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The Duchess in her own mind. The leaf in her hand, about the grocers and the evening, coming soon to her about dinner. What should be made for dinner?

The men beside her are her fascination. She smiles. Could the romance be as if its a sycophant type?

Both to her and them no time like a mistimed. The time now is good. Gratefulness the Lord Duke came showing his temperament cleft the submissiveness of how men and women are to each other when they

e about to think about love.

Let the step ennoble her from understanding her feelings to higher grades because shes never willing to give up after much persuasiveness coming from those snickering smiles and laughs of the clowns behind her.

"Come, dear respected Duke and dear honored Lord Duke, lets have an arugula as a dinner."

"Are you asking us to dine with you?"

"Yes, whats of it, Lord Duke?" You can come if you want and you can leave if you want.

Natureal doesn spare anyone who wastes her time.

"Its about high time in using the plottage tricks to one benefit?" Hes sure using normal ordinary words won work with Duchess Natureal. Only hidden interpretation meaning works.

"Then, Natureal, do you pick them up by yourself? Its a cut above to have the one you pick by your own hand. Thats the correct deportment befitting your guest and more over so you, Natureal."

The Duke draws attention to the dining.

Duchesss little bewilderment at the call of her calling name. Natureal? Thats quite a scream.

Hes one Duke quite solid not to let him be a remnant of between her and the Lord Duke. Duchesss grinning smile. Surely, her fantasy romance is revamping those who want to have a change and a chance of finding a different definition of romancing and loving.

"I see the Duke raised by an Empires abstain from profanity behind the scenes, eh, the Duke?" He couldn help a grimacing.

"Yes, its. Not only me but the others, too, Lord Duke."

Sovereignty dignity and ruler can be never looked down upon.

"Dear me, let you be done with it as soon as possible cause I couldn stand your clinginess to each other rather than me."

Natureal sits back, crossing her legs, and has her time fiddling with the grass still in her hand. "I called you here as to be leisure travelers, partly not to see you each other baring fangs ignoring me and the purpose."

One servant comes to bring the silver tray, the Duchess put the leaf on it gently. "Please waive what its I dislike."

"As it per se you say, the Duke, why not let the Duchess stay in the kitchen in a while?" He could see what Duchess Natureal is like in fish in troubled waters.

Its the kitchen where theres nothing there but only a greenery scene as its like a forest if one outside is the jungle.

"You don seek fish for compliments for the green dishes, Natureal?"

"I don . Put two or one of worries to the rest, Duke because I don ."

Shes quite groveling during the conversation. "Its a riffle trip. How we enjoyed some more but I bid my stomach won enjoy it?"

The sun at the horizon shows it going to set soon. The Duchess kindly invited him to dine with her. The Lord Dukes back at the Ladys side. Theres seepage about something today. Was it only him who was so?

"Dear Duchess Natureal, you do mean it a reflection or a dine?" As one teacher, The Duke was quick to understand the Duchess conveyed meaning.

Not backing off but stouthearted, he sees it. "It must be the latter."

"Im leaving. Duchess Natureal, you can enjoy the rest of the incantation with your Duke."

"My dear Lord, you

e quite fast pacing up your walking speed. The Lord Duke bestowed title is to potentiate what Im seeking from yours."

She omits the Dukes calls. They sent him for her and she will see him how hes befitting in any area she can use.

"Come with me, Lord, serve the dinner as you see it from whatever in the kitchen." Natureal hails him as the price he has to pay for her waiting for him.

Its the call without Duke title bestowed upon.

The Duke is smiling at the translucent show before him. As the Duchess suggests its better if its going on with the dinner or as she requested a reflection.

No of the perch, to the Dukes eyes, looks like kin from behind the Duchess as keep an eye on our Queen, by the order, Natureal seems very much aware of it. Shes spitting at it despite the eyes of low-ranked servants around.

Whats of it not prepossessing of the eyes who woo her?

Little pause thoughts inside him. Was he as per Emperors request to be by the Natureal side as per one title?

Now, the scene unfolded, apparently, his aggressiveness side to the Lord Duke. While to Duchess, its a toddle craving assiduity from the mother.

"Duchess, let the situation not much perplexing by delaying what the stomach wants."

Another one coming. Duchesss eyes glancing behind her.

"I believe this triangle is of the root the stomach wasn fed properly. And its so we tend to think too much on the empty stomach."


e right. Have you come to make dishes for our empty stomachs, the Duke and the Duchess?"

She wasn expecting the family gathering today. Hmmm, the afternoon refraction of sunlight is penetrating entreaty to have meals as soon as possible. "I care no more of prattle going on for a while. Its time to entrench ourselves for refraction and soon dinner to be."

"As you as much like a waif, Duchess?"

Ah, this one does really the same as the Lord Duke suggests. Profanity behind the scenes, isn it?

Ah, again, she has to play many more coots of Duke thats sent by the Emperors care because which of the real coot is there?

Duke and Duchess, it unconsciously has turned into a conscript silhouette in search of romance and love.

How intriguing, isn it?

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