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Chapter 1009: Sky Saber Earth Sword

With each visit to the Ancient Stone Star Domain, it would give Li Fuchen a different feeling.

Li Fuchen knew that it was the changes brought by the increase in strength.

For this visit to the Ancient Stone Star Domain, Li Fuchen could clearly feel traces of curse qi presence all around the Ancient Stone Star Domain.

This kind of curse qi presence was vaguely detected by Li Fuchen’s spirit soul power too, but this time, it was much clearer.

The spirit soul power allowed Li Fuchen to possess a unique kind of sensory, but it wasn’t all-powerful and was restricted by Li Fuchen’s strength.

Right now, he was only able to use a small portion of the spirit soul power.

Li Fuchen wasn’t so delusional to think he could use the spirit soul flawlessly.

His spirit soul was probably a god soul and it was definitely not realistic to utilize a god soul with a mortal body.

Furthermore, his spirit soul had already stopped transforming and it was mainly due to the restrictions of the universe.

This universe didn’t allow the existence of such a powerful spirit soul.

Li Fuchen didn’t know it in the past, but he understood it now.

Those below the saints had spirit souls that were gray in color, some were light gray and some were gray.

After reaching the saint level, the spirit soul would transform into green.

Normally speaking, those below the heaven lords had spirit souls that were light green and it would only turn green after becoming a heaven lord.

At the half-god level, the spirit soul would be cleansed by the half-god equipment and it would transform again, turning into light blue.

It also meant that a light blue spirit soul was already the limits of this universe.

Li Fuchen was able to break through the limit because of the golden talisman.

“Even with the golden talisman, my spirit soul is probably unable to transform into the red color.

It might still be the same after becoming a half-god.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t too regretful, after all, one shouldn’t be too greedy.

The purple-red spirit soul already gave him an incomparable advantage.

If he was only seeking a more powerful spirit soul and not working hard himself, life wouldn’t have any meaning.

Li Fuchen moved at extreme speed.

Each breath would allow him to skim across 10 light years.

Soon enough, Li Fuchen arrived at the vicinity of the Forbidden Grotto.

From appearance, the Forbidden Grotto was like an extremely huge mountain.

It was a mountain that was several times bigger than a universe city.

On the surface of the mountain, there were multiple caverns.

“Such concentrated curse qi presence” In Li Fuchen’s opinion, apart from heaven lords, no one would be able to come near the Forbidden Grotto.

Anyone who got near would be cursed.

After picking a cavern, Li Fuchen’s figure flashed as he skimmed inside.

Inside the Forbidden Grotto, there were plenty of creatures, the Forbidden Stone Monkey was one of the stronger creatures.

As Li Fuchen went deeper into the grotto, two sandmen formed by sand lunged viciously at Li Fuchen.

This was the Forbidden Grotto’s weakest creature, it was called the Forbidden Sandman and it had the strength of a regular heaven lord.

Bang Bang!

Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered with them.

With a burst of qi presence, the two Forbidden Sandmen exploded into a pile of sand and they couldn’t form up again.

Killing along the way, Li Fuchen quickly arrived deep inside the Forbidden Grotto.

The creatures in here were much stronger than those at the outer borders, they were basically city lord-level creatures.

Similarly, the curse qi presence here was much more concentrated.

“I wonder who is the one that caused the entire Ancient Stone Star Domain into an abandoned star domain.

That person is at least an elite half-god.” Li Fuchen was rather shaken by that person’s strength.

“Mm Battle beast token” After killing a city lord-level creature, a silver metallic token dropped.

This token was exactly the same as the battle beast token from Yin Hand Heaven Lord.

However, the Yin Hand Heaven Lord’s token black while this token was silver.

“A beast battle token is created by a beast tamer expert, but why is it appearing in the Forbidden Grotto” Li Fuchen didn’t understand.

He didn’t think that the beast tamer expert was the same person as the elite half-god that cursed the Ancient Stone Star Domain.

Perhaps, the beast tamer expert was feeling bored and had scattered his battle beast tokens, placing them in several hazard lands for fated individuals.

After all, finding some weird entertainment was rather normal after living for such a long time.

“A black battle beast token can tame a regular heaven lord-level astral colossus beast.

A silver battle beast token is probably able to tame a city lord-level astral colossus beast.”

Li Fuchen kept the silver battle beast token.

To him, these items were only recreational and weren’t exactly useful to him.

Inside the Forbidden Grotto, there were many items that were in semi-weathered conditions, semi-weathered tables, chairs, buildings, statues…


A dog-shaped statue suddenly broke free from its original body and lunged at Li Fuchen.

“Just so happens that I can test my Primary Extreme Sword’s power.”

For those city lord-level creatures, a casual swing of the hand was enough for Li Fuchen to shatter them.

This dog-shaped statue had the strength of a lord and wasn’t that easy to shatter.

With the Primary Extreme Sword out of the sheathe, Li Fuchen slashed at the dog-shaped statue.


The dog-shaped statue shook a little first before scattering into a pile of sand.

“In terms of energy density, the dog-shaped statue isn’t as good as a regular lord, but I have not used my full strength either.” Li Fuchen was purely pouring his energy into the Primary Extreme Sword and slashing.

As Li Fuchen gradually went deeper, he encountered stronger creatures.

At least, it was just regular lord-level creatures, but it became superior lord-level, then elite lord-level.

Normally speaking, for a regular lord-level creature, Li Fuchen only required one slash to exhaust their energy and shatter them into a pile of sand.

For a superior lord-level creature, Li Fuchen would need 30 to 50 slashes to shatter them.

As for elite lord-level creatures, it was much more difficult to deal with them, Li Fuchen would need at least 10,000 slashes to kill them.

Ji Ji Ji…

A sharp monkey cry could be heard from the crevices on the top of the cavern.

A shadow then rushed at Li Fuchen with unbelievable speed.


Li Fuchen swung the Primary Extreme Sword to send the enemy flying.

“This should be the Forbidden Stone Monkey.”

A few hundred meters away, there was a human height stone monkey and it had three pole-like stone tails.

From the force of confrontation just now, the Forbidden Stone Monkey’s strength was obviously at the pinnacle lord-level.

With its indestructible body, three Forbidden Stone Monkeys were indeed able to kill a normal unparalleled lord.

However, the outcome would only be decided after both parties fought to the end.

“Indestructible huh I would like to see if they are really indestructible.”

Li Fuchen didn’t believe that the Forbidden Stone Monkey was indestructible.

Now that he had the Primary Extreme Sword, he didn’t mind trying.

Clang Clang Clang…

As compared to Li Fuchen, the Forbidden Stone Monkey’s combat technique was too weak and had been suppressed since the battle started.

100 slashes, 1000 slashes, 10,000 slashes.


The Forbidden Stone Monkey’s body appeared with a crack.

“It seems like the Forbidden Stone Monkey isn’t indestructible.” Li Fuchen revealed a smile.

The so-called ‘indestructible’ was due to the attacker having insufficient lethal power.

It was just like his Calamity Immortal Body.

It might seem like it was immortal, but it was just a gimmick.

A few days later, the Forbidden Stone Monkey’s body shattered and it wasn’t able to reform anymore.

“Where is the Rock of Forbidden, could it be inside the Forbidden Stone Monkey”

As of now, Li Fuchen had obtained a piece of silver battle beast token, a dagger containing curse power, a golden bracelet, and a bronze mirror.

Among them, the most valuable item was the bronze mirror as it was an extreme-grade cardinal artifact.

Without any surprises, the Rock of Forbidden should be inside the creatures, but it was unknown if it was inside the Forbidden Stone Monkey.

Li Fuchen continued inside as he didn’t believe he couldn’t obtain the Rock of Forbidden.

Curse qi presence grew intense and Li Fuchen suspected that it was enough to curse a lord.

Li Fuchen could vaguely hear the sound of battle and it wasn’t an illusion.

“It is in that direction.” Li Fuchen searched for the sound.

Half a day later, Li Fuchen saw dozens of Forbidden Stone Monkeys squeezing outside a stone room.

Inside the stone room, there was a man and a woman.

They were both unparalleled lords and they were working together to obstruct the Forbidden Stone Monkeys.

“Is it the Sky Saber Dao Lordess and the Earth Sword Dao Lord” Li Fuchen asked loudly.

“May I know you are” The one asking was a lady.

“I am the Primary Extreme Lord.

I am here to search for the Rock of Forbidden due to a request from the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor.” Li Fuchen replied.

“So it is a fellow dao friend, Primary Extreme Lord.”

The duo were in great delight.

They were also able to see the Lord Rankings inside the Forbidden Grotto.

The name of Primary Extreme Lord had been resounding and it was impossible for them to ignore it.

“Are the two of you trapped inside the stone room”

The Sky Saber Dao Lordess and the Earth Sword Dao Lord weren’t nobodies.

The Sky Saber Dao Lordess was an unparalleled lordess from the Saber Alliance.

She was 71st rank on the Lord Rankings and was a renowned female lord in the universe.

The Earth Sword Dao Lord was an unparalleled lord from the Swordsmen Guild and he was 72 rank on the Lord Rankings.

They were known as the Sky Saber and Earth Sword.

Countless years ago, they were already dao companions.

Individually, this pair of dao companions were extremely powerful.

Once their saber and sword were in union, their strength would be increased by 10 times.

No wonder the Scarlet Fire Sword Progenitor would hire them.

After all, hiring the two of them was the same as to hire a pinnacle unparalleled lord.

“Primary Extreme Lord, be careful.

These Forbidden Stone Monkeys have indestructible bodies.

Don’t be surrounded by them.” The Earth Sword Dao Lord gave a warning.

“I know my limits.” Li Fuchen wasn’t afraid of these Forbidden Stone Monkeys.

So what if they had indestructible bodies He too had the Calamity Immortal Body.


Advancing like an arrow, Li Fuchen sent a Forbidden Stone Monkey flying.

Ji Ji Ji Ji…

In response, at least half of the Forbidden Stone Monkeys surrounded him.

“Just in time.” Li Fuchen didn’t have any trace of fear.

The Primary Extreme Sword danced around flawlessly and sent several Forbidden Stone Monkey’s flying.

“The Primary Extreme Lord has such strength!” The Sky Saber Dao Lordess was shocked.

The Earth Sword Dao Lord said, “The Primary Extreme Lord is 12th rank on the Lord Rankings.

You too should know that when we are in union, we are known to have the strength to contest with pinnacle unparalleled lords, but we are actually lacking a little.

The Sky Saber Dao Lordess nodded.

When they were in union, they could only increase the attack frequency and defense.

Their lethal power was nowhere near a pinnacle unparalleled lord.

“Let’s move out!”

With only half the Forbidden Stone Monkey left, the Sky Saber Dao Lordess was still confident enough to contest with them.

Most importantly, they had been trapped here by the Forbidden Stone Monkeys for centuries and were extremely stressed.

“Alright.” The Earth Sword Dao Lord nodded and rushed out together with the Sky Saber Dao Lordess.

With over 20 Forbidden Stone Monkeys surrounding him, Li Fuchen took half a month to eliminate one of the Forbidden Stone Monkeys.

On the other side, the Sky Saber Dao Lordess and the Earth Sword Dao Lord were only able to remain undefeated.

It wasn’t possible for them to kill any of the Forbidden Stone Monkeys.

“He is too powerful.

This is the first time I see anyone killing a Forbidden Stone Monkey.” The Sky Saber Dao Lordess was amazed.


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