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Everyone wanted to be beautiful.

However, no one wanted to become beautiful at the cost of their lives.

The success of this plastic surgery only lasted for an instant.

The price of having her face ruined was too terrifying!

Indeed, doctors from small clinics in the underground black market were unreliable!

The votes began to skyrocket!

Of course, Young Master Yes side was the one with the greatest increase, while the ghost doctors side was the one with the greatest drop!

Cheers erupted in the operating theater of Team Bai Lang.

No one would have thought that the situation in which they were sure to lose, would be reversed by Young Master Ye with just a few words.

His words carried weight.

It was as if the hand of a god could move the universe with ease.

This feeling was too strange.

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In the room of the Shen family team, Gu Meifeng was very indignant!

She snatched the ghost doctors microphone and said hoarsely, “Young Master Ye, you keep saying that were using a forbidden drug.

What about you If you can make cancer patients stand up, did you also use some shameful drug Otherwise, how can you cure a terminal illness that no one in the world can cure How are you any better than us”

Gu Meifeng looked like a shrew who wanted to tear someone else up shamelessly.

Needless to say, she was really welcomed by some people.

Someone began to question.

“Thats right.

There doesnt seem to be anything amazing about Young Master Yes team.

I wonder what kind of medicine they used thats so magical.

A dying person can actually stand up so energetically.

I think its even scarier than plastic surgery…”

“Thats right.

How can a mere lung cancer surgery be so effective Do you think weve never undergone lung cancer surgery before”

“Thats right.

I just operated on a patient with lung cancer last week.

He was hospitalized for half a month before he was discharged… Young Master Yes case doesnt make sense…”

“Since it doesnt make sense, it must be demonic…”

For a moment, the voices of opposition grew louder and louder!

Bai Lang grew anxious!

“Young Master Ye… Ill go shut those bastards mouths…” He clenched his fists.

Hearing others slander Young Master Ye was worse than being scolded himself.

Gu Qiqi reached out and stopped him.

His voice was low and his expression indifferent.

“Theres no need.

Let me do it.”

She spoke lightly and announced to the world through the loudspeaker, “Since everyone is so interested in my lung cancer surgery, Ill be more generous and announce my unique prescription directly.

Indeed, the surgery cant completely cure lung cancer.

Its because of the immunization prescription I used during the surgery that it worked.

The immune system operates and defeats cancer cells.

This is the correct countermeasure to treat terminal illness.

Im willing to announce the ingredients of the prescription and give it to everyone for free.

Of course, Ill also welcome everyone to test it! All treatment methods will be made public.

If theres anything illegal, youre welcome to report it…”

The entire venue fell silent.

All the live-stream platforms paused for a second.

In the next second, they erupted like a carnival!

“Oh my god, this is a prescription for terminal lung cancer.

Other people cant wait to sell it, but Young Master Ye actually made it public.

Its public! Its free!”

“Which bastard questioned Young Master Ye just now Young Master Ye is so magnanimous.

How could he have used a forbidden drug”

“Young Master Yes kindness is no longer just generosity.

Hes simply a compassionate living Bodhisattva!”

Someone objected weakly, “Bodhisattva is a woman…”

Immediately, someone retorted, “Idiot, the Bodhisattva is a man.

Young Master Ye is benevolent and kind.

He is truly a living Bodhisattva!”


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