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“Fine, I got it!”Qin Han said.

“Ill be going then.”

“Okay, Ill take care of things here first.”

Everyone in the office was stunned.

How close was this person to Young Master Qin How could he treat him like this

Sugar and Song Jias jaws dropped.

They never dreamed that Lin Yi would have such connections.

It was too surprising.

As expected, people like this did not care about money when making friends because they simply were not as rich as him.

“Lets go.

My anger is gone, and he can handle the rest himself.”

Lin Yis relationship with Qin Han meant that he could settle things with just a phone call.

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However, Lin Yi came here personally to vent his anger.

Now that he was done venting, there was nothing else for him to do.

The three of them went downstairs together and swaggered out of Sino-han Capital.

“Director Lin, youre too amazing.

You even know Qin Han.

No wonder you dared to come here.”

Song Jia said after getting into the car.

“Even if I didnt know Qin Han, I would still come here.

My own student was bullied, so I cant just stand by and do nothing.

Otherwise, how can I be called a teacher” Lin Yi said.

“But I think that this incident has exposed a very big problem.” Song Jia said

“What problem” Sugar asked.

“The school shelters the students too much,” Lin Yi said.

“They cant adapt to the rhythm of society after leaving the ivory tower that is university.

Sun Xiaoyu met us by coincidence today.

If it were anyone else, the consequences would be even more severe.”

“Is it that serious” Song Jia asked tentatively.

“Think about it.

What would you do if you encountered such a problem when you were in university”

Lin Yis words silenced the two of them.

If they were in Lin Yis shoes, would they have chosen such an extreme solution if they were in Xiaoyus shoes

The answer was no.

They would not have ended up like this even if they did not receive the comfort and support of others.

It was a little cruel, but there was a deep social logic to it.

“Ill be reporting this to the president soon,” Sugar said.

“Its actually a very good decision to have some psychological education in university.”

[Saved a female university student by accident and proposed a teaching reformation plan.

Established the teachers glorious image.

Reward 100,000 experience points.]

[Professional proficiency: 70%.

Reward: 1 billion dollars!]

Lin Yi was a little surprised when he heard the notification sound in his head.

He had done such a small thing, yet he still completed the mission

Wasnt that a little too exciting

Unfortunately, the reward in terms of experience points was a little low, or else he would have been able to start a new career earlier.

Soon, Lin Yi felt his phone vibrate.

If nothing unexpected happened, he must have received the reward of 1 billion.

He was too embarrassed to just randomly get one billion.

To others, it was a huge sum of money, but to him, it was just a string of numbers!

Lin Yi drove Sugar and Song Jia to their home.

He was done with the matter surrounding Sino-han Capital and was ready to visit Sun Xiaoyu.

Thankfully, Sun Xiaoyus condition was much better now.

She had not completely recovered yet, but they were sure that she would not do anything stupid again.

“Ill let you guys get off work early.

You dont have to go back to school,” Sugar said as she sat in Lin Yis car.

They had been tense the whole day, and now that they were finally relaxed, they felt exhausted.

They did not have the mood to work when they went back to school, so they might as well get off work early.

“Thank you, Sis Su,” Song Jia said.

“Director Lin, you can just park here.

Theres a bus stop here, so Ill take the bus back.”

“Whats the point of taking the bus Ill just give you a ride.

Dont you like my car” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Of course not.

The bus stops at our neighborhood, while we will have to take a detour to get there.

Itll cost you gas to send me back.” Song Jia said

“Its fine.

I can still afford the gas.” Lin Yi said.

Song Jia did not stand on ceremony when Lin Yi insisted.

“Director Lin, send me as well after you send Miss Song off,” Shi Li said.

“Sure.” Lin Yi agreed without thinking too much.

Twenty minutes later, Lin Yi stopped the car at the entrance of Shi Lis neighborhood.

“Director Lin, thank you for sending me back.”

“Were all colleagues, so theres no need to be so formal.”

Shi Li chuckled and looked at Sugar.

“Director Su, Director Lin did a great job today.

As the leader of the school committee, shouldnt you treat him to a meal”

“You dont have to worry about that,” Sugar complained.

“Bye-bye then.

I wish the two of you a happy meal.”

Lin Yi, “…”

After sending the two of them off, they realized that they were the only ones left in the car.

F*ck, these two women did it on purpose!

“Thank you for what happened today.

Otherwise, things would have gone wrong,” Sugar said.

“Im also a teacher of the school committee.

Isnt this what I should be doing”

The atmosphere in the car was quiet.

Lin Yi realized that when Sugar calmed down, she seemed quite alright.

Her figure was amazing, and her assets were big enough.

She looked familiar, too.

“By the way, are you free tomorrow”

“Whats wrong Do you need something”

“I feel like there is still something that needs to be done.

Id like to talk to Xiaoyus boyfriend.

After all, his consolation will be much more effective than ours.”

“Im just a deputy director.

You can just make the arrangements,” Lin Yi said calmly.

“Sure, Ill give you a call if I can get her boyfriend out.

If I cant get him to come out, then forget it.”

“Ill leave it to you.”

The two of them exchanged a few words, and the car fell into silence.

After a long while, Sugar spoke,

“You did a great job today, but I have something to do tonight, so I cant treat you to dinner.

Ill treat you another day.”

She was going to ask the god out for dinner tonight, so she definitely could not do it today.

She was excited just thinking about it.

“I have dinner plans too, so Im not free.”

“Youre going to have dinner with a girl” Sugar asked curiously.

“Shes a girl, but she asked me out.

If it werent for her coaxing me, I wouldnt go.”

“Tsk, go ahead and brag.”

“Whats there to brag about She already called me Daddy, so Im too embarrassed to refuse.”

“How could there be such a person Shes too shameless,” Suger complained.

“What a disgrace.”

Huh Thats not right.

Sugar suddenly remembered that she had called someone else daddy the day before.

Whatever, Lin Yi would not know anyway.

“Alright, its not like youre the one who did it.

Why do you care so much”

“Yeah,” Sugar replied resentfully.

Thinking about it now, she was indeed impulsive in the past.

With Lin Yis looks, those women would probably take the initiative to let him have his way with them.

The woman who called himDaddy was a good example of the problem.

They did not exchange even one more word along the rest of the way asLin Yi sent Sugar back before driving back to Jiuzhou Pavilion.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as he drove home, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was an unknown number.

“Is this Mr.

Lin Yi”

The man sounded a little old, but was very polite.

“Yes, who is this” Lin Yi asked.

“Hello, Mr.


Let me introduce myself.

Im the general manager of Dinghui property, Yang Tianbo.

Luo Wan is my brother-in-law.

Hes the one who gave me your phone number.”

“I know who you are,” Lin Yi said.

Luo Wan had mentioned that Dinghui Property was owned by his brother-in-law when he went to the Far East Group yesterday to sign the subscription agreement.

He had proposed to contracting the property management work for the twin towers to them.

“Its my honor that you remember me, Mr.


“Since youre not an outsider, lets cut to the chase and find a time to sit down and talk.”

“Thats great.

Ill listen to your arrangements when Mr.

Lin is free.

I can come over now if its possible.”

Lin Yi looked at the time and realized that it was already past three oclock.

He still had dinner plans later, so it was unlikely that they could meet today.

“Forget about today.

Im a little tired too.

Well meet at the Peninsula Hotels coffee shop at one oclock tomorrow afternoon.

Any issues with that”

“No, no, well be waiting for you on time, Mr.


“Okay, thats all for now.”

Lin Yi went to take a bath after settling the meeting, then changed his clothes and prepared to go to People at Sea.

Buzz Buzz…

His phone rang at this time.

It was a WeChat message from pleated skirt.

Pleated skirt, “Im wearing a blue skirt, white shirt, black high heels, and long hair.”

Pleated skirt, “What are you wearing, God”

Invisible chicken wings, “Jeans, white basketball shoes, Armani shirt.”

Pleated skirt, “Yeah, I got it.

Ill see you there.”

After chatting for a while and confirming the details, Lin Yi put down his phone.

It was five oclock when he arrived at the restaurant, so he was not late.

Just as he parked the car and walked in, he was surprised to find Sugar there.

Sugar happened to see Lin Yi as well.

“Lin Yi, youre eating here too”


“Thats quite a coincidence,” Sugar said with a smile.

“Lets go in together.”


The two of them walked in together, but the moment they pushed the door open, they both stopped in their tracks and looked at each other in surprise.

Lin Yi looked at Sugar.

Blue skirt, white shirt, black high heels, long hair!

Was this not Pleated Skirts outfit

Sugar was also looking at Lin Yi.

Jeans, white basketball shoes, Armani shirt!

Was this not her gaming gods outfit

“Pleated Skirt”

“Invisible Chicken Wings!”

After confirming the identity of the other person, the atmosphere went frigid.

Sugar felt horrible.

Th-this was too much of a coincidence.

Sugars face was flushed red, and her heart was racing.

What the hell was this!

Were the heavens messing with her!

“Can we still eat this meal” Lin Yi broke the silence.

“Of, of course we have to eat.

Weve already reserved a table,” Sugar said, pretending to be calm.

“Then lets go.”

When they arrived at the reserved table, Suger ordered something, and the two fell into silence.

“Lin Yi, you wont spread the news about me playing games, right” Sugar asked tentatively.

“Im not a big mouth, so why would I spread it” Lin Yi said.

“As a daddy, I have to protect your privacy.”

Sugars face turned red again.

“Wha-what are you talking about”

“Isnt that what you called me” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“But Director Su really opened my eyes.

Youre quite bold on the Internet.

I was wondering why the picture looked so familiar.

It turns out it was you.”

“What are you looking at” Sugar covered her chest with her hands.

“I just sent you a photo to show off my figure, thats all.”

Sugar wanted to die.

Earlier in the car, she had said that the person who asked Lin Yi out was shameless and indecent.

She did not expect to be referring to herself.

She was too shameless.

“Im just saying.

Youve played so many games with me, so its fine as long as youre happy,” Sugar said.

“Dont talk about the games.

With Your IQ, you should just say goodbye to games in the future.”

“Im just a noob.

Dont look down on me like that.”

“Its not a problem about being a noob at all.

Even a chicken can handle the controls better than you,” Lin Yi said.

“Thank you for your superb acting skills.

Youve taught me what it means to be useless.”

“Dont talk about me like that.

Im already embarrassed enough.

Its not easy for me to be scolded by you on the Internet every day.”

“Me neither.

Im being targeted by you in the office every day.”

“Didnt I already apologize to you Im the director, after all.

Please save me some face.”

“Alright, lets eat first.

Im hungry.”

Although their relationship had taken a step forward because of the game, the dinner ended quickly because of the awkwardness.

Even Lin Yi found the whole thing interesting.

The girl he was insulting every day was actually Sugar.

This world was too small.

After returning home, Lin Yi went over the relevant procedures and prepared to register the company the next day.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as he prepared the materials, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was a call from Wang Ying.

“Sister Ying.”

“Yi, are you free the day after tomorrow”

“Yes, why”

“Im planning to buy a car the day after tomorrow.

I dont know anything about cars though.

Come with me.”

“Okay, Ill pick you up then.”

“Okay, its settled.

Dont stand me up.

The company has been very busy recently, so Ill only be free the day after tomorrow.”

“Dont worry.

Even if Im in a hurry to reincarnate, Ill still free up some time to help you buy a car.”

“Thats more like it.

I didnt dote on you for nothing.” Wang Ying said, “Oh right, youre living alone now, right”

“Yeah, dont tell me that Sister Ying wants to stay with me Youre welcome anytime.”

“Youre seducing a good woman.” Wang Ying said with a smile, “If I really go, arent you afraid that Ill eat you up”

“Im not a monk.

If you eat my meat, youll live forever.”

“Little brat, you only know how to tease me.” Wang Ying said with a smile, “I dont have any other intentions.

I just think that since you live alone, youll definitely have no one to cook for you.

If you cant find anything for dinner, come over and Ill cook something delicious for you.”


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