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Gu Xuexues fierce interjection infuriated Bai Lang.

Damn it!

Im definitely more suitable for Young Master Ye.

Is there a need to say this

His angry gaze landed on Gu Xuexue before he looked at Gu Qiqi pitifully.

“Young Master Ye, tell me, who is suitable for you”

Gu Qiqis lips twitched from Bai Langs gaze.

Why did she suddenly feel that she was a heartless person and that Bai Lang was like an abandoned wife

Wuwuwu, Little Lang, dont be sad.

Master Qi will protect you!

Before she could answer…

Bai Lang slapped his forehead.

“I nearly forgot! I brought a small gift for you! Didnt Gu Xuexue just give you a piece of black jade I know.

It is so small.

Whats the use Look at what I want to give you…”

As he spoke, he snapped his fingers.

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A servant immediately walked forward with a heavy box behind him.

“Open it!”

With a command, the exquisite and luxurious gift box slowly opened.

Under everyones surprised gazes, an extremely large black jade was carved into the shape of a basin and emitted a faint inky glow…

Even Gu Qiqi, who was used to seeing good things, couldnt help but raise her eyebrows.

The surrounding rich ladies exclaimed repeatedly.

“How big! How big!”

In the distance, the men who didnt know the truth looked at each other.

Was that playboy Bai Lang and that gigolo Young Master Ye flirting again

What was so big

Gosh, could it be that they had revealed that filthy thing that couldnt be seen

How inhumane!

When they chased girls, they didnt show it as well!

No wonder everyone loved gigolos.

Hmph! So, they relied on this!

At this moment, Gu Qiqi looked at the huge black jade basin.

Her heart had an indescribable feeling.

She had seen people giving gifts and jade, but she had never seen such a strange and big piece of jade.

Bai Lang was indeed unusual.

Bai Lang proudly introduced it.

“Young Master Ye, I know that you famous doctors love to take care of your health, so I specially got someone to carve a basin so that its convenient for you to soak in it at night…”

He initially wanted to say that he could soak his feet, but facing such a fair and elegant young master like Young Master Ye, he couldnt say vulgar words like washing his feet no matter what.

He quickly changed it to “wash your hands”.

The surrounding rich ladies felt dizzy again.

“Gosh, Young Master Bai knows how to flirt better than us! Isnt this too considerate”

“Thats right.

He is even taking care of Young Master Yes slender and fair hands.

Why didnt I think of that No, I have to go back and knit a pair of gloves for Young Master Ye personally!”

“Ill get my fathers beauty company to create a hand cream that is specially crafted for Young Master Ye!”

“I… I… I can massage Young Master Yes fingers!”

Amidst the passionate commotion, Gu Xuexue was completely ignored!

Yes, she had offered up a precious piece of black jade.

It was also their Gu familys heirloom.

But who would have thought that once Bai Lang made a move, his gift would be a basin-sized black jade!

The black jade that was bigger than the Gu familys egg-shaped jade was simply a difference of heaven and earth.

No wonder Young Master Ye was disdainful of that egg-shaped jade from the Gu family.

Gu Xuexue was still clamoring to let Young Master Ye choose one from the two choices for the competition just now.

How could she still have the face to let Young Master Ye choose at this moment

Her face had long been slapped swollen by Bai Lang.

No, it pierced through her face!

She shrank into the crowd.

How would she dare to compete with Bai Lang for Young Master Ye again

Gu Meifeng gnashed her teeth indignantly.

“Xuexue, no! We have to snatch the jade back! Otherwise, wont we be empty-handed”


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