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Chapter 223 Sewer

In the end, Xiang Ning still apologized for his actions.

While he was more or less certain of his skills, there are too many factors to account for.

If a beast were to coincidentally pass by, their mission would have ended before it could even begin.

Six didn’t think much about it and explained that the area they were in had the lowest number of beasts based on the data collected by the drones.

That was why they had chosen to enter from there.

Xiang Ning realized that he was right.

Their journey afterward was fairly smooth.

Thanks to the abandoned buildings, even if they were to encounter a beast they could easily hide in any of them.

The faint pressure emanating from the Devourer was also capable of chasing away tier four beasts.

“Hmm” Xiang Ning looked toward the top of a building, but saw nothing.

“What’s wrong” Six asked.

“Nothing, let’s go.” Xiang Ning shook his head.

In reality, there were two members of the cult hiding at the top of the building.

“I now know why both Toad and Bird died.”

“Yeah, that man is dangerous.

We barely observed them for one minute and he already felt our presence.

Thankfully, we managed to hide in time.”

“Tell the rest of our brothers to be careful.

Try not to peek at our targets too much, or their locations will be revealed!”


Just as they reached for their communicators, a voice rang out from behind them, “Hello~ Good morning~”

“It’s already afternoon.” 

It was Xiang Ning and Six!

Xiang Ning decided to ignore Six and looked at the two cult members.

“You… how did you get up here!” The two of them were shivering in fear.

Only when Xiang Ning got closer did they realize how strong he was.

“We flew up here,” Xiang Ning chuckled.

“Triple Slash, Charging Toss, Mountain-Splitting Slash!” Xiang Ning unleashed his Peak Mastery martial techniques and even sent out eight flying knives.

Such overwhelming might! Even Six was astounded. He didn’t use his full strength against that Iron Tank

The cult members died before they even realized what had happened.

It wasn’t because they didn’t intend to retaliate, but their bodies were paralyzed as if a ferocious beast had targeted them.

They knew that the moment they moved they would be dead.

And in the end, they died questioning whether Xiang Ning was a man or a beast.

Six finally moved and arrived next to him.

“The Seven Deadly Sins are such pushovers.

They didn’t even fight back.”

Again, it wasn’t because they didn’t want to fight back, but because they couldn’t.

It was like if someone with no cultivation were to encounter a pack of lions they would have been lucky if they didn’t fall to the ground. 

Xiang Ning had also confirmed that the Sovereign’s Throne and Devourer’s pressure worked on humans as well.

“I still think we should have captured one of them alive so that we could extract information,” said Six.

“No need, take a look at that.” Xiang Ning was pointing toward the communicator.

“Hmm, looks like there’s others around the area.

Let me relay this information to the leader.”

Xiang Ning nodded and picked up the communicator.

It suddenly lit up—there was an incoming call!

After two seconds, the other cult member’s voice came through.

“Hey, did you find them yet”

Xiang Ning activated Disguise to change his voice, then answered, “No sign of them.”

“Hmm, keep watching.

They should be here soon.

Since your area has the lowest number of beasts, they should be coming from your direction to enter the city center.

Let us know the moment you see them.”


Six had just given his report and walked over.

“Anything new”

“The entire city had been taken over by the Seven Deadly Sins.

No matter where we go, they’ll be alerted to our presence.”

“Not quite.” Six pointed at a sewer grate.

Thus, they made a snap decision.

The underground sewer was like a maze, but thanks to the 3D map they should be able to navigate it without any issue.

The only problem was that the sewer was home to smaller ferocious beasts.

Xiang Ning thought about it and was reasonably sure that there should be no problem thanks to the Devourer and Sovereign’s Throne.

The sewer was also an excellent way to avoid the high-tier beasts.

Most of them would avoid small spaces like the sewer, and tier one beasts would run away from Xiang Ning.

They were left with another problem, though—it would take them longer to navigate the sewer and arrive at their destination compared to moving aboveground.

Luckily, the sewer wasn’t as smelly as Xiang Ning thought it would be.

Nature had reclaimed it, and there was clear water running through it.

There were no longer any traces of human waste underneath.

While their speed wasn’t the fastest, it was more or less the same as traversing aboveground, which surprised them. 

Six felt that the reason why they could travel within the sewer so easily was due to Xiang Ning scaring away all the beasts.

Now, he finally understood that the beast core could radiate the pressure of a living beast.

If he were to describe it, it would be like a dog picking up the scent of a lion; the dog could only turn tail and run.

Thanks to Xiang Ning, they could continue running without fighting.

Along the way, they found the fresh tracks of beasts, but not the beasts themselves.

Soon, both of them had arrived at the sewer grate just beneath the building where Fang Hao was found.

They glanced at their watches and found out that the time needed to traverse the sewer was much faster than they anticipated.

“Alright, this is the end of the line, we need to get out now.”

Initially, the sewer had extended all the way into the underground parking space, but because of the rubble, the exits had been blocked.

They had no choice but to emerge somewhere near the building on the outside.

Both of them got out and carefully peeked out from the alley.

There was only one stretch of road left to the building.

Unfortunately, it was littered with beasts.

There was at least one tier four beast on every single street.

“Ten seconds later a drone will appear in the south to distract the beasts.

Just run straight to the building,” Li Yunfei instructed them. 

Doge & Chacha's Thoughts

MC is getting better and better in this spy business.


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