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The boy muttered in a daze, “Vixen, where are you”


A light suddenly appeared in front of him.

A face seemed to have appeared indistinctly at the well.

A pair of big black grape-like eyes were agile yet showed concern.

The remaining half of her face was covered by a big white mask.

The boy was stunned.

That face belonged to Sister!

He recognized her!

Yes, big eyes, a big mask, and a pleasant voice…

All of these combined made him feel as if he had returned to the night when he first met Sister.

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In the corridor of Qing Cheng Hospital, she had so coolly treated his bowel angina.

She was clearly cold, but he felt that her heart was very gentle!

Such a similar scene actually appeared in front of him.

Sister, was Sister going to save him again

He was focused on Sister, but for some reason, an unpleasant voice suddenly sounded in his heart.

Where was the vixen

If Sister saved him, did that vixen encounter some danger

He had always missed his Sister, but at this moment, he actually missed the vixen a little!

That hateful stepmother—that vixen!

The boy had a splitting headache.

He vaguely felt that he had let down his Sister.

After all, he loved her so much, but another woman had unknowingly moved into his heart.

In fact, his worry and concern for the vixen became stronger and stronger.

This made him feel so guilty!

He felt that he was impure.

But… vixen, where are you I miss you so much…

Beads of sweat formed on the forehead of the conflicted boy.

His vision darkened once more…


Gu Qiqi stared nervously at the boys reaction.

The medicine was all fed to him.

The boy even opened his eyes and his lips moved for a short while.

However, just as everyone was celebrating, the little boy suddenly started sweating profusely and fell unconscious once more.

His small eyebrows were tightly knitted.

She didnt know what sad things he had encountered in his dream, but he looked so conflicted and sad.

Gu Qiqis heart ached.

She couldnt help but reach out and gently smooth his eyebrows.

Perhaps she was as disappointed as she was hopeful.

She had created too many miracles on the operating table.

One minute of surgery, three minutes of surgery.

At most, it would take ten to twenty minutes for her to conduct an especially complicated emergency operation.

Thus, everyone also thought that her medicine would take effect in a minute today.

However, the truth was that the little boys illness was much more complicated.

He had been poisoned and he also had a psychological burden.

It wasnt that easy to wake the little boy up.

Although he had undergone acupuncture and drunk medicine, he was still asleep.

Gu Qiqi could clearly feel everyones disappointment.

Let alone everyone, even she was very disappointed in herself.

She had been tormented for half a day and didnt make any progress.

How could she not be disappointed

Her hand gently touched the boys eyebrows, but her own eyebrows unconsciously knitted tightly together.

Gong Jue stood a step away and stared at the scene of Gu Qiqi comforting the boy.

This scene was so heartbreaking and beautiful.

His nose stung and he nearly cried.

However, he was a man after all.

He couldnt be sad.

He took a deep breath and caressed Gu Qiqis long hair.

“Dont worry.

Lets take it one step at a time.”


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