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They drove for about twenty minutes before arriving at Far East Group in Central.

Lin Yi had worked for Chaoyang group before, so he was quite familiar with the industry.

Far East Group and Chaoyang Group were both real estate development companies.

However, there was a fundamental difference between the two.

In terms of scale, Far East Group basically occupied the position as the industry leader, while Chaoyang Group was still far from it.

In the industry, Far East Group had always done commercial real estate, and rarely dabbled in residential housing.

Chaoyang Group, on the other hand, mainly focused on residential housing, so there was not much conflict between the two.


Far East Groups office buildings were grand and imposing.

Although they were not as grand as the newly built Twin Towers, they were still one of the landmarks of China Sea for a certain period of time.

It was just that with the rapid development of the economy over the years, its prominence had decreased, but it did not affect its status in the city.

Lin Yi sighed as he looked at the tall buildings of Far East Group.

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The beautiful blueprint of his business empire was about to start from here.

Lin Yi looked around and found the entrance to Area A.

He got ready to go in and find the vice president of Far East Group, Luo Wan.

However, he noticed that there were a lot of people standing at the entrance.

They were all wearing suits and were looking at the time as if something important was happening.

“Lin Yi, is that you”

He heard someone talking behind him and turned around.

It was a woman in a gray suit.

There was a blue badge around her neck.

She seemed to be an employee from a nearby building.

She was wearing a uniform, but the womans looks were top-notch.

She was the most eye-catching person in the crowd.

“Mo Qingwan”

Lin Yi recognized the woman after a few seconds.

She was the class belle of his university days.

Lin Yi remembered that Mo Qingwan was not just the class belle at that time, she was also the school belle.

She was like a star in the sky when she walked through the campus of the University of Science and Technology, where there were more men than women.

He had spent four whole years of his university life in this kind of environment where the stars worshipped the moon.

It was just that he had not seen her for more than half a year, and she had lost some of her youthfulness and had gained more of a worldly aura.

“It really is you.”

Mo Qingwan came over with a smile on her face.

She could not hide the smile on her face when she saw Lin Yi.

“Not bad, I feel like youre a little more handsome than when you were in school.”

“Well, Im flattered.”

“Whats wrong with you Youre a science and engineering school brat, so why are you being so humble” Mo Qingwan teased.

“You were pretty brave when you handed me a love letter back in school.”


Lin Yi rubbed his nose.

He did not expect her to misunderstand him until now.

“I didnt write the love letter for you, it was from our second bro, but hes a coward, so I sent it to you for him.”

Lin Yi was the boss of the dorm when he was in school, and the one who had the best relationship with him was his second son, Zhang Song.

However, Lin Yi stayed in Zhong Hai after he graduated from university, and Zhang Song went to Yanjing.

Now, he could only contact him through WeChat and over the phone.

Zhang Song was Mo Qingwans admirer when he was in university, and he was too timid to send her a love letter.

In the end, he could only beg Lin Yi for help, but Lin Yi did not expect her to misunderstand him until now.

“Oh my, weve already graduated, so why are we still talking about this” Mo Qingwan said.


“I know Zhang Song.

Hes such a coward, and hes not good-looking either.

How would he have the guts to write me a love letter I know you wrote all the love letters, so dont push it onto him.”

“Fine, whatever you say.” Lin Yi said.

They hadnt interacted much when they were in school, and now that they were strangers, a simple chat was enough.

There was no need to waste too much time here.

“Oh right, its been more than half a year since you graduated.

What have you been up to lately” Mo Qingwan asked.

“I got a job at the university.” Lin Yi said

“No way, youre a teacher now” Mo Qingwan was surprised and suspicious.

Zhonghai Polytechnic was not a good school.

It was neither a 985 or 211, and Lin Yi was not a graduate student.

How did he become a university teacher

“Im not a teacher, Im a member of the schools committee.”

“Oh, so youre a member of the schools committee.

I guess you doesnt earn much.”

Mo Qingwan suddenly understood.

In the eyes of others, this job sounded high and mighty.

However, when looked at closely, it consisted of just running errands.

The work was hard, and the salary was low.

The only advantage was that it appeared decent.

“Its not much, but its enough to maintain my food and clothing.”

“Life is really unpredictable.” Mo Qingwan sighed.

“When you were in school, you studied so well, but in the end, you became a member of the school committee.

I was at the bottom of every exam, but in the end, I ended up working at the famous Far East Group with an annual salary of 100,000.

I guess this is life.

No one knows what the future will hold.”

“Yeah, youre right.”

Mo Qingwan nodded and did not continue on the topic.

“By the way, Lin Yi, why are you here Its Thursday, you should be working.”

“Would you believe me if I said I was here to buy a house”

Mo Qingwan paused for a moment and said, “Lin Yi, do you know what your biggest advantage is besides being handsome”

“What is it”

“Humor.” Mo Qingwan smiled.

“Theres only one real estate company here, and its Far East Group.

Our company mainly deals in commercial real estate.

Any random office would cost millions.

How could ordinary people afford it”

“Ha, youre right.”

It was then that Lin Yi realized that the words of the richest man in Xihong City made sense.

He had wanted to get along with her as an ordinary person, but all he got in return was ridicule and distrust.

He could not pretend anymore.

“Lin Yi, you dont have to do this.” Mo Qingwan said.

“Huh What am I doing” Lin Yi asked.

“Were classmates.

We havent seen each other for half a year, but we understand each others situation.

Theres no need to talk big.”

Mo Qingwan was a little helpless.

It had been a long time since they graduated.

Why was Lin Yi still thinking about her

There was a clear difference in status between the two of them.

He was a committee member who ran errands in the university, while she was a high-level white-collar worker in the office.

There was no way they could have a future.

Why was he still dreaming about such unrealistic things

Lin Yi was speechless.

She was too self-centred.

“And theres something you might not know.”

“What is it”

“I already have a boyfriend.”


Lin Yi still remembered that when Mo Qingwan went to school, she was not in a relationship for four years.

He did not expect her to be single after graduation.

“His name is Ren Zhongxu.

Hes the manager of the Far East Groups marketing department.

His annual salary is 500,000 dollars.

Hes much more outstanding than the average person,” Mo Qingwan said proudly.

“Fortunately, I didnt fall in love when I was in university.

Those were all immature people.

They cant be compared to my current boyfriend.”


The editors notice was going to be on the shelves at noon tomorrow.

Ever since the book was opened, I had been feeling very uneasy.

Now, it is finally time.

I wanted to delay it for a while more, but according to the rules, it had to be on the shelves on Friday, which is tomorrow.

Here, I would like to thank my editor, Zhenguan, for taking care of this book and for giving me some pointers during the books opening.

I am truly grateful.

Tomorrow, there will be an update with ten chapters.

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If there is a leader, then there will be another ten chapters (Im just saying, its impossible)

I would like to implore everyone to subscribe to a new chapter.

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To the author, this book was different from the previous books.

It was a brand new style.

There were also big scenes and hot-blooded plots behind.

Some foreshadowing had already been buried.

Many peoples identities had yet to be revealed.

They would be slowly described in the later plots.

I hope that everyone could take out a few dollars to support the next book and thank everyone.

As always, it would always be updated!


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