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The judges all frowned at Luseffs words.

Although the audience didnt quite understand, most of them understood what he meant when he said elderberry wood.

“Elderberry wood is really expensive.

Nowadays, its even rarer than sandalwood.

Which team would be willing to use elderberry wood for surgery Theyll be making a loss.”

“If they dont use elderberry wood and the bone cant be reattached, wont the surgery fail”

“If they fail, theyll just say that the subsequent recovery wasnt good! Anyway, theres always a chance of failure during surgery.

How would our patients know if its because of the doctor or themselves”

“Oh my, thats not fair.

Shes here to participate in the competition, yet she cant bear to use real medicine.

Isnt she just waiting to be slapped in the face”

“Real medicine is too expensive.

Moreover, its said that it takes decade-aged elderberry wood to be effective.

You cant buy it with money…”

Everyone was discussing spiritedly.

Seeing that they were all leaning towards one side, they began to support Luseffs accusation.

Qiu Qiu was extremely anxious.

“Master, our elderberry wood is real! Its real! Do you want me to throw a branch at their faces!”

Gu Qiqi remained as calm as ever.

“Theres no need.

Its enough to slap their faces with the results.”

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While Luseff was acting arrogantly, Gu Qiqi remained silent.

Just as everyone thought that Gu Qiqi was bound to lose…

Suddenly, the anesthesiologist rang the bell.

“Our patient has woken up.”

He was Gu Qiqis anesthetist!

The delivery man, Fast Wang, was awake!

The noisy discussion of the audience gradually subsided.

Everyone stared at the screen curiously.

The camera gradually zoomed in…

Fast Wangs face was pale, but he was in good spirits.

Holding onto his wifes hand, he slowly got up from the bed.

Gu Qiqi instructed carefully, “You cant get up abruptly after the anesthesia.

Every movement has to be done in slow motion.

You have to take several steps to get up.

Take your time.

Otherwise, youll easily faint from hypoglycemia.

Youre 1.8 meters tall.

Youll smash your wife flat.”

Gu Qiqis medical advice was professional and humorous.

It made the audience laugh.

“Oh my, Ive never seen such a humorous doctor!”

“Thats right, and shes especially warm, okay I even want to turn from Young Master Yes fan to Doctor Gus fan!”

“To be honest, I think Doctor Gu is so professional! When I was hospitalized the last time, no doctor reminded me that I had to get up slowly after being anesthetized.

In my excitement, I took a few steps to the bathroom to pee.

Then, in a fit of grief… my vision went dark and I fainted into the toilet bowl! Damn! This was the first time Ive drunk toilet water in my life!”

“Hahaha! The heavens owe you Doctor Gu!”

The discussion of the crowd entered Luseffs ears, causing him to be displeased.

Sticking his neck out, he spoke proudly again.

“Some doctors like to put on a facade.

They seem to care about the patient, but whats the use What truly measures a doctors worth is always his medical skills! No matter how pleasant it sounds, if he cant treat the patient, its all nonsense! I dont like to put on a facade.


As he spoke, he glanced at Gu Qiqis team with disdain.

“I heard that this is the difference between a female doctor and a male doctor.

Women are always vain and value appearances, while men rely on strength! This is why only men are truly famous doctors, while women are only fit to be assistants.

Its fine if they become nurses or cleaners!”

Luseffs words caused an uproar!

Although the female audience was displeased, many of the male audience members nodded.


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