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Ria welcomed Isabella excitedly after not seeing each other for a day.

“I missed you, sister.

I missed you so much.” Ria chattered cutely like a baby bird and Isabella patted her head gently.

“Thank you for staying with Ignis.”

Isabella had asked Ria to take care of him while she was away.

“Ria talks too much.

I almost got in trouble because she annoys me!” Ignis flew next to her and complained.

Ria pouted her lips.

“Ignis, you’re so mean!”

“Ria is way meaner!”

“I was just curious about how you normally look.”

“You are curious about everything!”

Ignis and Ria were so busy fighting that she covered her ears to block the noise.

As she walked toward her desk, she heard a knock on the door.

Only then did Ria and Ignis shut up.

Ria already knew that no one could hear Ignis aside from them.

Kyle opened the door and came in.

“Let’s go eat lunch together.” He told Isabella with a bright smile.

“Yes, Young Master Kyle.

Ria, enjoy your lunch, too.”

Ria nodded at her greeting with a grin, and then, Isabella left the room with Kyle.

“I think you’ve grown taller since the last time I saw you, Young Master Kyle,” Isabella said admiringly after watching him grow day by day.

Now, both of them were almost at the same height.

“I hope I can grow taller than you soon,” Kyle said shyly, and Isabella let out a good-natured chuckle.

“I’m sure you will become taller than I am.”

Isabella imagined Kyle growing as tall as Duke Kyar, whose height was over 190 cm, but it was challenging to think about.

It felt strange to imagine Kyle being an adult when he still had those baby fat on his face.

Whatever he might turn out to be, I hope that Kyle will become a bright and healthy adult as he is now.’ She thought.

Before she knew it, the two had arrived at the Dining Hall.

She could see that Princess Leila and Archduke Kyar had arrived at the restaurant first.

The two seemed quite close, somehow.

Duke Kyar sat opposite Princess Leila, and it wasn’t his usual sitting chair.

“Try this, too.”

Duke Kyar took some food from the plate and put it on Princess Leila’s.

She blushed at Duke Kyar’s sudden friendliness.

What’s wrong with him

Isabella was chagrined when Duke Kyar stared at her while giving Princess Leila some food.

“Kyle, shall we go out to the garden and eat”

It wasn’t just Duke Kyar and Kyle in the Dining Hall.

Princess Leila was also here, and it didn’t seem polite for her to eat together with them.

Kyle smiled and nodded.

“I think that’s good,” Kyle answered.

Duke Kyar interrupted coolly.

 “Just eat here.”

Princess Leila watched them both with desperation.

It appeared like she was also uncomfortable eating alone with Duke Kyar.

When Kyle and Isabella took their seats, Princess Leila’s expression glowed.

“Enjoy your meal, Your Highness,” Isabella said, and Princess Leila nodded with a smile.

“Enjoy your meal, too.”

“Thank you.”

Isabella and Kyle faced Princess Leila awkwardly and thanked her.

The meal began in silence.

“Try this, too.”

Duke Kyar picked another food and placed it on Princess Leila’s plate again.

Princess Leila stared at the food Duke Kyar had given earlier before putting them down, looking as if she was about to choke.

She hadn’t eaten what he had put on her plate yet.

Was this his new method of bullying people

Duke Kyar had done Princess Leila a favor, but why did it bother her so

And Isabella didn’t even know why Duke Kyar kept looking at her face while he gave Princess Leila some food.

Well, who could understand what that man was up to

Deep in thought, Isabella quickly lowered her head and avoided Duke Kyar’s gaze.

It was better not to make eye contact with him whenever he acted strangely.

Otherwise, a spark could explode on her.

“Sister,” Kyle whispered low.

Isabella, whose head was bowed as she kept herself focused on eating and nothing else, raised her head.


“The sunshine outside feels nice and warm.

Shall we drink tea together in the garden after eating” Kyle asked, and Isabella agreed.

“Yes, I’d like that.”

“I bought delicious macaroons from the capital.”

“Really Let’s eat and leave the Dining Hall quickly.” Isabella told Kyle in a quiet voice.



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