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How to Die Fast? Icy Disaster

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The light bulb inside the room started to turn on and off continuously as a strong gush of wind mysteriously entered the closed comfort room.

Lilys eyes dilated as he look around, frowning deeply as terror slowly filled his system. He flinched when darkness quickly filled the room as soon as the light permanently turned off. He immediately looked back in the detectives direction, with a faint vision trying his best to detect him in the dark.

" Is someone playing with us? Is this a prank!?" Lily asked nervously and blinked his eyes as the wind started to get colder and colder by the minute.

He started to feel the tiny hairs on his skin stand up as chills penetrate his bones. Lily unknowingly embraced himself and his warm body started to shiver as the coldness gets worse.

" Why are you not speaking? " He murmured once again when he didn get any response from the detective.

The wind inside the comfort room was loud, but Lily knows it is not the reason why the surroundings suddenly get so cold—it was scientifically impossible. He licked his lips and was about to take a step when something cracked as soon as he tried to move.

What the— he thought as his eyes widened with disbelief.

Within that short period of time, his lower body has already started to freeze. Lily was covered with ice on his legs and feet. He wouldve frozen on the spot without knowing if he didn decide to move. He hissed under his breath and jumped off many times, unconsciously trying to prevent ice from forming once again.

" It is cold, but why am I freezing literally? What the heck!? " He cursed under his breath and started moving back and forth.

This is scientifically impossible, I swear- he thought and licked his quivering lips.

The coldness keeps on rising, he couldn believe it. It was as if a snowstorm is happening inside the comfort room except for the fact that there is no snow and it was in the middle of the summer season.

" Hey! Hey..." He started calling out to the detective who was still quiet.

Lilys eyes have started to get used to the darkness. He clicked his tongue and decided to walk towards the door but immediately stopped when he stepped on something that almost made him out of balance.

" F-Fuck! Did I step on you? Hey!" He blurted out and searched for the detective while groping everywhere. He immediately grabbed the first thing he touched and caressed it shamelessly, trying to see if it was the detective because he can see clearly.

It has to be the detective Lily thought when he suddenly felt scared of where his thoughts are going.

I can see he hissed under his breath before kneeling on the ground and putting down his bag. Lily started searching for the zipper of his bag as his eyes tries to roam around, only to frown upon realizing something.

Its getting even darker he thought.

" Fuck this **! " He cursed angrily and slammed his hand on his bag he couldn open. He frustratedly ran his fingers on his hair and messed it up even more before he extended his left arm to search for the thing he grabbed onto earlier.

You **ing need to be him or else Imma head out Lily talked to himself and grimaced as soon as he touched a very cold thing—it was ice.

Lily frowned as the thing he grabbed onto earlier has already turned into a big block of ice. He gulped hard and tried to rest his palm on the top of the cold ice, trying to melt it with his warmth.

" I- I take it back. You shouldn be the detective or else—" Lily murmured changing his mind drastically as he started to grope every single part of the thing in front of him. His body started to tremble once again as he stayed in one place, causing the coldness to penetrate his body.

Im going to freeze. What kind of cruel death is this? he thought shaking his head as he desperately try to melt the person in front of him. Lily decided that it was the detective, he wouldn accept it if he was not.

" Hey, talk. Say something if you

e alive dude. What the heck? " He whispered as his lips started to turn purple due to the coldness. Hes shivering badly but he isn doing anything for himself—instead, hes melting someone else.

Fuckers, if those guys are here we couldve melted him quicker— Lily stopped midway upon realizing something. His hand slowly fell down as thoughts flooded his mind and the realization kicked in.

Gab and Pierce... Mom It only dawned on Lily that theres a possibility that they

e not the only ones who are experiencing this mysterious incident. He gulped hard and immediately stood up without thinking properly causing him to slip on the icy tiled floor.

A loud crash echoed inside the comfort room as Lily coughed hardly after his stomach hit something when he fell. He heard something crack due to the impact of his fall, which made him bite his lower lip. He choked on his own breath as he force himself to stand up, groping and searching for anything he can use to support himself.

The floor is now too slippery to walk on.

" Shit what is it? " He asked himself pertaining to the thing he fell onto. He shook his head as he try his best to erase unnecessary thoughts and gasped when he held onto the frozen doorknob.

He licked his lips upon realizing that he was already in front of the door, which means that the thing he was melting earlier was really the detective. He gulped once again and with a trembling hand, he tried to locate where is the light switch on the wall.

" Come on, where are you? I need to find Gab" he murmured while trembling. His eyes widened when he found it. Lily immediately slammed his almost frozen hand and to his surprise, the light suddenly turned on.

A big smile appeared on Lilys lips.

" Fuck, now I can help you—" he couldn finish his words when the scene he witnessed the moment the whole comfort room was lit up is undeniably nerve-wracking.

The whole room was filled with ice. It was frozen in every single corner. His bags zipper was already frozen, which is the reason why he can open it earlier. Despite all of this, Lilys eyes are only fixated on the man sitting next to the door—next to him.

The detective was frozen in a different way than the rest of the things here. The ice surrounding him wasn white nor clear— it was pitch black.

But that isn the reason why Lily froze and couldn mutter a single word. His fear was rooted in a different reason. His brown eyes are fixated on the detectives frozen arm—which was forcibly detached from the body.

W-What.... Lily couldn mutter a single word as he felt his legs weaken. He gulped hard and trembled even more, but this time it wasn only the cold that was making his body react like that.

Lily wouldn have realized it was the arm if it wasn for one thing. It was because the black ice covering the arm is slowly melting as blood mysteriously drips down from the flesh, acting as if it was an acid that melts away anything it touches.

" I-Is it melting because of it? " that is the realization Lily came to understand. He shut his eyes tightly and clenched his fist as he force himself to calm down.

" This is an illusion. A hallucination. Nothings true. " Lily started chanting those words while his eyes remains shut.

" You

e dreaming. Right! maybe you fell asleep in the classroom. " He started bargaining with himself as he rest both of his palms on his face, refusing to face the reality.

" This got to be a dream, Lei..." His voice started to get weaker as the coldness of the room continuously drop.

Lily knows and he can feel it, he knows deep down everything that happened so far is true but he can bring himself to accept that.

" This can be true" He whispered to himself while still closing his eyes tightly.

My hallucinations have felt real too before he thought trying to justify it.

This can be true, it must be an illusion. he thought once again as his mind started to form a lot of gruesome scenes about the possibilities lurking inside his mind, specifically about the things that could happen to his mom and friends in this short period of time.

Lily bit his lower lip so hard that it started to bleed while shaking his head harshly. His legs and arms are starting to freeze, and the ice is slowly forming on top of his body but unlike the detectives, the ice forming on him was normal. It was whitish clear.

" This needs to be fake, if this is real— if this is real then... then Pierce,m-mom—" Lily couldn handle the overwhelming changes in his surroundings and started to break down.

He started hitting his head on the wall as he continuously refuse to open his eyes and face the reality.

" It is me who wants to die..." He murmured to himself as his lips started to wound due to the formation of the ice on his mouth. His face is starting to turn pale as he cannot almost open his mouth to speak but Lily refuses to do anything to save himself or to avoid it from happening, he was unconsciously giving in on death thats knocking on the corner.

Its only me he repeated his word inside his head.

Why can you just take me and leave everyone else? he added filled with hatred as he slowly started to crouch on the corner. He totally refused to open the door that was right next to him.

Lily couldve just opened the doorknob and hell be able to find a reason to live, but instead of doing that, he chose to grab onto the path of giving up.

He chuckled as he started to hit his chest forcefully. The feeling inside his chest was suffocating but he can seem to let it out. Someone just died in front of him―together with him. Who knows if hes even the reason behind his death!? That is not far from being true, because it was Lily who recklessly fell onto the frozen body of the detective.

Theres no way it will freeze if it was already cut off from the beginning Lily thought pertaining to the arm and covered both of his ears with his hands, as fear started to creep inside him. The blood melts the ice which means that it wouldn freeze if it was detached before the temperature changed.

Is it when I fell? Did I— he couldn even think about that possibility.

" I need to find Gab and Pierce... And mom" Lily chanted anxiously but refuse to take a single move.

Lily slowly doze off while breathing heavily. His quivering lips stopped as his body slowly calms down. The temperature of the room slowly rose up but Lilys too preoccupied to even notice the changes.

The faint sounds of people moving outside the door started to resurface and took over the deafening silence Lily had to endure earlier. Loud footsteps of people running and screaming outside the door get louder and louder by the minute.

Lily couldn be bothered. His mind already shut down and he was already waiting for his death.

" LEI! LEI! ARE YOU THERE!? LEI!" Gabs loud scream outside the door followed by forceful slams made Lily flinch back to his senses. Once again, Gabs voice pulled him back from drowning in his negative thoughts.

His eyes flew open and immediately looked at the doorknob who is now melted away. Lily has mistaken this situation, believing that it was really a dream. He quickly stood up without looking anywhere and opened the door harshly but to his shock, the big block of black ice was still there, next to him.

His breathing hitched as realization dawned on him.

It was all true.

"LEI? FUCK YOU MAN, IM GONNA KILL YOU IF YOURE DEAD! " Gabs nervous, almost crying voice echoed once again as he forcefully slam his body on the door, trying to open it. Lily gulped hard and slapped himself to bring him back to his senses.

After countless tries, Gab managed to force his way into the door. His eyes widened as soon as he got a glimpse of his friend who was just standing quietly on the corner.

" Lei—" Gab couldn finish his words when he fell on the ground upon losing his balance. He slammed his body on the door which made it impossible for him to remain standing when the door opened. He fell on the floor and winced loudly upon almost breaking his left arm.

Gab shook his head and looked around the comfort room but when he saw the arm covered with blood he immediately backed away and stood up nervously while trying to hold onto the sink.

" L-Lei, are you good? " Gab stuttered while his eyes are focused on the detective that was covered by the black ice. It was slowly melting due to the blood dripping down from his shoulder since his arm was forcibly detached from his body.

Lily noticed the sense of familiarity in Gabs eyes as he saw the ice. That expression on his friends face made Lilys heart shrink, he finally understood that what happened to them inside the comfort room also happened to Gab.

" Y-You experienced it too? It wasn my hallucination this time... right?" Lily muttered and pursed his lips. Gab looked at him before gulping hardly.

" I- It doesn matter. Lets.. lets go outta here" Gab said shaking his head while his hands are trembling. He carefully avoided the arm and the body and grabbed Lily by his shoulder before looking straight into his eyes.

" This is no time to shut down Lei. Pierce is out there, and my mom and family are too. Auntie Khay is there... Pierces parents too. " Gab sternly said but Lily was obviously not listening.

Gab glared at him and forcefully slapped him on the face which sent Lilys face tilt to his side. His cheeks are reddened, it was a painful and forceful slap coming from Gab.

" YOU FUCKING NEED TO WAKE UP! " Gab screamed at him which made Lily inhale deeply. His blank eyes looked straight at Gabs eyes before he slowly nod his head.

" You

e right. I need to wake up. " Lily muttered, but with a different thought inside his head.

" Lets go out of this place. " Lily added and smiled at Gab before turning his back. He slowly walked out of the comfort room, with the intention of forgetting everything that happened inside.

He inhaled deeply and looked at the dark hallway filled with crying students. He frowned deeply when he realized that the school was too dark.

" Didn the power just come back earlier? " He asked seriously at Gab who was walking behind him while looking pitifully at the students who were injured and crying while shivering at the coldness.

" What do you mean? The power was out ever since. " Gab replied and started hugging his body while shivering.

Lily stopped walking when he realized one thing. The temperature in the hallway didn go up just like what happened back in the comfort room. He frowned deeply and turned his back to face Gab thats still freezing.

" The comfort room was warm. It warmed up earlier. " Lily muttered which made Gab frown at him.

" Ha? Theres no way, as you can see the whole building is freezing—" Gab stopped talking upon realizing that the comfort room indeed was warm.

He didn realize it earlier because he was so focused on dragging Lily out of danger, but the ice inside the comfort room was indeed melting at that time. Gab quickly ran back to the comfort room with hope glinting in his eyes but to his surprise, the comfort room who was once melting, is now—once again, frozen and covered with ice.

" W-What? " Gab muttered unbelievably as Lily remained quiet behind him, his eyes are also filled with questions.

Lily chuckled bitterly upon realizing.

Are you kidding me? he thought angrily as he shut his eyes tightly, unaware of how he should take this.

Did— did my luck literally wait for someone to die before saving me? Lily gaped unbelievably and punched the wall in anger, causing his knuckles to bleed.

Gabs eyes widened as he watch him.

" What the heck? Dude, what are you doing? " Gab panicked and pulled him away from the wall by grabbing him on the back of his collar, but Lilys eyes remained filled with bitterness and anger.

" If you don want me to die then at least let people live off my luck! " Lily muttered angrily which made Gab click his tongue and ran his fingers through his hair.

" Dude I don understand but calm down. We need to contact someone from outside." Gab said changing the topic which made Lily frown at him.

"What do you mean? " He asked with a slight idea of what was happening. He didn wait for his friends response and hurriedly ran towards the exit but to his surprise, instead of the open passage, a big block of thick ice was there, blocking anyone from entering and leaving the building.

" W-What is this " he blurted out and took a step back.

The entrance of this building is open there are no doors or gates that serve as a divider of the hallways but now, a big block of ice is on the way.

"Windows.... how about the windows? " Lily whispered to himself and ran again while breathing heavily. Hes starting to panic once again, as his head gets heavier by the minute.

He almost dropped his bag as soon as he saw the windows all blocked by the same ice. It was a block of whitish-clear ice that seems to be too thick to break. Everything is covered by ice everywhere he looks. Lily shook his head before kicking the trash bin next to him causing the waste to scatter on the floor.

"We also cannot use our phones, I don know what happened but the signals aren working. " Gab gently said weighing Lilys reaction.

I **ing expected that Lily thought and sat on the ground despite the cold tile. Gab just pursed his lips and tried to touch the frozen windows only to wince loudly in shock, when it almost burned him.

"S-Shit! " Gab cursed out loudly and held his right hand. His palm was burned by the slightest touch of the ice. He gulped hard which made Lily frown at him.

" What happened? "He asked and walked toward Gab who was taken aback by what happened.

" T-The ice is too hot, I got burnt " Gab murmured with disbelief.

Lilys mind is filled with questions. Theres not a single thing thats normal in here. The freezing temperature in the middle of summer, ice thats unbelievably hot enough to burn your skin, and lastly, the black ice that can only be melted with blood.

This sounds like a total fantasy dream for Lily.

No one can blame him if he cannot drop the possibility that this is one of his hallucinations and illusions but it really is not. Whats happening is a reality, a reality that started to scatter not only in their area but also in the whole world.

This day started off like a normal boring day for everyone, but it certainly will not end the same, because the world was meant to change permanently― in the worst possible way.

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