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Once Gu Qiqis decision was out, she immediately received the praise of the entire venue.

Those rich ladies looked at her even more passionately.

There was simply a layer of golden mist.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah! Young Master Ye is indeed not a mortal.

I knew that he was different from those vulgar men!”

“Young Master Ye is so loving and noble!”

“Young Master Ye is the best man Ive seen!”

“Young Master Ye is so handsome that I cant close my legs!”

Gu Qiqis lips twitched.

Ahem, ahem, ahem.

Actually, she wasnt that noble.

She was just doing Bai Lang a favor conveniently.

She wanted to find a suitable place to bury this hot potato quickly!

As for being so handsome that they couldnt close their legs…

Cough, cough, cough, cough.

She expressed that if Gong Jue heard this phrase, he would probably be able to press her down and eat her up instantly!

Thinking about Gong Jue and the little boy, she was eager to return.

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She didnt want to go to the cocktail party anymore.

“Young Master Bai, go to the cocktail party yourself…”

Bai Lang kept asking nervously, “Arent you going Have you not made up your mind about our cooperation yet Are you going to abandon me, your ally No, I wont allow it.

I wont allow you to leave me…”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Why didnt she realize that Bai Lang was so clingy in the past

If Gong Jue was a cold and irritable big dog…

then Bai Lang was simply a clingy little poodle!

“Its not that I dont want to cooperate with you.

You have my word.

I wont go back on it.

Lets meet on time on the day of the official competition.” Gu Qiqi said in a low voice.

Bai Lang was a little reluctant.

“Youll keep my word then…”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

It turned out that a clingy small dog was even more difficult to handle than a big dog.

Finally, she sent Bai Lang away.

Gu Qiqi asked Manager Dige about the news from black market.

Manager Dige reported that the news of acquiring Seven Leaf Flower had already been published, but he hadnt received any feedback yet.

After all, the Seven Leaf Flower was a precious medicinal herb.

It was also on the verge of extinction in the Empire, so the chances of finding it were minimal.

It was said that only in S Nation were there some wild grown ones.

But S Nation and the Empire had always been arch-enemies.

It was difficult to import the good things in S Nation into the Empire.

Gu Qiqi also knew that this matter was difficult to handle.

She didnt blame Manager Dige but emphasized again that he needed to help her find it on the black market as soon as possible.

She was very generous and gave Manager Dige a considerable tip.

Manager Dige was grateful and left.

After settling her business, she changed her clothes and left Dige.

At the door, Qiu Qiu was already somewhat anxious from waiting.

“Master, the cocktail party has already begun.

Were late!”

Gu Qiqi facepalmed.

“Can I not go”

Qiu Qiu blinked.

“Master, there are many experts gathered there this time.

Arent you going to find out about the opponents strengths Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will win a hundred battles.

You cant underestimate the enemy.”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Her disciple was becoming more and more good at teaching her, the master, a lesson.

Originally, she was anxious to return home and see the little boy.

But she had no choice but to get into the car and go to the cocktail party first.

As she didnt take the cocktail party so seriously, she didnt dress up at all.

She was wearing the most ordinary white shirt and jeans.

She looked like a pure and innocent student.

As a result, when Qiu Qiu and her entered the venue, they were directly stopped outside the door.

The waiter at the door didnt let them in no matter what.

Qiu Qiu showed the invitation card, but the waiter said arrogantly, “Could it be that it was stolen”

Qiu Qiu was furious.

“Watch your mouth! Were contestants.

This is my master, a medical expert whos going to lead a team to participate.

Do we need to even steal the ticket”

The waiter sized up Gu Qiqi, who was dressed simply.

He was disdainful and said sarcastically—


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