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Duke and his Omega Duchess Duchess Nortan

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Heliouss Pov

We decided to do wedding one month after gift giving after discussing with Count. Even if it was my wedding it was nothing but business deal for me. As I only decided to marry because it was needed at my age.

But I was little bit excited after seeing that rabbit like omega. He would look great beside me. I had a weak side for small beings. I became busy with wedding preparation and work.

Finally it was wedding day

I was waiting for bride to enter. After few moments Count Trijan came walking with that omega. That omega Irious was so beautiful I couldn take my eyes off him. I can believe he came out of that bastard count.

I didn realized when he came next to me .

"Duke I entrust my precious omega son to you..(sniff)"

"Yes I will take care of him better than you."

I can stand this Count. How dare he say precious son when he didn took care of him he looked so skinny. I need to feed him when we return to Duchy.

After that priest started the ceremony. We took vows and...

"Exchange the rings."

When I was going to put ring in his finger, our skin touched and I felt some kind of spark but the one who backed hand was Irious. Was there something in ring that caused it. Even Irious felt it.

We put rings on each other hand and..

"Then I hereby announce Duke Helious Nortan and Irious Trijan as husband and wife in witness of Lord."

"Now you can kiss each other."

I held his head and kissed him. He was so small, his lips was soft and pink I couldn let him go but when I felt he was in difficult to breath I left him.

Finally the wedding was over...


After the wedding we headed to Nortan Duchy. It was my first time going there and from on that place was going to be my home. Since we had to go to North they used magic to transport.

Everything was so interesting there were many things I saw for first time but there was one problem.

"When will we arrive?"

"In 2 hours."

In the carriage...I was alone with Duke Nortan. It was soooo awkward. His answers were so short.

So I decided to sleep. When I woke up I couldn believe where I was. I was sleeping at Dukes lap.

"Oh you woke up." He looked so cute when he was asleep. How could he be so small.

"Ah... sorry Duke. Did we arrive ?"

"We arrived a while ago."

"What! You should have woken me up."

"You were sleeping soundly so i didn wanted to wake you up. Now lets go."

"Welcome to Nortan Duchy, Duchess Nortan."

"Thank you Duke." It was first I was respected like this.

Dukes Mansion so big. It was so much bigger than Counts Mansion. We went inside the mansion, it was so gorgeous.

"Welcome Duke and Duchess. Congratulations on your marriage."

There was line of servants welcoming us.

"Hah Isn this welcome little too small Robin."

"It is indeed small Duke."

"Thank you so much everyone I will be in your care from now on."

"Yes Duchess(scream) Please take care of us too."


"Take Duchess to his room and prepare him."


Duke came near my ear and said

"For our first night Duchess."

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