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Lin, what did you say You bought the Twin Towers”

Lin Yi picked up a piece of rib and put it in his mouth, mumbling,

“I just bought it a few days ago.”

Lin Yis expression was calm, but Guan Yas heart was in turmoil.

Who was this man in front of her, to have such power

Most importantly, wasnt he being a little too low-key

If it were someone else, after doing such an earth-shattering feat, they would definitely publicize it to raise their social status.

However, he did not make a sound nor a single move.

He was only in his twenties, so how could he have such a calm temperament

He could easily be mistaken for one of those bosses who had been in the business world for many years.

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“I just bought two buildings.

Dont make a big deal out of it.”

“Im sorry, Mr.


I was out of line.”

“Yeah, lets eat now.

Their food is pretty good.”

“As long as you like it, Mr.


The two talked about a lot of things.

They discussed work and things about life.

This made Guan Ya even more curious about Lin Yi.

She felt like this man was full of secrets.

It was mesmerizing.

After paying the bill, the two of them went out together.

“Is Mr.

Lin busy later Do you want to come to my place Im a good coffee maker.”

“I have other things to do later, so I wont be coming to your place.

Lets do it another time.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Alright, I wont keep you any longer.”

As she spoke, Guan Ya looked around.


Lin, wheres your car Ill give you a ride.”

“I cant get a woman to give me a lift.

I may not be a gentleman, but I at least understand that.

You should go first.

Were mutually benefitting from this, so theres no need to be so formal.”

Guan Ya combed her hair to the side.

“Then I wont stand on ceremony with you.”

She opened the door and drove off.

Lin Yi walked Guan Ya to her car.

However, at that moment, he saw some familiar faces at the entrance of the restaurant.

Sugar, Song Jia, and Shi Li.

They had invited him to Shi Lis birthday party yesterday, but he did not expect them to plan to have dinner here as well.

However, at that moment, a man and a woman were standing in front of them.

However, the atmosphere on both sides was not very harmonious, and it even seemed a little tense.

“Sugar, what a coincidence to meet you here.”

The man who spoke was wearing a simple and decent casual outfit.

He had his hair combed back and a Rolex on his wrist.

He looked like an elite.

The mans name was Han Xiao.

He was Sugars university classmate and her ex-boyfriend.

The woman beside him was wearing a tight-fitting dress.

She looked sexy and chic.

The two of them held each others arms.

They were very intimate.

The womans name was Jiang Qi.

She was Han Xiaos girlfriend.

“Han Xiao, who is this person The name sounds familiar.

Could she be your ex-girlfriend”

Han Xiao smiled awkwardly.

“Thats right.

Thats her.”

“So youre the scumbag!”

Upon learning Han Xiaos identity, Song Jia was instantly enraged.

She had thought that she would never see this person again in her lifetime, and she did not expect to see him here today.

“Who are you!” Han Xiaos face darkened.

“If you continue to speak without restraint, believe me that I will sue you for slander.”

“Ill tell you whats wrong with you.

You look like a dog, but deep down, you are not a good person.” Song Jia was not afraid at all.

She was so angry that her face was red.

“Are you worthy of Sister Sus painstaking efforts If it werent for Sister Su, you wouldnt even have been able to buy a plane ticket to America!”

Sugar had been taking extra care of Song Jia ever since they started working, and they were like sisters in private.

Now that she had finally met this scumbag, she could not help but get angry.

Han Xiao shrugged.

“I admit that she did help me back then, but it was all on her own accord.

If she wants, I can return the money tenfold.

Lets see if shell take it.”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

This man was not just bad.

He was as bad as he could be.


Even Qin Han was not as good foul as him.

“Ptui, do you think Sis Su cares about your stinking money!”

“Alright, stop talking.” Sugar said in a low voice.

“Thats right.” Jiang Qi crossed her arms in front of her chest and said arrogantly,

“Hurry up and control your people.

Dont snap at people like a mad dog all day long.”


Without saying anything else, Sugar slapped Jiang Qis face.

“Keep your mouth clean.

Im not talking to you because Im lazy.

Im not afraid of you.”

Lin Yi was surprised.

This woman was really a hot-tempered person.

She still had to drink more bottles of Mrs.

Oral Liquid.

Jiang Qi was stunned by the slap, and her smug expression turned to anger.

“Han Xiao, she hit me.

What do you think we should do!”

“Sugar, are you f*cking crazy !” Han Xiao cursed.

“Do you know who she is!”

“It doesnt matter to me who she is, but Im telling you, Ill take care of my people, and you take care of yours.

You know my temper.”

Han Xiao clenched his fists.

If it was not for the fact that it was Sugar standing in front of him, he would have acted a long time ago.

“Sugar, I hope you can recognize our relationship.

Although we used to be together, its over now.

Dont go too far!”

“What Do you still want to hit me “Song Jia asked.

“Dont think I wont dare to hit you just because youre a woman!”

“Alright, dont bother with them.

Theyre just a bunch of annoying shrews.”

Then, Jiang Qi looked at Sugar and said,

“No wonder Han Xiao wanted to break up with you.

No one wants a woman like you!”Jiang Qi said, “Youre like a tomboy, not gentle at all.”

Han Xiao calmed down a lot after this.

After all, they were in a public place, and she was a woman.

He could not hit her.

“Sugar, listen to me and change your bad temper.

Otherwise, no one will want you anymore.”

“Bullsh*t!” Song Jia said.

“Let me tell you, let me tell you.

Sister Sus boyfriend is tall, handsome, and rich.

He treats her well.

Hes 10,000 times better than a scumbag like you!”

“Hehe, dont make us laugh.

You think I dont know her bad temper Which rich second-generation rich kid is so stupid as to ask her to be his girlfriend” Han Xiao said sarcastically.

“If I hadnt seen her on better days, I would never have gotten together with her.

So, dont deceive yourself.”

“I think shes just bragging.

She has no real bite.

They can say whatever they want,” Jiang Qi said.

Beep! Beep! Beep

The sound of the horn interrupted their argument.

The bright headlights made it hard for the group to open their eyes.

“Isnt that a Koenigsegg RS I heard its worth over 30 million!” The onlookers exclaimed.

“This shop is not bad.

Such a powerful second-generation rich kid actually came here to eat.”

“Quick, take a picture.

This type of car is not common.”

Lin Yi parked the car next to Sugar and opened the door.

“Get in the car.”


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