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During the first few hours, Davis had his time of the day flirting with his beauties and discussing the state of the residence and the island, thanking them for the improvements they made that made him feel like he was at home.

He also praised their cultivations as they had all more or less improved from the time he had entered seclusion.

After Evelynn and Isabella, his eyes were especially on Tina and Dalila as they had also entered the Immortal Stage, making them appear more erudite in his eyes with the way how their eyes shone while receiving his praises.

For a moment, he felt like they were different people, but as soon as they melted over his praises, he knew that they still loved him to death, although he wasn\'t that sure about Dalila, who only seemed smitten over him than Tina who would die for him without a doubt.

As for the others, he was astonished and proud of them as they had enclosed the island, completely making it belong to him, except, of course, Myria, who owned more than a quarter of the island.

He was slightly surprised over Mu Bing and Bing Luli having the prowess to become true disciples but knowing why Myria had her own confidence to improve them when bringing them here, he understood that she was really training them on the grounds to help in her journey.

Therefore, it was understandable that they were becoming extremely strong over time, like he was making his women become powerful.

Davis, the Aurora Cloud Gate\'s Law Enforcement has declared you innocent after reviewing the Imagery Stone you have given them.

However, they\'re warning you not to do this again, or they\'ll lock you in the sect\'s dungeons.

So Ruven Longstrand managed to fulfill his work as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Davis couldn\'t help but smile at Shirley.

Of course, the Aurora Cloud Gate wasn\'t stupid.

Researching the timing between the events, they probably knew he went to the \'court death\', only to kill all his aggressors there.

In that case, they could only warn him or give him a pat on the back of his hand.

Fortunately, they chose to do the former, or it would\'ve inevitably offended him, as he wouldn\'t have founded the resolution likable or fair.

At this moment, a sense of belonging finally emerged within him.

A power that could really protect him really felt good to be in.

Or else, he knew that right now he would be miserably fleeing or hiding to escape from the damned Earth Dragon Clan and Fire Phoenix Clan that could track him- no, Isabella and Shirley down.


At that time, with his hardheadedness, he could only choose to fight to the death.

Then, was there anyone else who wanted to kill me or abduct you

Upon seeing Davis\'s expression turn cold, Shirley blinked and pursed her lips before breaking them to him.

These Zenflames...


do they want to die that badly

Davis heaved a sigh as he pinched his forehead, shaking his head, What about the Earth Dragon Clan

They never made a move on Isabella or even tried to contact her in the first week.

But this week, they occasionally visit our island as it has become public knowledge already, but we haven\'t opened up yet.

Only Myria goes out to do missions outside and does so in a disguised manner, so she hasn\'t been found yet, but since we\'re allies, we convinced Nadia to tag along with her.

Is that fine

Davis nodded to Shirley.

That\'s better.

I\'m glad that you all haven\'t gone out of the Aurora Cloud Gate since I require you to be all safe.

It\'s my job to earn, so if you want to help me, learn to do it in other ways, like Tina, Dalila, and Sophie.

Only the strongest of you could come out with me, but of course, I could occasionally take the others out of the Aurora Cloud Gate as long as I deem it\'s not dangerous.

Do you all understand

His expression became solemn as he warned them not to have any strange ideas, and looking at them seriously nodding their heads, he was heartened but also found them adorable.

Looking around at everyone else, his gaze stopped at the two brides readied for him.

Even now, they were particularly fattened up for him as they had makeup on, making them appear significantly gorgeous and alluring.

His heart churned with temptation as he looked at their beautiful purple eyes that tried to avoid his gaze.

They practically seduced him to go capture and pounce on them.

As for you two, how about we have the marriage in three days

I agree.

We agree.


There are a few things I must do before I can close doors on the two of your fateful moonlit night.

From then on, the days and nights will be uncountable.

Sophie and Niera gave a quick reply, waiting for these words to precisely come out of his mouth, but Davis\'s steamy words had them blushing heavily before they lowered their heads.

Did they feel excited, shameful, embarrassed, or crazy for marrying him at the same time

It was like a mix of all of them, bringing them new emotions that made them feel both anxious and exhilarated.

Watching the two brides blush heavily, the others giggled.

Only the wives couldn\'t help but reminisce about their own marriage, becoming wistful and dreamy, wanting to experience it once again.

It was one of the happiest days in their lives, making them fall head over heels for him.

Especially, Mingzhi bit her lips as she fiercely looked at him, seemingly wanting to kidnap him to bed as she was already at her limit.

However, Davis didn\'t match gazes with her, afraid that he\'d break the celibacy that he had held onto for Sophie and Niera\'s marriage.

After talking with them for a while and confirming a few more things with them about the last two weeks, he went on to visit the people who had provided shelter to him for a bit of time.

Ancestor Cornelia, how are you

Davis greeted a crimson-robed woman with his hands cupped.

She wore a crimson veil, but that did nothing to hide her noble eyes that shone like a fiery diamond nor the beauty she withheld between the eyes and the chin that formed a perfect outline over the veil.

Child, you\'re back~

Ancestor Cornelia walked over to him as she smiled, I was afraid that you\'d forget this old lady with how busy you are.


I know, I know.

You\'d offend the world for your husband, granny.

Ancestor Cornelia seemed to be in a good mood as she giggled.

Come, come, let\'s eat.

I have just prepared lunch-

Brat, how dare you call her granny Look how beautiful she is! On the other hand, look how ugly I am! When are you going to heal me I\'m going to die of guilt and lack of self-confidence at this rate!

Abruptly, a crimson-robed old man walked over, his face appearing to have full of clustered holes.

It would cause people with trypophobia to be triggered, but Ancestor Cornelia\'s eyes turned gentle as she looked at him.

Davis shook his head, Grandpa Klade, I understand your trouble, especially about your lower body that needs to look way better than the upper body when it matters.


Haha. Davis raised his hands in surrender, But don\'t worry.

I will heal you soon.

Ancestor Cornelia became embarrassed by Davis\'s comment but hearing his words that caused her heart to skip a beat, her expression turned joyful while the angered Ancestor Klade appeared to stop with his fist raised above his head, looking at Davis with wide eyes.

Like when

Like now.



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