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Chapter 95: That Scumbag Was Actually Him!


Yao Dazhuangs fierce-looking face flushed red.

All the other male and female students didnt even dare to breathe loudly.

They were all stunned by Gu Qiqis alcohol tolerance.

All the ridicules and ridicules they had thrown at Gu Qiqi previously had become shameful jokes.

Her face hurt like it had been slapped by a wine bottle.

It hurt and it was red.

The entire private room fell into a strange dead silence!

Amidst this terrifying silence.


There was a loud sound of someone pushing open the door.

A tall figure in a white suit barged in.

The man looked at the table full of bottles and the smell of alcohol in astonishment.

He frowned and said in an unhappy tone, “Xiao Ning, are you having a drinking contest with someone”

Amidst the silence, the mans voice was particularly abrupt and piercing to the ears.

Gu Qiqi frowned and looked back.

But she opened her mouth slightly in surprise.

“Bai… Lang”

That coquettish white suit and those squinting amorous eyes… Who else could it be but Bai Lang

“You know him” Gu Qiqi looked at Xiao Ning suspiciously.

This situation didnt seem to be as simple as just getting to know her.

The reproach in Bai Langs eyes and the evasiveness in Xiao Nings eyes… No matter how she looked at it, these two people seemed to have a close relationship.

But she had never heard Xiao Ning mention this person before!

Feeling guilty, Xiao Ning tugged at the corner of her shirt.

“Qiqi, he… Hes my uncle…”


Gu Qiqis heart was in turmoil.

Bai Lang was actually her best friends uncle!

At this moment, the first image that surfaced in her mind was…

Gong Jue and Bai Lang stood side by side.

Gong Jue had a coquettish look on his face.

He curled his lips smugly, pointed at Bai Lang, and said to her, “Stupid woman, did you hear that Hes the uncle of your best friend and also my brother.

Therefore, youre my junior, stupid woman… You have to call me uncle or father… Remember, you cant mess with seniority!

Gong Jues father

Gross! Youre more like “Gong Jue the tyrant”!

Gu Qiqi shook her head in frustration.

When she looked at Xiao Ning and Bai Lang again, there was a deep look in her eyes.

If she remembered correctly, the man who called Xiao Ning just now was this Uncle Bai Lang

He kept urging Xiao Ning to return home.

His tone seemed to be very unkind

Now, she couldnt wait to chase him to the bar and take him away

He was only her uncle, not her biological father.

Did he have to be so strict with her

It was simply too strange.

Could it be that there was some secret behind this

Remembering Xiao Nings recent encounters, a terrifying thought formed in Gu Qiqis mind.

She almost didnt dare to investigate further!

“Xiao Ning, do you know this little vixen Why are you with that kind of girl” At the same time, Bai Lang was also probing Gu Qiqi.

It turned out that she was with her own niece.

This wont do! I cant let Xiao Ning play with this little demoness in the future! Shes going to lead her own child astray!

“Uncle Bai Lang, Qiqi is my classmate and best friend.

Shes not that kind of girl.

Shes a super nice person.”

Xiao Ning was very loyal.

Although her tone was a little unsettled, she still held Gu Qiqis hand tightly.

She didnt deliberately maintain a distance from Gu Qiqi because of her uncles disapproving gaze.

Gu Qiqis heart warmed.

She hugged Xiao Ning lightly and said lightly, “Ive never heard of an uncle interfering in friendships.

If you want to take care of a woman, go home and take care of your auntie.”


Bai Lang laughed out loud first.

Why was this little vixen so infuriating every time she spoke Yet, she also made people want to laugh uncontrollably.

He had wanted to put on an air of an elder, but with Gu Qiqis words… Where was his dignity as an uncle He had lost all of it.


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