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“What did you say This hotel is yours”

Sugar stared at Lin Yi with her beautiful eyes, as if she had heard something unbelievable.

“If it wasnt my hotel, do you think I would bring you to such an expensive place My money didnt fall from the sky.”


Sugar did not refute.

Lin Yis words made sense.

After all, the Peninsula Hotels price list was right there.

“If the Peninsula Hotel is yours, then the sports car from yesterday…”

“Its mine too.” Lin Yi looked at Sugar.

“You dont think I borrowed that car, do you”

“Youre so close to Qin Han, so I thought it was his car.”

“Why would I borrow it He even asked to borrow my car to drive.”

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Suger was shocked.

The famous Qin Han asked to borrow Lin Yis car

How rich did he have to be Why didnt he show his true colours at school before this

“Youre already so rich, so why are you still working at school”

“To experience life, why else Should I just wait to grow old and die”

“Youre actually here just to experience life!”

Sugar was surprised and even a little embarrassed.

Judging from the current situation, Lin Yis identity as a second generation rich kid was all but confirmed.

He came here to have fun, but she was always picking on him.

This was too much.

Lin Yi did not think too much about it and got into the car with Sugar.

First, she had to go to school to work, and second, he had to go through the resignation procedures.


He had already started her new career, so there was no need for him to continue doing work at the school committee anymore.

Sitting in Lin Yis passenger seat, Suger finally understood why so many women liked being in the passenger seat of sports cars.

It was not that it was comfortable, but they received the kind of envious gaze that could provide unprecedented sense of vanity.

“Thank you for last night.”

“Whats there to thank me for I just didnt think it was worth it.”

“I just feel angry, like theres a breath in my stomach that I havent vented yet.

Im still too calm.

If Id known earlier, I wouldve slapped the two of them.

That way, Id have been able to vent my anger,” Sugar said indignantly.

“I was just having a casual meal, and I ran into him.

Im so unlucky.”

Lin Yi smiled and did not say anything else.

This woman was indeed a tigress.

He could not afford to offend her.

When the Koenigsegg drove onto the campus of the university, there were cries of surprise.

The men and women in the school were staring at him with their eyes wide open.

A school like this university did not have such a rich second generation.

Who would drive a car worth more than 30 million to the school

Lin Yi and Sugar got out of the car.

The girls eyes all immediately fell on Lin Yi.

“No way, this car is Teacher Lins”

“I used to think of him as a Prince Charming.

I didnt expect him to be a god of wealth.”

“I really want to sit in the passenger seat of Teacher Lins car.

Its my fault that Im not as successful as Director Su.”

Hearing the students exclamations, Sugar looked at Lin Yi.

“Ive been wanting to ask you something.

Dont you have a sports car Why did you drive a Shari to work instead Its too unbecoming of your identity.”

“School is a place for learning.

If I drove a supercar here, wouldnt I be too pretentious person Do I look like such a high-profile person to you”

“Youre right.” Sugar nodded, agreeing with Lin Yis approach.

It was rare to see such humbleness from a rich second generation.

“Then why did you drive this car here today Is it because you didnt have time to change cars”

“Im here to pack up my things and resign, so I dont care what kind of car I drive,” Lin Yi said.

“What did you say You want to resign”

Hearing this, Sugar raised his voice and looked at Lin Yi in confusion.

“Why do you want to resign”

“Didnt I tell you before I came here to experience life.

Now that Ive experienced it, its time for me to leave.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Besides, youve always disliked me.

Youll be happy if I leave.”

Sugar remained silent, regretting her actions.

“Lin Yi, Im sorry.

I hope you can accept my apology.”

“Im not that narrow-minded.

Im just curious.

Weve never met before, so why were you always targeting me”

Sugar hesitated for a moment, then told Lin Yi everything that happened a week ago in front of the barbecue shop.

“Really Youre calling me a scumbag because of that” Lin Yi teased.

“Isnt that obvious” Suger said sulkily.

“But now that I think about it, what I did was really extreme, so I apologize.”

“Let me be clear, I didnt do anything.

That person was my friend.

She was just drunk, but I definitely didnt do anything to her.”

“And I didnt go to the pharmacy to buy anything sinful.

I bought the anti-alcohol medicine and some nutritional drinks.

Think about it.

With my looks and money, do you think I need to get a woman drunk to bring her to the hotel”

“Do you believe that all I have to do is say the word, and all the female students in the university will line up to wait for me at the hotel”

Sugar seemed to have been enlightened, and she seemed to sober up a lot.

Just as Lin Yi said, with his conditions, he really did not need to do such a thing.

Moreover, the woman he met that day was not exactly as beautiful as a fairy that he would do anything to get her.

She had misunderstood him.

“Also, think about it.

The situation last night was very similar to seven days ago, right You were also drunk and I sent you to the hotel.

What did I do to you then”

“What are you talking about” Sugers face turned red.

“I know I was wrong.

Dont lower yourself to my level.

Isnt this enough”

“I told you Im not that petty.

Lets let bygones be bygones.”

“Then can you still take carry me in the game in the future”

“How Youre so weak.

Who would dare to carry you If it wasnt for you, Id be top ranked by now.”

“Im a little weak, but dont talk about me like that.” Suger said in disdain.

“Oh right, what are you going to do after you leave your job Are you going to continue experiencing life”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Im going to be an errand boy.

Ill be working free and easy.”

“No way! A guy like you is going to be an errand boy Thats beneath you.”

“You dont understand the suffering of the human world.”

“I really dont understand.” Sugar smiled slyly.

“But since youre going to be an errand boy, can I place an order with you in the future”

“Can you not smile like that Im just going to be an errand boy, why are you acting like that”

Sugar laughed.

Then, Sugar took Lin Yi to the human resources department to complete the procedures, allowing him to official quit his job as the school committee secretary.

After quitting, Lin Yi went back to pack his things.

After learning of Lin Yis resignation, the people in the office were very reluctant to part with him.

However, Sugar did not reveal Lin Yis identity.

After all, he did not want to be high-profile.

Song Jia also proposed inviting Lin Yi to dinner, but she was rejected.

They had met via a chance encounter.

They could simply part in this way.

After packing up his things, Lin Yi had only just left the campus when he received a call from Zhao Qi.

“Teacher Lin, why did you quit your job Is there something youre not satisfied with Tell me, Ill stand up for you.”

“Its not what you think,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I came to the university to experience life.

Now that Ive experienced it, its time for me to leave and prepare for a new job.”

“Then you dont have to quit your job, you can just take a temporary position.

The school will still give you a higher salary.

How about that”

“Ill keep the honorary vice-principal position.

If anything happens to the school, as long as I can do it, Ill definitely help.”

Zhao Qi let out a heavy sigh of relief.

“In that case, thank you very much, Teacher Lin.

On behalf of the 7,800 students of Zhonghai Normal University, Id like to express my heartfelt thanks to you.”

“Youre welcome, Principal Zhao.

Its all part of my duty.”

After a brief exchange with Zhao Qi, Lin Yi drove back to the Peninsula Hotel.

It was already noon, and he was ready to settle the next issue.

“You have a new order, please pay attention to it.”


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