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Lin, you really know how to joke.

If you can even buy Koenigsegg, who would complain that the car you are looking to buy is too cheap” Liu Yuyong said with a smile.

“Its your high-level salesperson.”

“No, no, no.


Lin, Im fine now.

Ill show it to you now,” Yu Hongyang said with a smile.

People like that would buy cars worth at least a million!

He was such an idiot.

How could he look down on others and do something so awkward

“No need.

Go do your thing.

I dont need you anymore,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Ill go look elsewhere.

I wont bother you anymore.”


Lin, please give me another chance.

Ive already realized my mistake,” Yu Hongyang said with a sad face.

“Id rather not.

Do you think I cant spend the money I have”

Lin Yi left with Wang Ying and went to the BMW shop across the street.

“Yu Hongyang, look at what youve done.

Take off your badge and leave now.

Youre fired!”

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Wang Ying walked out of the shop with a guilty look on her face.

“Yi, Im sorry.

Ive embarrassed you.”

“Whats the big deal” Lin Yi smiled.

“People nowadays are very materialistic, so its understandable for them to react that way.”

“But if I didnt speak nonsense, there wouldnt have been so much trouble.

Its all my fault.

Your face is much more valuable than mine.”

“Whats the point of saying that I didnt know anything when I first came to the company.

If you didnt take care of me for a month, I might not even have survived.”

“That was nothing,” Wang Ying said, embarrassed.

“Alright, Sister Ying, lets not stand on ceremony.

Its not a big deal, dont take it to heart.” Lin Yi said.

After that, they went to the BMW store across the street, and Lin Yi picked out a white 7 series for Wang Ying.

He was initially going to buy a top-quality car, but Wang Ying insisted and they ended up only buying a standard car.

With the current promotion, they only spent 980,000 dollars to buy it.

“If I drive this car to work, Ill probably have lots of people pointing fingers at me,” Wang Ying teased.

“I might even say that Im being taken care of by a rich man.”

“Who cares Theyll all be green-eyed with jealousy.

They cant stand to see other people having nice things.”

“Im fine with it.

Im just afraid that CEO Ji will get jealous,” Wang Ying teased.

“She wont.

Just go ahead and drive,” Lin Yi said.

“Youll have a car in the future too, so I wont send you around next time.”


“No, no, no.” Wang Ying quickly rejected.

“I got my drivers license six months ago, so I still cant drive myself now.

You have to take me to practice driving when you have time.”

“Sure, my schedule is relaxed.

Just call me whenever you want to practice.”

“Then I will have to trouble you.”

Lin Yi arranged for someone to drive Wang Yings car back to her house, and he drove her back to the company.

He was very busy.

“Yi, thank you for the car.” Wang Ying said as she got out of the car.

“Its just a car, dont take it to heart.”

“Come here.” Wang Ying gestured at Lin Yi with her finger.

“Whats the matter”


Lin Yi was caught off guard.

She kissed him and said with a smile, “Its a reward for you.”

“Isnt this reward a little too generous”

Wang Ying puffed out her chest.

“If you want a more generous reward, I have one here too.”

Wang Ying got out of the car as she spoke, making Lin Yi fall into a fit of rage.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yis phone rang just as Wang Ying left.

It was Guan Yafrom Yaluo calling.

Lin Yi smiled.

He had been thinking of contacting her for something, but she had coincidentally called him instead.

“Hello, President Lin.

This is Guan Ya.”

“I see.

Whats up”

“I want to report the progress of the next phase of the renovation project to you.

Ive already planned for the second phase.

If youre not satisfied with it, well make some changes.”

“Sure, lets meet up when youre free.”

“Im free whenever you need me.” Guan ya said excitedly.

“Are you free today, President Lin Lets have dinner tonight.

Youve given us such a big project, but you havent given me the chance to thank you yet.”

“Alright, I havent had dinner yet.

Lets have dinner together.

You can book the place and let me know,” Lin Yi said.

“Alright, Ill book the place first.

Ill send you a WeChat message later.”

It didnt take long for Guan Ya to send a WeChat message with the location for dinner set at Jiangnan Spring.

Lin Yi knew this place.

It was a restaurant that focused on Huaiyang cuisine, and it was very unique.

In any case, his dinner plans were set.

Later, Lin Yi arrived on time and found that Guan Ya was already there.

Guan Ya was dressed much more elegantly.

The red dress and high heels made her look less fierce and more lively.

Lin Yi also noticed that Guan Yas figure was pretty good, especially her legs.

They were really straight.

“Lin, youre here.

Ive been waiting for you for a long time.” In the private room, Guan Ya reached out her hand.

It was their second time meeting, but she was still a little nervous.

She did not know if such a handsome man had a girlfriend.

“Were all familiar with each other, theres no need to be so polite.” Lin Yi said.

“Then lets talk while we eat.”

Guan Ya ordered a lot of things, and the dinner officially began.

“About the first phase of the renovation project, how will it end” Lin Yi asked during the meal.

“I talked to President Ji during the day.

According to the current schedule, itll take at least two months.”

The project was being handled by Chaoyang Group, so Lin Yi wasnt worried about the progress.

“If thats the case, the second phase of the project should be on the schedule too.

I dont want to waste too much time,” Lin Yi said.

“Ill give you another four hundred million tomorrow.

Dont delay the progress.”

“Got it, President Lin!”

Guan Yas heart was beating fast.

Shed worked for so many years, but this was the first time shed seen such a generous party.

“By the way, Lin Yi, I brought the second phases proposal.

Do you want to take a look now”

Lin Yi pondered for a moment.

“Send the proposal to my email, Ill go back and take a look later.

Im eating right now, and I cant see anything.”

“Im sorry, Lin Yi, Im being rude.”

“Its okay.” Lin Yi waved his hand.

“Oh, theres something I need your help with.”

“Please go ahead, President Lin.” Guan Ya said.

“Ive set up a company called Lingyun Group.

Can you help me design a logo and make a signboard” Lin Yi asked

“Its a small matter, just leave it to us,” Guan Ya readily agreed.

For a design company, this was a very simple task, as simple as calculating 1 1=2.

“Can I ask, where exactly is the company Director Lin set up”

“Twin Towers.”

“Lin is so young and promising,” Guan Ya said.

“The Twin Towers were only just completed, and he already set up a company there.

As far as I know, thats the new landmark of Zhong Hai.”

“Stop praising me, lest I get too arrogant.”

Guan Ya smiled at Lin Yi.

Not only was he rich, but he was also humble and low-key.

He was too charming.

“The group logo, and the signboard.

Other than that, are there any other design requirements” Guan Ya returned to the main topic.

“And one for the Lingyun Building.”

On the day of the reward, Lin Yi decided he was not going to call the building the Twin Towers anymore.

He wanted to change it to Lingyun Tower.

Guan Ya frowned slightly.

“Lin, this doesnt seem appropriate.”

“Huh Why is it not appropriate”

“You set up a company in the twin towers, but you only have the right to use it.

You dont have the right to change the name of the building.

Only the owner has the right to do so.”

“The Twin Towers are mine.

I just bought it in full.”


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