qiqi was afraid that her breath would land on the boys face and cause him to inhale bacteria.

The operating theater observation window.

Gong Qing secretly watched this scene.

Songsong sighed.

“Qiqi is so considerate.

I think she treats the boy well!”

Gong Qing snorted stubbornly.

“Who knows if its fake!”

Although his tone was very sharp and unkind, he couldnt help but take a few more looks into the room.

Yes, if that vixen was pretending, then she could continue to pretend like this.

If she treated the boy well and pretended for a lifetime, he would concede to her!


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