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The ghost doctors plastic surgery had firmly attracted the attention of everyone present.

As a result, when Gu Qiqi began to showcase her medical skills, there werent many gazes left on her team.

Although Young Master Ye was famous, most people admired his good looks.

No one was too concerned about whether he really had medical skills!

In Bai Langs team, many people had already begun to panic.

They were like ants on a hot pan, unable to sit still.

Even Bai Lang was a little angry.

He was afraid that the ghost doctor would cause trouble for Young Master Ye.

Only Gu Qiqi remained calm as water no matter what happened.

She disinfected the patient as usual, prepared a scalpel, and flipped through the patients medical records.

She listened to the assistants reminders of the patients various indicators, physiology, and habits…

Then, she announced coldly, “Begin.”

This word silenced everyone in Bai Langs team.

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Speaking of which, it was really strange.

A second ago, everyone was still panicking, worried about the threat and pressure the ghost doctor would bring to them.

However, with Gu Qiqis words, everyone suddenly calmed down.

It was as if the name Gu Qiqi had a special power.

It could lead them into a very peaceful and professional state during a surgery.

There was no room for distractions.

The only person they had to face was the patient.

This was an old lady with late-stage lung cancer.

Her cancer cells had already spread to the lymph nodes outside her trachea.

What was worse was that she was very old – almost 70 years old.

Most hospitals would never dare to perform open-heart surgery on her.

All doctors would say, “Go home and think about it.

Is there anything else you want to eat or enjoy Hurry up and do it.”

However, this mother-in-laws daughter was extremely filial and refused to give up!

She knew that the World Medical Tournament would be held in the capital.

Despite her husbands objections, she still insisted on selling the property her mother had left behind in her hometown.

She brought her mother to the capital to apply to be a volunteer at the tournament.

As long as a doctor was willing to treat her mother, she was willing to give up everything!

No participant was willing to help her.

Cancer was a terminal illness.

99.9% of patients in their late stages could not be cured at all.

No one would use this boring topic as a showcase for the competition, or cause trouble for themselves.

She was disappointed again and again until she met Gu Qiqi!

Thats right.

What Gu Qiqi, or rather, Young Master Ye, wanted to challenge and display was a terminal illness healing technique.

At this moment, the old lady was lying on the operating table.

After the anesthetist injected the anesthetic into her, Gu Qiqi said softly to her the last second before her consciousness disappeared, “Believe me, when you wake up, your life will be different!”

The thoracotomy was very complicated.

Worried that Young Master Ye wouldnt be able to do it alone, Bai Lang specially hired an honorary specialist from the Medical Hall.

Both of them were old professors in their sixties, and they came to help.

In the end…

Gu Qiqis ultimate move of slicing open the patients chest with a single slash was enough to make the two old professors have a heart attack.

She was terrifyingly beautiful!

It was shockingly perfect!

The ghost doctor had only cut open the patients face, and there was no blood.

That meant nothing.

How could there be more blood vessels on his face than on his chest

What was happening in Young Master Yes team was simply inhuman.

Unfortunately, because Gu Qiqis move was too low-profile, not many people in the audience saw it.

After that, she continued performing a lung cancer resection in silence.

The old ladys lungs had really been severely corroded by the cancer cells.

She cleaned it up carefully, not even sparing the lesions and lymph nodes near the trachea… Seconds passed.

Finally, more and more people began to pay attention to this seemingly ordinary lung cancer surgery on the screen.


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