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Gong Jue berated them angrily, but his anger was still not appeased.

Pursing his thin lips, he squeezed out a few words in a dark voice.

“Remember those blind judges.

In the future, if there are any benefits, dont give them a single cent! Get someone to keep an eye on them one by one and find out what they did wrong.

Make sure they cant turn the tables!”

Special Assistant Lu trembled.


Oh my god, anyone who offended Master Jue would die without knowing how.

These judges were courting death!

One by one, the contestants from various countries finished displaying their medical skills.

The judges also gave a score based on everyones different standards and medical effects.

Only Young Master Ye and the ghost doctor were left.

Their surgeries all required some time to show the effects.

In the laboratory, there was silence.

One could hear a pin drop.

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Tick-tock… Tick-tock…

The hands of the clock began to chime.


The red light in the laboratory where the ghost doctor was located lit up!

This meant that he had ended the entire competition process.

He could hand in his paper now.

The judges were all staring intently at the screen.

The audience below the stage, as well as the netizens in front of their computers, all stared unblinkingly at the space capsule-like physiotherapy device.

Under the command of the ghost doctor, the physiotherapy device slowly turned on…

Everyones curiosity seemed to be piqued step by step…


The ugly woman, who was lying flat on the ground, was pushed out!

The ghost doctor stepped forward and checked on the recovery of the wounds.

He nodded in satisfaction.

Then, he gestured for the assistant to bring over a silk scarf.

He loosely wound the light apricot-colored silk scarf around the ugly womans face.

In the haze, one could clearly see the ugly womans facial features.

Only then did he get the assistant to help the ugly woman up and face the camera.

Everyone present held their breaths in shock!

They all wanted to know if the ugly woman had become prettier or uglier!

The camera gradually zoomed in…

The ugly womans teeth and pockmarked face had miraculously become round and flat.

Because her lower jaw had been cut off, her protruding teeth had changed.

The special medicine concocted by the ghost doctor had also made the pockmarks on the ugly womans face disappear one by one!

The veil was hazy, making the woman look a little mysterious.

Although she could not be said to be a great beauty, she was more than a hundred times prettier than her incomparably ugly appearance in the past.


It was truly amazing!

After a moment of silence, the entire hall erupted in applause.

This plastic surgery was undoubtedly a success.

Hearing everyones approving praise, Gu Meifeng raised her chin proudly.

If she had a tail, it would definitely be wagging right now.

They had won!

She and Xue Xue would definitely win!

The Shen family could be saved.

Gu Meifeng could spend the rest of her life lavishly everywhere she went, hahaha.

That little b*tch Gu Qiqi would definitely be green with envy when she saw this! Hahaha!

That gigolo Young Master Ye will feel terrible to be utterly defeated, hahaha!

As Gu Meifeng smiled smugly, the judges gave her a score of 99.

The full score was 100.

In other words, everyone almost thought that this was a flawless surgery.

That one point was deducted because the ghost doctor was smoking in the operating theater.

Some of the judges strongly objected, so they had no choice but to deduct one point according to their medical ethics.

After the results of the ghost doctor were released, only Gu Qiqi was left.

The highest score was 99 points.

Unless Gu Qiqi could get 100 points, there was no chance of winning.

No, how was that possible

Just now, at least half of the judges did not think highly of her.

There was no way she could surpass the ghost doctors results.


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