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Xiaoyu turned around when she heard Sugars voice.

Lin Yi noticed that the girl was pretty.

Her eyes were blank, and her face was pale.

She just was not in her best condition right now.

“Miss Su, Im sorry.

I dont want to live anymore.”

“Even if you dont want to live anymore, you have to make everything clear.

If you dont let me know what happened, youll let the bad guys get away with it.” Sugar said.

Sugars appearance seemed to break Sun Xiaoyus psychological defense in an instant.

She cried even more sadly and was on the verge of collapse.

“I was sexually assaulted, and my boyfriend didnt understand me.

I dont want to live anymore.”

“Sexually assaulted!”

Sugar and Song Jias expressions changed immediately.

As women, they hated this kind of thing the most!

“Tell me slowly.

Who sexually assaulted you”

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“The vice president of our company,” Xiaoyu said as she wiped her tears.

“He hinted at me many times before, but I didnt agree to it.

I didnt expect him to just do it directly.”

Lin Yi narrowed his eyes as he carefully observed Xiaoyus condition.

He had a rough idea of what had happened.

She was still wearing her uniform, and her shirt had been ripped open.

He could even see her underwear, but this was a good sign.

If something irreparable had happened, Sun Xiaoyus clothes would not have been in this state.

Therefore, it was very likely that someone had just attempted to sexually assault her.

After she came back, she probably told her boyfriend what had happened.

If she could get some comfort, things might not have been like this.

However, Liu Yang said that she had a fight with her boyfriend, which meant that Sun Xiaoyu, who had been sexually assaulted, did not get the necessary understanding and comfort.

Instead, she was scolded.

This was also an important reason for the situation turning out like this.

If that was the case, then everything was clear.

Being sexually assaulted was the trigger, and her boyfriends lack of understanding pushed her to the brink of suicide.

Lin Yi frowned slightly at the thought.

Although the situation was serious, it should not have gotten to this state.

These college students had been in the ivory tower for a long time, and they were all mentally weak.

“Miss Su, I really dont want to live anymore.

Stop trying to persuade me.”

“Xiaoyu, you have to calm down.

Youre only in your twenties, and theres still a lot that life has to offer.

You cant…”

“Stop talking.”

Sugar was interrupted by Lin Yi before she could finish.

Sugar looked at Lin Yi, not knowing what he was going to do.

Lin Yi looked at Xiaoyu, “Let me introduce myself first.

Im the deputy director of the school committee, Lin Yi.

Im not here to talk you out of it.

If you really want to die, just jump down from here.

Dont waste everyones time.

The police are all here.

Do you know how precious their time is” Lin Yi said.


Sugar, Song Jia, Shi Li, and the other police officers all looked at Lin Yi with wide eyes.

‘Whats this guy talking about Isnt he a teacher

‘Why is he trying to talk the student into jumping off a building

Lin Yi ignored the stares of the others and looked at Sun Xiaoyu.

“Do you have the nerve to make so many people suffer before you die If I were you, Id find a place where there was no one around and jump straight down.

I wouldntwant to cause trouble for society.”

“Im the victim here.

Why are you still blaming me What did I do wrong” Xiaoyu roared, disregarding her image.

“Youre weak, youre poor, and because you dont have the ability.

Worst of all, youre about to die for nothing,” Lin Yi said coldly.

“I know youre the victim here.

You were sexually assaulted by a company executive, and your boyfriend still doesnt understand you, but whats the point of you dying like this”

“Will the executive be brought to justice for sexually assaulting you As for your boyfriend, he cant even understand you over such a small matter.

Is he really worthy of being entrusted with your life How is he a good match”

“Yeah, dont worry, well definitely get justice for you!” Sugar added.

Her heart was already in her throat, and she was afraid that Sun Xiaoyu would jump off the building.

Lin Yis words were too provocative.

“Thats impossible.

You cant help me.” Sun Xiaoyu cried.

“Cui Binlong is the vice president of Sino-han Capital.

Hes very powerful.

Even the principal cant do anything to him.”

“Didnt he sexually assault you” Lin Yi said faintly.

“I promise to cripple both of his hands and get justice for you.

But if you still want to die, I wont stop you.

If you want to jump, jump now.

Dont waste my time.”



Just as Sun Xiaoyu was hesitating, a police officer rushed over from the other side and dragged her to the ground!


Sun Xiaoyu was out of danger.

Sugar and Song Jia jogged over and let out a sigh of relief when they saw that she was fine.


Lin, youre really something,” the police chief said.

“If it wasnt for you, she would not have been distracted, and we wouldnt have had the chance to do anything.”

“Youre too kind.

I just did what I had to do.

The main credit still goes to you.”

“Alright, lets not be too polite,” the police chief said.

“I suggest you send someone to send her home to help her rest while she calms down.

After that, you guys should stay.

We still need to do some routine work and make a statement.”

“Okay, we will definitely cooperate.”

Xiaoyu was then brought back to the rented house.

She calmed down under the company of Shi Li and Liu Yang.

At this time, Lin Yi, Sugar, and Song Jia were sitting in another room, talking about what had just happened.

“Director Zhao, Im the head of the league committee of Zhonghai Normal University.

Id like to report this to the police.

I hope you guys can accept this case.”

The position as head of the league committee was not very high, but because they werebacked by Zhonghai Normal University, Police Chief Zhao Yulin had personally stayed behind to handle this matter.

“Director Su, I understand your feelings, but I dont recommend you involve the police.”

“Why shouldnt we involve the police Such a big incident has happened.

Dont we even have the right to seek out the police Is there no law Do we really let those with money do whatever they want”

“What are you getting so worked up about Let me finish,” Lin Yi said.

“Director Zhao, shes been having some hormonal problems lately, and her emotions are unstable.

Dont lower yourself to her level.”

With Zhao Yulin around, Sugar ignored Lin Yi and just rolled his eyes at her.

“Im suggesting that you do not involve the police not because Im afraid of power, but because its an attempted rape case.

Its not that big of a deal, and you know powerful Sino-Han Capital is.

We will have to go through a complete legal process, and if you involve the police, they might bite back and say that the victim, Sun Xiaoyu, seduced him.”

Zhao Yulin looked at Lin Yi and the others.

“I can guarantee that this matter will be treated fairly, but can you guarantee that everyone involved will also be fair and just”

“Theres also something you might not know.

The boss behind Zhonghan Capital is the famous second-generation rich Qin Han of Zhong Hai.

You should know the name of the Qin family as well, right” Zhao Yulin said.


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